Ninja Chronicles- Halo

Chapter 1- Sealing

Author's Note-Sorry about the long wait, it's bad of me to have kept you all waiting this long, I'm a bad ninja.

And the Naruto canon is such a mess now, it's not even funny. Messing up Hashirama's and Minato's personalities, pulling powers for Minato out of thin air without any ounce of foreshadowing, and more. And Neji being killed off as a cheap plot device, he was one of my favorites. In fact, if I was not a writer, he would be my top favorite; I think he might become the second favorite with how things are going, with Hashirama being first. Which would lead to this kind of list for top four favorite characters- Hashirama, Neji, Minato, and Tobirama. Been thinking about writing stories with Neji in them, since it feels more entertaining to write stories with someone who is not super powerful, but I do want to get this story done first. And there's not many good Halo and Naruto crossover stories.

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Since this story is going to be long, I would like it to be good. Here are some of my weak points I feel need work and more attention paid to-

Dialogue- someone said on another story via constructive criticism that it was stilted, so I am trying to improve it.

Description- I feel it's a bit lacking.

Characters- felt some were a bit cookie cutter last time around, though it's mostly the OCs and Hashirama, Minato, and Tobirama since I tried to sort out the mess that is bad writing. So I just sorted out the good from the bad, and created some new things.

Tried to replace Dialogue Tags with Action Tags since it flows better, but not sure if I did it well.

Though if there's anything else wrong, don't hesitate to tell, I will fix it the best I can. And I have been reading very good, even if it's a bit straight-laced, writing advice. The link is in my profile.

And I have changed some things a bit, but the overall plot is similar.

Sorry about this long note, hopefully it's the last long one I need, on with the story!

Decades before the start of Naruto

Land of Fire Grasslands

Hashirama Senju breathed heavily between breaths. He was a tall man with waist-length black hair, currently tangled and damp with sweat from the prolonged fight. His black headband fabric was also drenched with perspiration; the once shiny metal piece had the Hidden Leaf insignia inscribed on it and was dirty with soot and dust blown around by the wind.

His dark eyes looked up the cliff face. His eyes looked tired from the prolonged battle. His face and the rest of his body not covered by his under suit was dirty with grime and dirt from being knocked to the ground more than once, his tanned skin doing nothing to hide it. His black undershirt and pants along with his dark red armor which covered his upper torso, shoulders, thighs, and forearms in the form of several metal plates were slightly singed in places from narrowly avoiding many fire jutsu blasts. And they were also covered with bits of dirt. The Senju clan symbol was present on the left and right side of the neck guard. He also wore black sandals.

Surrounding him were the corpses of five thousand ninjas. They had followed Madara Uchiha into battle only to be killed one after another by the Senju's overwhelming power.

In addition to the corpses were many wood tendrils and trees created by the Senju, hundreds of pockmark craters created by the Uchiha's fireball jutsu. And behind the Senju was a raging firestorm set by Amaterasu, Madara's most powerful fire jutsu. A sea of black flames that would continue to burn for the next seven days.

An hour ago, Hashirama looked up the cliff in front of him and looked into Madara's eyes for only a split second. That was all it took for Madara's strongest genjutsu to ensnare him. Within the Tsukuyomi, he was forced to endure three days of excruciating torture in only a few seconds of what had been a two day battle.

Hashirama eyes met Madara's eyes at the top of the cliff, his eyes pleading for the Uchiha to see reason. "Madara, this doesn't have to end this way! Peace is still possible!"

Madara sneered before laughing out loud. "Peace?! No such thing can exist between the Uchiha and Senju!" He looked down at the Senju. "Idealistic fool!" He brandished his glistering scythe. "I can't wait to see Mito's and your comrades' tearstained faces when I put your lifeless body at the village gates!" Madara's laughter turned to a high, cold maniacal laugh.

Hashirama felt a chill in the air. He's not joking around! The Senju ran towards the cliff face and planted a foot on the side. He quickly ascended, feeling the large scroll tied to his back pulling on him. It's gone on too long, need to end it now. The Senju neared the top and jumped up above the top and landed, firmly planting his feet on the ground Madara stood on. He frowned and looked at the Uchiha. "This battle ends here." Hashirama reached for his sword.

Madara sneered again, raising his scythe. "You've fallen right into our trap!"

The Uchiha's long black spiky hair reached his waist and his bangs reached his shoulders, framing his face. His eyes blazed red with the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan's center black dot, three open black circles with the same colored tails behind them connected to one another, and each tail had a strip of black which connected it to the outer black outline of the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. He had several prominent creases under his eyes and maroon armor with numerous metal plates which protected his chest, waist, shoulders, and thighs. Under the armor he had an indigo long-sleeved shirt, black gloves on his hands, a knee-length dark blue mantle, matching pants, and open-toed boots.

The ground next to Madara cracked and burst open. A man leapt out and landed next to the Uchiha. He had short black hair, blue eyes, and wore black multi plated armor which protected his chest, sides, and lower front, underneath was a black undershirt. He also had black pants and black boots. In front of him was a scroll, already opened on the ground. "It's time!" He formed hand seals at blazing speed. "Seal!"

A golden orb of energy shot out of the scroll and hovered above it. It opened to reveal a white vortex. Great winds started to blow into the vortex.

Hashirama felt himself being pulled in. Not good! He focused chakra to his fingers and wood grew around them quickly and shot towards the ground, preventing the Senju from being pulled by the wind. But the wood quickly disintegrated and was sucked into the vortex. Got to find a way out of this!

The sealing jutsu vortex grew stronger and the jutsu caster laughed. "Any last words before you're removed from this word for all eternity?"

Hashirama attempted to focus chakra to his feet and resist the winds to no avail, the chakra was simply sucked into the vortex. "Don't tell me you're the survivor of that clan, wiped out by the Hagoromo clan twenty five years ago?!"

Madara grinned. "Yes, the Kūkan clan, almost wiped out by the Hagoromo clan within a single night. A clan so feared, they were attacked and killed at night." Madara turned to the left to where the man stood behind the scroll. "I found him one day, someone else must have rescued him from the ruins, was likely a little infant at the time. Found him living on the streets and raised him as my own apprentice for this day."

The man looked at the Senju. "The Hiding Under Earth Technique, that's how I avoided detection until the moment was right." The jutsu caster poured more chakra into the technique. "This jutsu is inescapable. And as you have seen earlier, any ninjutsu you try is useless." He formed another hand seal and increased the power of the vortex.

Hashirama felt himself be pulled into the vortex, screaming. Everything went white shortly before his strength waned, and everything faded to black.

Many years later

The forest near the border of the Land of Fire and Land of Lightning

Tobirama panted heavily. Did I make the right decision? Appointing Hiruzen as Hokage at this age? Did I…no! Tōka Senju would be helping him, like she did with me after Hashirama died. She helped me take care of the village.

Around the battlefield, seventeen enemies laid dead amongst craters, trenches, and puddles left behind by Tobirama's water jutsu and the lightning jutsu of Hidden Cloud village. All the dead bodies belonged to members of Hidden Cloud Village's Kinkaku Force.

Tobirama was a tall, fair-skinned man. His white, normally shaggy hair was damp with sweat and stuck to his head in places. His gray headband was a happuri style, it covered his forehead and framed the front of his face and had the Hidden Leaf insignia in the center of the part on the forehead. His red eyes looked ahead. Two of them, killed seventeen. One's hiding somewhere.

The gold haired tall burly man drew his blade. A blade which had two sharp sides, lacked a sharp point, was broad, and black. "Your end is at hand. Any last words?" The man also had two long black horns sticking out of his hair, which were attached to his headband metal piece. The headband had the Hidden Cloud village insignia inscribed on it and the fabric was purple. He had a fair skin tone, had light colored eyes with dark sclera, and whisker like markings on each cheek. His attire consisted of a purple high collared sleeveless uniform with simple purple wrist guards. Over it, he wore the Hidden Cloud flak jacket which was white with black outlines and was fastened only by a single strap over the left shoulder. Several black lines were present on the front of the jacket and the jacket only covered half the upper torso. The kanji for gold was tattooed on his left shoulder.

The silver haired man to the left of the gold haired man drew the same blade, he looked almost the same as his brother and his blade matched his brother's blade. The only differences being his slightly shorter height and the kanji for silver was tattooed on his right shoulder. He wore the same attire.

Tobirama felt a chill in the air. Killing intent.

Tobirama had three red markings on his face. One under each of his eyes and one under his chin. He wore a white fur collar and blue armor with the Senju clan symbol on both sides of the neck guard. The armor was made of numerous metal plates which formed multiple protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders, and upper arms. Under the armor he wore a simple black suit with matching pants inclusive of blue sandals.

The gold haired man took a step forward, blade held in his left hand. "Deviant to the end. Fitting for a kage."

Footsteps approached the battlefield. "Stop! I'll deal with the Hokage!

The two burly men paused.

Tobirama turned to look towards the cluster of trees behind him. Didn't sense his approach, he took advantage of the situation.

Near the trees, a man stood in black armor, he formed hand seals and a glowing light shot from the scroll in front of his feet. It hovered in front of him. The man glared at Tobirama. "Any last words before you join the fate of the First Hokage?"

Tobirama's eyes widened and the full realization hit him. "You used that on my brother years ago?!" Tobirama turned around, the burly ninja completely forgotten. He grabbed his Sword of the Thunder God and pulled it off the belt. His eyes narrowed. "You know how long we searched? Do you have any idea?! Do you know what anguish Mito Uzumaki went through?! The nights I had to comfort her while she cried? The days I spent out there searching!?" Rare tears fell from Tobirama's eyes. "I once spent six days straight searching without sleep. Six days! I hated telling Mito I could not find him, despite all my efforts." He fought to keep his voice steady but slowly faltered. "When we had to stop searching, with the start of this war, I h-had to break the news to Mito." Tobirama tightened his grip on the sword and glared at the man. "She cried her eyes out; I stayed with her that night." Tobirama's attempt to keep his voice steady shattered. "S-she was so sad. I-I hated seeing her cry like that. S-So many days of her being sad, i-it hurt seeing her that way." He put in a burst of chakra into the Sword of the Thunder God, a yellow blade in the shape of a lightning bolt shot out of the sword, made of lightning with lightning arcing around it. He felt a surge of energy. "I'll take you down, even if I die!" Tobirama dashed towards the man and leapt into the air.

The black clad man felt waves of killing intent on levels he never felt before, his pupils shook and his legs trembled. His mind filled up with mental images of his gruesome death. "Oh crap!" the man snapped out of his fear and formed the final seal. "Was caught up in my glee, if he gets me while in that state…"

The light turned into a vortex which started to pull in the Senju.

Tobirama started to fall towards the light. "That's how you did it?!" He tried to move his arm to throw his sword, but could not. He was soon sucked in, everything went blinding white. I'm sorry Mito, I failed. Soon afterwards, his strength waned and everything went black.

Twelve years before the start of Naruto

Forest outside of Hidden Leaf village

Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, formed a hand seal. "Eight signed seal."

Blood dripped from the wound in Minato's midsection, a wound created by the claw sticking through him and his wife Kushina Uzumaki. The claw that belonged to the Nine Tailed Fox, the same demon Minato was about to seal into his son Naruto Uzumaki. In addition to his fatal wound, the jutsu he used earlier named the Dead Demon Consuming Seal takes the user's life after use.

Minato's world slowly faded and he coughed blood. Wish I had more time with Naruto and Kushina. He felt the claw disappear and the Hokage fell to the ground. It's done. His world went completely black.

A soft voice drifted in. "Minato, open your eyes."

Minato slowly opened his eyes, and felt weightlessness, and saw nothing but green and white all around. Empty space was below when he tried to feel for ground, and when he tried to move a muscle, not a single one budged an inch. "Kushina, what's happening? Are we dead? Is this the afterlife?"

Above the Hokage, Kushina slowly appeared. "No, listen to my every word carefully; this is the only chance we have. I used an extremely ancient and forbidden Uzumaki seal, I was the only one who knew the formula to the seal, and I took the secret with me when I died. This seal was never used during the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, so this is what happened. I have no idea where you will end up, or when you will get back to the physical world. When you finished the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, I used the Uzumaki seal to take the effects of the jutsu so that you would live. During that brief moment, I learned of a man you fought who was masked and stated that he was seriously going to plan to take over the world." Kushina's eyes started to water and tears flowed out and she fought to keep her voice steady. "Minato…please make sure that the masked man does not take away the future…from any children. Please save the world from him. My time is almost up, Minato, I love you. There was so much I wanted to do."

Minato tried to keep the tears from welling up to no avail, they flowed from his eyes. "Kushina, I love you too, there was so much more we could have done together." Everything slowly faded to black along with Kushina. Minato closed his eyes.

Another voice came, not soft like Kushina's. "Minato, terrible things will come to pass."

Minato quickly opened his eyes. "Who's speaking?"

The voice was heard again. "I will show these terrible things."

Images flashed across Minato's eyes, slightly blurred but clear enough to make out some details.

The first was a Leaf ninja on a rooftop in the village, dead. His Leaf headband was worn like a bandanna, he had short brown hair, two bangs which descended halfway down the sides of his face, a bang in the center of his forehead that hung down almost to his nose, and wore the flak jacket of Hidden Leaf. It was turn open by a large gash and the man still had his sword in his hand.

Minato's eyes widened.

The image turned to another, an image of the Leaf village badly damaged, smoke rising from many places. And a giant snake rampaging through it.

Minato gasped, a hint of horror in his voice.

The image changed to another, this time of the Leaf village in an even worse state. It was a circular crater, a multiple-terraced one with the deepest part being the center.

Minato tried to reach a hand out. "Who could have done this to my village? To my people?" His arm fell back to his side from exhaustion.

The voice floated in again. "That is not the worst calamity that will happen."

The image shifted again. Many dead ninja were scattered around the battlefield, there were Leaf ninja and other ninja who were obviously from other villages. Shortly before it shifted to some white monsters with spikes on their shoulders and evil grins walking about the battlefield surrounded by dead ninja.

Minato felt a slight tinge of fear. What are those things?! Are they strong enough to do that to all those ninja?!

The voice drifted in. "Not only will there be massive casualties, but great individual losses."

The previous image flashed to another, one of a monstrous beast with ten tails, facing what could amount to thousands of ninja. Then it shifted to another image of a woman in a Leaf flak jacket with her hair tied up into two buns and another ninja in similar attire and a bowl cut black haircut weeping over the dead body of a man impaled by wooden stakes. The dead man had long black hair tied at the end. It then shifted to a dead ninja in what was unmistakably a Hidden Cloud Flak Jacket. He was dark skinned and had seven swords tied to his back. Then it shifted again to another image of a ninja slowly turning to ash, his feet and hands already turned completely into cinders.

Tears were flowing out of Minato's eyes. T-this…I have to stop it!

The image switched again to a man with silver hair, a mask over his mouth, and a single Sharingan eye inclusive of flak jacket lying dead in a pool of his blood next to a blond haired young man with whisker markings on his cheeks. Another man similar in age laid next to him dead with his throat slashed and many stab wounds to his body.

Minato reached out a hand upon recognizing the blond haired man and the other man with sharingan, tears welled up in his eyes. "Naruto! Kakashi! NO!"

The image turned to a giant tree with massive roots. And connected to the roots were pods of wood that appeared to have people trapped within.

The voice came back. "This has not happened yet, you still have a chance to stop all of this."

Minato felt his strength waning and his vision going black. Need t-to stop this. Wherever I'll end up." Blackness overtook the Hokage soon afterwards.

August, 2552

Reach Orbit, Viery Station

A team of six ran down the metallic gray halls of Viery Station.

In the lead was Jack, the team leader. He wore the ODST uniform which consisted of a black helmet with a silver-blue faceplate that hid his face. On his back was a black rucksack which was an armored backpack used to store supplies needed for the mission that can be carried in it. His uniform consisted of a black body suit which covered his entire body and black armor which covered the suit on the chest, shoulders, and legs. He also wore black gloves and black boots covered with matching armor.

Alexis kept pace to the right of Jack. She wore the same ODST uniform.

Another ODST, Ardghal, kept pace behind Alexis. He wore the same outfit Alexis had.

To the left of Jack was Takeshi. He wore the Close Quarters Combat version of the ODST uniform, the differences being the standard left pauldron which was replaced with a longer two piece ballistic plate and had armor on the shoulders, legs, and boots. Strapped to his back was a katana, with a sharpened point for extra stabbing effectiveness.

Behind Takeshi was another ODST, Makoto. She wore the same uniform Takeshi had. And she had an extra holster on her left leg, not for a gun, but for shuriken and kunai.

Between Ardghal and Makoto, Jessie kept pace with the rest of the team. She was an UNSC marine with black hair tied into a short ponytail, blue eyes, and was fair skinned. She wore an olive drab helmet with a small black tactical flashlight attached to the right and a black boom microphone attached to the left of the helmet inclusive of gold colored ballistic goggles. She wore mottled green combat fatigues with olive drab armor which covered her torso, shoulders, lower legs, and forearms. She wore standard lace-up combat boots with armor which covered the bottom, sides, and the top around the ankle. The top was extended up to her lower shin for additional protection.

Each of the team members except for Jessie carried an MA5B Assault Rifle and had an M6D Magnum Sidearm holstered at the side below the waist. Takeshi had a Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol or commonly known as the Plasma Pistol which he stole from a dead Covenant soldier. Jessie had an M90 Shotgun and a 99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle attached to her back straps.

The MA5B Assault Rifle was a bullpup design in which the magazine receiver was located at the rear of the weapon, the assembly was located inside the stock, and the trigger is placed in front of both the assembly and magazine. It was made of gray titanium alloy and polymer. Also, near the middle was an attached electronics suite which provided information such as amount of rounds remaining. It was a fully automatic weapon with sixty rounds per clip.

The M6D Magnum Sidearm was a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine fed, large-bore handgun. It had a hard chrome finish color. It also had a large grip guard, the magazine and hand grip was behind the trigger, and a chrome barrel which helped to prevent corrosion. The magazine had twelve rounds.

The M90 Shotgun was a pump-action, magazine-fed, dual tubular non-detachable weapon with an adjustable stock and pistol grip. It was colored gray on most of the weapon and black for the handgrips and the stock on the rear.

The 99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle was colored dark gray on most of the weapon and black on the scope. The scope, stock, barrel, and firing mechanism were capable of being swapped to match mission profile.

The Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol or called Plasma Pistol was a plasma weapon of Covenant design which used a battery cell instead of clips. It was semi-automatic, used a single collimator design that gave it its smooth and aerodynamic claw like appearance. The rear section of the pistol had a holographic display indicating weapon temperature during use. And it had a small red pad in the center of the display which was the weapon's safety and activation mechanism. On the left side was another small red button used to open the top heating vent to cool the weapon off. It was colored purple with a dark purple under section and top section, ad had some tinted yellow and gray parts in the center which connected the upper and lower parts. In the front, a green beam arced between the upper and lower sections when the weapon was active.

Jack ran to the control panel for the nearby door and pushed some buttons. "Stay frosty!"

The door silently slid open, revealing an Elite wearing red armor with his back to the door, tinkering with a control panel. He had a Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle in his right hand.

Elites, also known as Sangheili, were muscular, bipedal, and stood at an imposing 7.4 up to 8.6 feet tall. Their jaws are quadruple-hinged, with an upper jaw and four mandible-like 'lips'. Each mandible had six teeth each, some have an additional large fang on the tips of each mandible and might have anywhere from eight to ten broader teeth on the central jaw structure. They have two nostrils, each a little in front and below the eye socket. Their hands are tetradactyl, had four digits; two middle fingers and two opposing thumbs on the outside for grasping. Their legs are digitigrade, with short upper and lower legs, and elongated tarsals, using the distal and intermediate phalanges to support their weight when walking. They also appear to have a double set of pectoral muscles. The skin color varies from light brown and scaly to black and smooth, most appear to have dark grey skin which can look spotted or scaly. And the majority have either dark blue, black, or brown eyes, though there are a few exceptions. There is evidence that, since their eye color matches their armor color, they wear eye coverings that provide the Heads Up Display. Elite eyes are laterally-positioned with slit-shaped pupils, large irises, and horizontal eyelids. Their knees do not bend backwards, but forwards.

The Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle, more commonly known as the Plasma Rifle, was a plasma weapon of Covenant design. It is capable of semi-automatic and full automatic fire, enabled by its dual plasma collimator design. Placed atop one another, those collimators fire in a 'stagger' taking the slow automatic fire of each individual collimator and combing it, allowing for a much faster fire rate and more rounds per second. The rear parts of the upper and lower sections and some of the inner parts are gray and the trigger area is dark gray. The front parts where the bolts come out of are also gray with dark gray tips. When it is active, blue plasma arcs between the front points.

Jack's voice dropped to a whisper. "Takeshi, he's yours."

Takeshi reached for his katana with his left hand and pulled out the stolen plasma pistol with his right. He ran towards the Elite and fired his plasma pistol.

The green plasma round shot out of the gun, struck the Elite's shields, and shorted them out.

The red armored Elite spun around and roared.

Takeshi shoved the arm of the Elite holding its weapon away with his lower right arm then swiftly thrust his sword upwards into the bottom of the Elite's mouth, it struck the armor at the top of its head. The ODST quickly pulled the sword out in a way that left a slash between the Elite's eyes. "How'd you like that, split lip?!" He flicked the purple blood off his blade and held it with his right hand.

The Elite's dead body fell backwards with a heavy thud, a pool of purple blood spread around its head.

Jack walked to the control panel and looked at the interference then the screen. "The spilt-lip was trying to access encrypted files."

Jack approached the sword wielding ODST with the others behind him, his tone deadly serious. "Make sure it's deleted, or Keyes will have my ass for it if the Covenant get any of it. And we would be screwed, lose the war."

Takeshi pushed some buttons on the panel, and started the deletion process. "More like screwed up beyond all recognition if the Covenant found it. Was ONI files of the highest order. Not even we or Captain Keyes has permission to see what's within."

Minutes later, the console screen flashed white and the words "Files Deleted" appeared.

Takeshi turned to look at Jack. "Files deleted, the mission's done." Takeshi sheathed his blade.

"Good, we can get the hell out of here before we get blasted to atomized bits by the three hundred and fourteen strong Covenant fleet outside the station. Go!" Jack headed out of the room and down the hall with his team close behind.

The next door ahead opened and an Elite Zealot wearing gold armor and a matching helmet roared. He had an energy sword in his left hand, active.

The Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword or commonly known as the Energy Sword had a curved hilt with an energy storage module inside for projecting the plasma which forms the blade. The blade was made of two partially ionized 'blades' of free moving electron based gas held in a blade-like form by two small magnetic field generators built into the handle of the weapon. This forms and contains the oval shaped, ionized blades for which the weapon is recognized. The hilt itself is purple and the blade is colored cyan.

Jessie quickly brought her shotgun up to fire. "Not so fast!" She pulled the trigger and pulled it again after recovering from the recoil. "Takeshi, now!"

The first shot had flared up the Elite's shields and the second shattered them.

Takeshi quickly moved forward and reached for his blade. He swiftly dodged to the left to avoid the glowing blade, and swiftly drew his katana. "Sayonara, bastard!" The blade sliced clean through the Elite's neck. The ODST swiftly kicked the Elite.

The dead Elite fell onto his back with a heavy thud. The severed head landed on the Elite's torso, blood seeping out of the stump of the head and what was left of the neck attached to the torso.

Jessie looked at the dead Elite. "That's teamwork, the Covenant do not realize how deadly we can be."

"Thanks, would have got me. Let's get going." Jack ran on with the team following close behind.

Jessie followed behind the team. "No problem."

The team ran down more hallways, shooting Covenant left and right.

After several minutes of running down halls and shooting Covenant, something in a room caught Jessie's eye. She skidded to a halt. "Jack, there's something in here!" She entered the room and saw what caught her eye.

Within the room, on the side opposite the door, two figures laid slumped against the wall. One had tanned skin, long black hair, a simple black suit, and over the suit was dark red armor. The other was fair-skinned, had white shaggy hair, the same black suit, but had blue armor with a fur collar.

Jack and his team quickly entered the room.

Ardghal stepped forward and looked at the figures. "Not sure who they are, but we can't just leave them here."

Jack turned to the man. "You're right. You pick up one of them." Jack turned to Makoto. "Makoto, get the other."

"Right." Makoto quickly ran to the blue armored man. She picked him up and carried him over the shoulder. She turned to Ardghal, and saw he did the same.

"Got what must be their tools and supplies." Alexis strapped the rucksack backpack to her back.

"Taken care of, this scroll's heavy." Takeshi had the giant scroll's strap around his back.

Jack looked at his teammates. "Now, that we've-"

A loud rumble was felt by everyone and the lights flickered.

Alexis looked up at the flickering lights. "Are they blasting us?!"

"Stay where you are!" Jack quickly pressed his back against the wall and inched towards the door. The rumbling slowly faded while he slowly peered around the doorway. He caught a sight of purple armor and quickly withdrew from the doorway. He turned to his teammates. "We have Hunters, four of them. We're dead if we take them on like this, but they're not looking in our direction yet." Jack turned to Jessie. "You take the lead and blow away every Covenant scumbag that gets in our way." Jack looked at Takeshi. "Follow Jessie; help with any Covenant that do not go down from the first blast of her shotgun." He turned to Ardghal and Makoto. "Follow Takeshi." He turned to Alexis. "Follow Makoto and Ardghal, I will be right behind. Everyone, run like you've got an energy sword wielding Elite chasing you who's so angry he will kill you slowly and painfully if he catches you. I'll be at the rear to keep everyone running at top speed. Let's move."

Jessie ran out of the room first and headed towards the hangar bays with the ODST team following close behind at top speed and Jack at the rear.

The Hunters, whose backs were turned, heard the running footsteps of Humans and turned around. Two of them charged up their green plasma cannons and fired.

The blasts flew through the air and impacted the wall. They burned through it. Red hot molten metal flowed down the wall and across the floor below the hole.

Jack felt the heat of the blasts. "Keep running!"

The team soon entered the hangar bay.

The pilot of the Pelican near the hangar doors was heard through Jessie's microphone and the built in communicators in the ODSTs' helmets. "Just in time, the captain was starting to wonder if you would get out alive."

The Pelican was a drop ship, the hull was painted green. In front of the Pelican was the cockpit with windows to see outside. It had a wing on each side near the middle. There was an extension at the rear which is used to attach things like vehicles. And below that is the troop bay. The main engines were mounted in pairs in four nacelles, one on each wing and two at the rear. The nacelles can articulate independently, thus altering the direction of thrust and improving the drop ship's low altitude maneuverability. Six ventral thrusters, two on each wing nacelle and one on each aft nacelle, allow the Pelican to land and take of vertically.

The team quickly approached and entered the drop ship.

Within the Pelican troop bay was ten seats, five on each side. The floor, walls, and ceiling were gray and the seats were black. There was a small light over each seat and lights on the ceiling which lit up the area. On the other side of the entrance was the door to the cockpit.

Jack jumped in last. "Close the hatch now!"

The pilot's voice was heard. "Affirmative."

The hatch closed shut seconds later.

"Got them secured." Ardghal looked at where Makoto had secured the other figure in the seat. "The other one's secure also."

Jack turned to the hatch. "Take off now, there's Hunters coming!"

A loud crash sounded throughout the hangar.

Outside the Pelican, four Hunters came through the entrance and stood side by side, their plasma cannons charging up.

Makoto and Ardghal quickly took their seats and strapped themselves in; the others had strapped themselves in seconds earlier.

"We're out of here!" the pilot quickly flew the Pelican out of the hangar.

The four plasma rounds fired by the Hunters missed by inches and slammed into the energy field.

Captain Keyes's voice was heard through the communications link. "Just in time, starting up the slipspace drive. And there's Covenant hot on our tail."

The Pelican headed towards the Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn. The pilot quickly flew into one of the giant hangar bays, quickly landed, the hangar bay doors closed, and locked shut.

The lone UNSC ship's slipspace drive started up and a slipspace portal opened. The ship entered slipspace and the multiple Covenant ships following behind quickly entered slipspace in pursuit.

On Reach, the Covenant have won the battle. The Orbital Defense platforms went silent without their generators and were destroyed swiftly. The surface became overrun by Covenant troops in their search for Forerunner artifacts before they glassed the planet. The only things left behind were a graveyard in orbit and a scorched planet below.

One Hour, thirty two minutes after entering slipspace

Jessie walked down the hallway beside Jack.

Jessie turned to the ODST. "Have you heard anything about the ones we found on the station?"

"They're in cryo-sleep. The others were able to take off the metal parts of their outfits, left just the black undershirt and pants on. Didn't want the metal breaking during the sleep, and they're in the same room we're headed to." Jack walked through the doorway to cryo-chamber C.

Jessie followed and entered. She headed to her cryo pod and noticed the two they found earlier they were in nearby pods. She soon made the preparations and went into cryo-sleep, along with the rest of the crew.

For the next several weeks, the crew slept, unaware of what they will find on the other side of their path; a discovery that would change everything, and possibly change the course of the UNSC's fight for survival.

Revisions for Chapters 2 and 3 coming soon!