"Mmm... yeah..." Bianca mumbled as she munched on her third Bean Burrito Burger, letting out another loud fart that made her white dress even dirtier than it currently was, the strong, sulfur like order lingering around the Pinwheel Forest. "These burgers are great! I'm so glad I merged these yummy bean burritoes with them!"

Her farts echoing throughout the Moor, Bianca continued munching down on the burgers with delight as each of her farts got deeper pitch and grosser, with some of the fallen stumps nearby actually melting. Bianca opened her eyes to see the stumps melting, shrugging as she kept eating and farting away.

"Boy, my big butt sure is making a lot of stinky farts!" Bianca giggled as she waved her right hand briefly, wafting away the stench. "But I can't help it! These burgers are just so good...!" She burped loudly in unison with her fart, causing the log she was sitting on to collapse as she fell flat on her butt on the grass, blinking as she gasped, placing her hands on her face. "Oh my, excuse me! Good thing I brought extra underwear!"