Bianca's Bean Burrito Burger

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Like I said before Pokemon's Farting Bianca meme took off in a way I didn't expect. So I'm doing this to please the people who somehow became fans of me because of this. You can't blame me for going this far, folks, though I have done worse. Also, funny thing about the title? All the first letters are the same.

Oh Bianca, that cute but bumbling gassy blonde from Nuveme Town who just wanted to explore the world and experience its many wonders. Her team, consisting of Stoutland, Simisage, Musharna, Mienshao, Chandelure, and of course Emboar, was nothing to sneeze at, but the trainer using them wasn't really quite the good choice. The extremely gassy trainer, still wearing her white dress, which was dampened by her very noticeable brown spot on the back, was in the Moor Of Icirrus, approaching the Tubeline Bridge. Bianca's stomach growled loudly, prompting her to stop as she rested on one of the damp stumps nearby.

"Golly, am I sure hungry!" Bianca exclaimed as she clapped her hands together, getting an idea. "But luckily for me, I brought something incredibly yummy and tasty with me!"

She then placed her green purse to the side, pulling out a couple of big, juicy burgers, licking her lips with delight as she placed them down on the log, picking up one of the burgers. Only thing was that these burgers weren't just ordinary burgers.

"Mmm, I can't wait to try my new bean burrito burger!" Bianca exclaimed as she closed her eyes. "The taste of a yummy hamburger and bean burrito, with the gassy factor of both! What a treat!" She then munched into the big burger, munching down with joy as she burped loudly, diving back into eating.

Her Emboar popped out of his pokeball, trying to get Bianca to stop eating the burger. But as usual, he was ignored, as Bianca was too fixated on eating the burger. A few seconds later, Bianca burped loudly, rubbing her slightly pudgy stomach as she waited for the scrumptious food to sink in.

"Man... the farting I'm about to do is going to feel so good..." Bianca muttered with joy as she giggled, letting out a cute little poot in anticipation.

Emboar sighed as he tossed his arms in the air, heading deeper into the Moo Of Icurrus to be as far away from his gassy trainer as possible. Stoutland, Simisage, Musharna, Mienshao, and Chandelure all emerged from their pokeballs, following Emboar as they left Bianca, who bent forward and allowed her big butt to face the air, letting off a loud, trombone like fart that echoed throughout the forest.