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Chapter 5- The Girl

We started moving behind them in parallel, following them from atop the buildings and trees. At the right chance I was going to pounce on them and crush them to pieces.

The girl crossed the street and turned towards the right corner.

Where was she going? Didn't she know that road led to the down town warehouses, Where no one lived? Was she crazy? Or was she lost?

She trembled, a slight shiver running through her as she increased her pace crossing her arms across her chest.

So she was not oblivious of her pursuers…

She kept looking over my shoulder as she moved forward…she looks so sacred.

I wanted to run to her and pull her into my arms and keep her safe and destroy anyone or anything that wanted to cause her harm.

You can't, Edward, just wait another three minute and we'll get them. Alice shouted inside her head.

"It's already too late, Alice, we can't help her without exposing ourselves, so jumping when the sun is still out is not a problem. We should just go and save her already, there is nobody else here who would catch us."

Except the girl… Alice thought.

Yes, except the girl. If she saw us and what we were about to do, she would be traumatized for the rest of her existence. It would be a scene straight from a horror movie come to life.

"HEY, sugar?"One of the men shouted.

I nearly suppressed my growl that was threatening to come out.

Only if Alice wasn't holding me back…

Two more minutes Edward, just wait and watch.

Just wait and watch? Has she gone crazy!?

I looked at her bewildered.

The girl was more frightened now, she was shaking so badly. I wanted to go to her. She started walking fast, stumbling along the side walk.

"Hey, Lonnie, shut up man, your scaring the girl." Another one of the guys sneered.

I was barely holding myself now...I snarled under my breath.

It was all a ploy. They were picking up pace with her now. And I was not going to let them get to her. I was going to kill these lowlifes and enjoy every second of it. I was going to break every single bone present in their bodies piece by piece.

Suddenly two of the four men started to change tracks, crossing the street, trying to get to her from both sides.

The girl took another turn around the corner. The Street was lined on both sides by blank, door less, windowless walls. It also ended about twenty five feet ahead. It was now or never. I was about to jump when suddenly the girl came to an abrupt halt, and Alice held me back again, this time pretty hard. I turned towards her and glared.

"Alice let go of me." I growled.

No, Edward. Please, just trust me!

What was she doing?

"Leave me, I have to save her! I will not let her get hurt."

"She won't. Just trust me, please."

I heaved a breath and looked ahead of me. The girl was standing in the middle of the street now, looking straight at her pursuers, almost like she was taunting them.

What was she doing? Doesn't she have any self preservation?

The guy called Lonnie came forward, I growled. Alice hushed me and held me tight again.

She is going to be fine, Edward, you have to trust me, and you have not seen anything like this before, just watch.

I glared at her again. "I'm not promising anything, Alice. I will not let anything happen to her if it's the last thing I do." I growled under my breath.

"Stay away from me." The girl said her voice low and steady but not a scream.

Look at her shaking! The man, Lonnie, chuckled in anticipation–the fear was a draw for him, he enjoyed this part.

"Oh, don't be like that, baby, come on, let's just have some fun." He sneered.

The concrete I was holding onto started pulverizing under my fingers.

"Oh, you want to have some fun huh? Why didn't you just say so?" The girl taunted.

Alice chuckled under her breath beside me.

What the hell was going on? Had the world gone crazy? It felt like I was having an aneurism over here and she was laughing!

Calm down, Edward, and Just watch.

Again with the just watch.

What the hell is going on? I have a suspension she's keeping something from me.

I looked down towards the girl, trying to figure out what she was doing and suddenly realized I couldn't read her thoughts. I had been concentrating so much on her pursuers that I didn't realize I couldn't hear a thing from her. This started to frustrate me more, if that was even possible. I still couldn't see her face properly as it was still obscured by her dark hair.

Then without any notice the girl lifted her hands in front of her and suddenly there was a shift of energy. It was very subtle. A human would not have been able to feel it.

The men looked at her as if she was crazy. Then suddenly she moved her hands as if to push them. The energy started to grow, blowing the wind in circles and just like that the men started to fall like a deck of cards and were thrown across the walls lining the street like they had been touched by a tornado.

I stood frozen in my place. I couldn't comprehend what had just happened. It was nothing I had seen before and I had seen quite a few things.

Who was this girl? Or was what the right question?

And then suddenly she was falling, and my frozen body moved on its own accord, this time Alice didn't stop me. I had her in my arms before she could even touch the ground. She felt so soft, so warm in my arms. I felt a slight current run through my body.

I held her close and suddenly her sent hit me like a wrecking ball, like a battering ram, so hard and full of force. Until then I didn't know I had been holding my breath. If I had been breathing she would not have survived, those men, they were nothing compared to what she should have had to fear.

In that instance I was nothing close to human. I was a predator and she was my prey. There was nothing else in the whole world but that truth. Her softness meant nothing but something that made it easy to sink my teeth into her. Her warmth meant nothing but sweet pleasure to my flame endured throat. And her thoughts meant nothing for she would not go on thinking them much longer.

I was a vampire and she had the sweetest scent I had ever encountered.

I hadn't imagined such a sent could exist. If I had known I would have gone searching long ago…I could imagine the taste.

Thirst burned through my throat like fire. My mouth felt baked and dry. The fresh flow of venom did nothing to dispel it. My stomach twisted with the hunger that was echo of the thirst. The muscles in my neck coiled to move and sink my teeth in her throat.

"No, Edward, stop!" I heard Alice shout from somewhere behind me. Was she trying to steal my prey from me? I growled menacingly, No, I was not going to let that happen.

She was mine!

Then suddenly the girl turned her face towards me, her beautiful pale heart-shaped face and my eyes locked with a pair of wide chocolate brown eyes, with so much depth to them that I felt myself sinking.

Slowly she lifted her hand and placed it on my cheek and whispered with a slight smile on her lips. "You came… you are real."

And then she fell unconscious. I sat stunned without blinking, without breathing.

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