Ninja Chronicles- Halo Chapter 3- Halo

Cortana's tone turned to alarm at the escape pod's rate of descent. "We're coming in too fast!"

The pilot struggled with the controls. She saw a lush green forest stretching for miles and a clearing at the edge of a cliff, which dropped straight down into the sea. The pilot saw a blinking red light next to the air brake button.

The pod's air brakes suddenly deployed, and ripped off.

"Damn! Air brake failure!" The pilot struggled to control the pod but rapidly lost control. "They blew too early! I'm losin' her. Brace for impact!"

Second later, the pod violently crashed to the ground. The impact threw the SPARTAN to the metallic floor hard, knocking him out.

Cortana's concerned tone rang out. "Chief? Chief! Can you hear me?"

The SPARTAN stirred, opened his eyes, then quickly picked himself off the floor.

Cortana continued. "At last! Are you alright? Can you move?"

Master Chief took a look around the pod.

Everyone else, including the pilot, laid dead. Some were on the floor, others slumped in their seats.

Cortana's voice dropped to a whisper, laced with sadness. "The others…the impact. There's nothing we can do."

The Chief checked his assault rifle and pistol, found them to be in working condition, then stopped out of the pod. The SPARTAN looked around and took in the sights. The pod had crash landed into a clearing surrounded by several high cliffs. If one was to reach the cliff top, they would reach a forest. Another cliff marked where the clearing ended and straight down was the ocean of the ring world.

Cortana's voice was heard. "Warning! I've detected multiple Covenant drop ships on approach. I recommend moving into those hills. If we're lucky, the Covenant will believe that everyone aboard this lifeboat died in the crash."

The SPARTAN neared the bridge and heard the sound of Covenant drop ships.

Cortana's tone was laced with amazement. "I'm reading thousands of types of flora. The ring's ecosystem is incredibly sophisticated." Her voice turned to alarm. "Alert! Covenant drop ship inbound! They must be looking for survivors."

The Chief quickly crossed the narrow bridge and ducked behind the rocks by the ravine.

Cortana resumed. "I recommend immediate evasion!"

The Covenant drop ship flew into view, the occupants unaware of the super soldier's presence.

The Master Chief stayed quiet and stuck to the shadows of the rocks and trees. He moved silently.

The Covenant searched, and upon believing everyone was dead, left the area.

Cortana's voice dropped to a whisper. "Good, they're gone. I'm reading a lifeboat beacon nearby; we should head to the hills ahead and check to see if there are any survivors."

The Chief headed towards the signal, a waypoint was visible on his heads up display.

The pilot came to a halt. "Here's a good place to hide."

The small clearing was surrounded by thick brown trees and above, the tree branches and green leaves met in a way it formed a canopy. Anyone here would be well hidden.

"This is a good hiding spot." Hashirama walked to a tree and gently laid the ninja against the tree. "Hope he wakes up soon."

The ninja had spiky blond hair, jaw length bangs which framed both sides of his face, and was fair skinned. He wore a blue forehead protector on his forehead with the Hidden Leaf insignia on the metal piece. His clothing consisted of a leaf green flak jacket inclusive of neck guards, scroll pouches, and a zipper down the middle. Under the flak jacket was a blue undershirt and his pants were of a matching color including his sandals. Over his clothing, he had a short sleeved long white haori which had orange flame-like motifs on the edges at the bottom. It was closed by a thin, orange rope near the top.

The ODSTs and marines sat down nearby.

Hashirama turned to the pilot. "By the way, we don't know your name."

The pilot turned up to look at the Senju from where she was sitting, by a tree. "Name's Chelsea."

"I'm Hashirama Senju, nice to meet you." Hashirama smiled. He walked to a tree and sat down. "Going to gather Sage energy, just in case." He sat, legs crossed and eyes closed.

Tobirama looked at the new arrival. "Hashirama, he's waking up."

Minato stirred and took a deep breath. Then felt himself laying against a tree and sitting on grass. He slowly opened his eyes. His blue eyes saw the first and second Hokages. "Did I die?"

Tobirama looked at Minato. "No, you're alive. But something strange did happen. Hashirama and I were sealed away, ended up on a station, were found, and ended up here. We found you not too long ago." Tobirama looked at Hashirama for a second, saw he was still gathering Sage mode energy, and turned back to the Minato. "How are you feeling? And what's your name?"

"Feeling exhausted." Minato took a deep breath. "My name is Minato Namikaze." He closed his eyes wearily and opened them.

Jack approached and sat beside Tobirama. "I'm Jack." He turned to the younger Senju brother. "Just wanted to be sure I was caught up on what's going on."

Tobirama turned to the ODST. "Understandable." He turned to Minato. "How did you end up here?"

"I was the Fourth Hokage." Minato looked at Jack, then Tobirama. "It had been decades since you and Hashirama were thought to have died. A mysterious masked man attacked the Leaf village using the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. It was too powerful for me to defeat due to my chakra running too low. So I had to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal half of its chakra into Naruto Uzumaki, and the other half into the Death God's stomach. I would've died if it was not for Kushina's sealing jutsu. Not sure what she used, but she took the affects of the jutsu and I ended up being sealed. And I believe that's how I ended up here. She also told me to not let the masked man take over the world and I do not know how much time passed." The Fourth Hokage took a deep breath and looked at Hashirama, Tobirama, then Jack. "Before I blacked out, some voice was heard and I had visions of the future." He closed his eyes. "First I saw a Leaf ninja dead on a rooftop, then the Leaf village badly damaged with three snakes rampaging through it, the village as a crater, many ninja dead who were from different villages, then some white monsters with spikes on their shoulders and evil grins on their faces walking among them." Minato shuddered. "That's not the worst. I saw a ten tailed beast with thousands of ninja facing it. A cloud ninja dead who had seven swords on his back. And I saw..." Tears started to flow out of Minato's eyes. "A woman in a Leaf village flak jacket with a man in the same attire inclusive of bowl cut hair crying over a man with long black hair tied at the end who was impaled by wooden stakes. A ninja who was slowly turning to ashes. T…then…" Minato's attempt to keep his voice steady slowly faltered. "I…it s…showed N…Naruto and Kakashi dead!" Minato wiped his tears away with his undershirt sleeve.

Jack looked at the blond man. "Kakashi and Naruto sound very important, who are they?"

Minato looked at the man in black uniform. "Naruto is my son, and Kakashi is my only surviving student."

"Damn." Jack shook his head for a moment. "Seeing people like that dead…it had to be hard enough seeing it in a vision. I'll tell my team. We're giving ourselves a mission. In addition to kicking the Covenant's ass, we're going to get you, Tobirama, and Hashirama home to where you came from. So you and the others can put a stop to those events before they happen. And I'll explain what's going on here, though it will have to be brief since we could be in a combat situation at any time."

Jack finished. "Did I clear some things up, Minato?"

Minato nodded. "Yes. You did good despite the short time we might have. When we do, I can assist. Not feeling too exhausted."

Tobirama turned to the Namikaze. "That's good. But try not to overdo it, you'll get tired quickly."

"Almost prepared," Hashirama's Sage Mode activated. Red pigmentation appeared around his eyes and on the eyelids, lines appeared under each eye which stretched to the ears, one on opposite sides of the nose, and a circular marking on the forehead with a dark filled circle in the middle. "All ready."

Minato faced Tobirama. "Understood."

The pilot stood up. "Everyone, I'm getting something! Changing the setting so you can hear it."

Everyone turned their attention to her.

For a moment, the COM was full of static before clearing up slightly. "This is…St…gent…Johnson…need…help…Covenant…almost overrun….getting hammered…" The COM once again gave away to static.

Jack turned to Chelsea. "Can you trace it?"

The pilot shook her head. "No, afraid I can't. Too much interference."

Tobirama sat on one knee and placed two fingers on the ground. "I can track the movements. Give me a second." He concentrated, then felt movement in the distance. "Found it, seven kilometers away."

Jack turned to Tobirama. "I hope it's the right place." He turned his attention to the others. "Get ready."

The others stood up, prepared to move.

Tobirama was on his feet. "Me too. Follow me." The Senju ran off towards where he detected movement.

The others quickly followed behind.

The COM static cleared a bit after covering over half the distance. "Need…assistance…they….Hunters…Zealots…swords...going…tear…us apart!" It regressed back to static once more.

Jack caught up to Tobirama. "We need to pick up the pace, or we might be too late!"

"Agreed." Tobirama ran faster and the others quickly followed suit.

The team heard the sounds of battle and soon arrived near a cliff, then came to a stop near the edge.

Ahead, a massive battle raged in a large clearing. A forerunner structure stood at the center, with a platform and a central pillar which periodically shot blue energy balls out the top towards the sky. The team could see a Hunter pair, Elites, Jackals, and Grunts amongst the enemy forces.

Jackals, also known as Kig-Yar, typically had light brown or tan skin tones; though some might be gray-green or red. They stood at around six feet tall and had elongated, small heads with long snouts and bulbous eyes at the front of their face above their mouth and nostrils. Though some might have a slightly different head shape. The legs were sinewy and muscular; they were also reverse-jointed. Three sharp claws formed their fingers and the same number of claws formed their toes. The jaws are lined with rows of razor sharp teeth. Jackals had an extraordinary sense of sight, smell, and hearing. Plumages of spiny quills were present on the backs of their heads and on the elbows; the color depended on the mood. Their bones were hollow and they were physically frail. But they could move quickly to evade danger. The blood of Jackals was bright purple.

Grunts, also known as Unggoy, stood at around five feet tall. While carrying weapons, they walked upright so that they could support their weapons with their hands. When fleeing or patrolling without a weapon drawn, they used their over sized forearms as forelegs to add speed or stability to their gait, walking in a quadrupedal fashion. The limbs were stubby and the Grunts were considered weaker than other Covenant races. Their skin was mottled gray or brown. They were short and stocky with round heads. The body had an armored hard exoskeleton and also wrinkly skin. They had small upper arms and thighs. Spiny protrusions extended out on their elbows, which could be used in combat when in melee range. Their voices were high pitched. The mouth had a set of small, pointed teeth and over their mouths and nose, they wore a gas mask due to the fact they breathed methane. This meant they have methane tanks attached to their backs, which could be pointed, round, or curved. Their eyes were located above the mouth and nose. Their eyesight and hearing was average, and seemed to have a very well developed sense of smell. Grunt blood was thick, bio-luminescent, and light-blue. They also mostly had flat, three toed feet with another toe on the back of their feet; some have four reptilian toes in front.

Hunters were made of massive numbers of small worm-like creatures called Lekgolo. The worms were about 1.4 meters long, with their own central nervous system. The skin was orange-red in appearance. The Hunters, also known as Mgalekgolo, stood between twelve to thirteen feet tall but crouched down to between eight to eight and a half feet when in a combat stance. On one arm, they had an Assault Cannon. The weapon had a large circular opening on the front and several green protrusions on top of it. On the other arm was an enormous and nearly impervious two-part metal shield which was made of the same material which formed Covenant warship hulls with a weight of two tons. Despite their immense mass, they were quite nimble. There were almost always two Hunters seen at a time. They had blue spiked appendages that raised from their shoulders and upper back. The blue armor covered every part of the Hunter's body except its stomach, back, and neck.

Jack looked at the battle raging on. "This is bad."

"Hold on." Hashirama formed a hand sign and focused chakra. A wooden ramp shot from the top of the cliff face to the ground below.

Jack looked at the ramp. "Thanks, let's go kick ass!" He looked at the ninjas. "You do what you can do."

Jessie spotted an Elite with an energy sword advancing on a marine on the ground. "That Elite's going to kill him!"

Minato reached into his kunai holster on his right leg and pulled out a three pronged kunai. "Ma'am, I could get you and myself down there quickly, get ready."

The kunai had a thicker than usual gold colored handle than a normal kunai. It also had three blades instead of one.

The Fourth Hokage threw the kunai.

The kunai hurtled through the air and buried into the ground in front of the Elite.

Jessie turned to Minato. "What are you…?"

"No time." Minato grabbed her by the arm and quickly teleported.

Minato appeared right in front of the Elite and removed his left hand from Jessie's arm. A ball of chakra swirled in his right hand.

Jessie staggered a bit. "What did you…?"

The Elite had only had a split second to stare at the ninja.

Minato thrust his hand into the Elite's chest. "Rasengan!" The ball of chakra broke the armor, and tore the chest to shreds.

The Elite was sent flying backwards into a cliff wall with enough force to crack the rocks on impact, ending the alien's life.

Minato reached down and pulled the kunai out of the ground. He took another from his kunai holster.

Jessie pulled someone up to his feet. "You ok, sir?" She looked at the ninja. "Who are you?"

"Name's Minato Namikaze." The ninja looked at the female UNSC marine and noticed her name tag. "I presume your name is Jessie."

She smiled. "Yes it is."

The male, which Minato was able to tell the name of by his name tag which read Bisenti, turned to where the Elite was sent flying. "Yeah, thanks to that guy who sent the Elite flying away." He turned to the area the Hunters were. "But Johnson and the others are going to get torn apart by the Hunters."

Minato turned to where the large aliens were. "I'll handle this." He threw his kunai and focused Wind Release chakra to his right hand.

The kunai struck their marks, one stuck a Hunter in the soft squishy area on the back, the other struck the same area on another Hunter.

The Namikaze teleported and landed, feet first, on the back of the Hunter. "Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique." He swung the arm and the blade of wind slashed deeply into the Hunter's back. Minato grabbed the kunai with his left hand and teleported away.

The Hunter begun to fall.

One of the marines looked on in surprise. "What's going on!?"

Minato landed on the back of the other Hunter, and released the same blade of wind before jumping backwards.

The Hunter, who did not even have time to react, fell dead. Hitting the ground a second after the other had landed with a heavy thud.

Another marine stared in shock. "W…what did he…he doesn't have any guns!"

Minato ripped the other kunai out of the Hunter's back and placed them back into the holster. "Taken care of."

Johnson walked forward. "Who are you?"

Minato turned to the man. "Minato Namikaze." He heard footsteps and turned around and saw Jack approaching.

The ODST came to a stop. "Johnson, we're here. And you won't believe how much ass Hashirama and Tobirama are kicking." He looked back to the Forerunner structure.

Minato looked in the general area and saw massive trees growing with Covenant impaled on the branches. "Wouldn't be surprised if all those creatures die in the next minute. There's a reason Hashirama is considered the God of Shinobi."

Moments later, the others ran to Jack, followed by Tobirama and Hashirama.

A man in similar attire to Jack's approached his sword in a sheath on his back. "The bastards didn't have a chance. And there's enough Covenant impaled on the trees for us to have fried Covenant if anyone is up for any." He looked around. "No? That's ok." He hid a chuckle. "Just kidding, would taste worse than anything."

Johnson turned to Jack. "It's a mess. We're scattered all over this valley. We called for evac, but until you all showed up, I thought we were cooked."

Jack looked at the dead Hunters. "At least we arrived in time."

One of the marines, Mendoza, saw a figure running over the hill. "Someone's coming!" He smiled upon realizing who it was. "Master Chief!"

The others turned to the SPARTAN.

Master Chief approached the group and came to a stop.

Johnson took a step forward. "You missed it." He turned to the ninjas. "Those three, not sure how, but they have powers. Something I've never seen."

Cortana was heard through the communications link built into Johnson's helmet. "Interesting, would like to learn more."

A voice was heard over the communications links of the marines' and ODSTs' helmets. "This is Pelican Echo 419. Anybody read me? Repeat: any UNSC personnel respond."

Sgt. Johnson pushed a button on his COM, "Roger, Echo 419. This is Fire Team Charlie. We read you. Is that you, Foehammer?"

Foehammer quickly responded. "Roger, Fire Team Charlie. Good to hear from ya!"

Johnson continued. "If you're not too busy, Foehammer, we could use a lift. We have survivors to transport to headquarters."

Foehammer finished. "I'm on my way."

Moments later, the marines, ODSTs, ninjas, and the pilot heard sounds and looked up.

In the sky, three lifeboats hurtled through the sky at tremendous speeds.

Moments later Foehammer's Pelican flew over the trees towards the team's location.

"Look, more lifeboats! They're coming in fast. If those lifeboats make it down, the Covenant are going to be right on top of them." Cortana then connected her COM to the Pelican. "Foehammer, we need you to disengaged your Warthog. The Master Chief and I are going to see if we can save some soldiers."

"Roger, Cortana." Foehammer landed the Pelican and disengaged the Warthog. "Okay, Charlie Team, Warthog deployed. Saddle up and give 'em hell!"

The Warthog was an UNSC four-wheel all-terrain vehicle. It had no doors and a total of three people could sit in it. One driver, a single passenger, and a gunner. The green titanium armor on the vehicle, though light, was quite resistant. The large wheels gave it a 36 inch ground clearance. Mounted at the rear, where the gunner stood, was a triple-barreled M41 Light Ant-Aircraft Gun.

"Roger, Foehammer." Cortana continued. "Stand by to evac survivors and transport them to safety."

"That's affirmative. Echo 419 staying on station. Foehammer out." the Pelican pilot opened the hatch.

Cortana's voice was heard through the communications links by the marines and ODSTs. "The Master Chief and I need some backup; can you spare a few men?"

"Sure, Cortana." Johnson turned his attention to the rest of the team. "All right ladies, volunteers step up on the double! The rest of you, get in the drop ship."

"I'll be in the passenger seat of the Warthog." Jessie s pulled her sniper rifle off of her weapon holder on her back. "And give the Covenant the hell they deserve with this." The marine jumped into the passenger seat.

The Chief sat in the driver seat.

"And you three." Johnson turned his attention to the ninjas, "Are you going to go with the others or go help Master Chief save some soldiers?"

Hashirama looked at the Sergeant. "I can keep up with the Warthog using my Sage Mode speed; we need all the help we can get in fighting the enemy. And my healing powers will likely be needed."

Tobirama gathered water release chakra to his feet. "No problem for me, I can just skate across the ground using my water release jutsu."

Minato looked up. "Same for me, there is a reason why I am called the Leaf's Yellow Flash."

"That's good," Johnson turned around and climbed onto the gunner platform at the rear of the vehicle. "I'll be in the Warthog turret seat, givin' those Covies hell, hell they deserve!"

Foehammer took off after the rest of the marines and ODSTs boarded the Pelican.

Hashirama turned to Minato then Tobirama. "Are you ready?"

Minato nodded. "Yes."

Tobirama did the same.

"That's good," Hashirama turned his attention to Sgt. Johnson and Master Chief. "We're ready when you are."

"Let's go." The Chief stepped on the gas; the Warthog took off for a cave.

The ninjas followed behind, Hashirama in the lead of the formation with Tobirama behind him to the left and Minato to the right.

Cortana's voice was heard. "Switching on external speakers. We need to find where each lifeboat has landed."

The SPARTAN drove towards the cave with the ninjas following behind. The team headed down the natural ramp and turned again to drive towards the cave entrance.

Cortana was heard again. "This cave was obviously built by someone, it must lead somewhere."

The team headed through the metallic cave, going around corners and ramps as fast as they could go.

"I've hacked into the Covenant battlenet," Cortana was heard. "They're actually broadcasting tactical data on unencrypted channels! We should show them who they're dealing with. Master Chief, I'm going to use your suit's transponder system to monitor their chatter."

The team cleared a gap via a jump with ease, and continued down the tunnel.

Tobirama caught up to Hashirama. "It's strange, there's no Covenant in the tunnel."

"Maybe they are hiding, or waiting," Hashirama lowered his brows a bit. Moments later, he felt an evil presence. "Malice, dead head. Be alert!"

The team turned a corner and headed down a ramp into a gigantic room, and the front light of the Warthog shone on a Grunt.

The Grunt jumped and shrieked. It pointed the plasma pistol at the vehicle, arm shaking.

Johnson quickly made mincemeat out of the Grunt with the turret.

"Knew they'd do this sooner or later." Tobirama formed several hand signs. "Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave!" The moisture in the room gathered in front of Tobirama and exploded outwards in the form of a large wave, clearing one side of the room of Covenant by sweeping them off their feet and sending them over the side of the gigantic platform.

They fell to their deaths, hundreds of feet below, their screams fading out.

The younger Senju quickly dodged several plasma shots which came from near the pillars; some of the enemy had survived via hiding behind them.

Sgt. Johnson immediately targeted the enemies that shot at Tobirama and gunned them down.

The Elite which had survived the onslaught so far was targeted and sniped by Jessie with haste.

Hashirama formed two hand signs. "Wood Release: Great Forest Jutsu." Wood formed around Hashirama's arm and shot out towards every Covenant he saw.

The pillars impaled the Covenant. Those that dodged only had a second to see more spikes come out of the sides of the pillars they dodged. Soon, only an Elite Major remained.

Minato formed several hand signs and focused Wind Release chakra to his hand. "Wind Release: Slash." the ninja swung his hand. Several blades of wind headed straight for the Elite, which then formed into a single blade.

The alien tried to dodge but it was too late, the jutsu struck him, shattered his shields in an instant, and slashed through his armor and cut deeply. He was sent flying over the ledge. His screams faded away.

Master Chief drove the warthog up to the ramp, and saw the gap.

Hashirama took a look. "It's too large to cross."

Cortana's voice rang out. "There must be some mechanism to cross this cavern. Look for a control panel or switch."

Minato looked along the right wall and spotted a pair of flashing green lights on a balcony. He pointed. "Up there, it must be what you're looking for."

Cortana's voice was heard. "Thanks, Minato. The Chief and I will investigate. Might have an Elite in there hiding with active camo."

The Chief left the Warthog and headed down to the passageway which led up to the balcony.

The others heard three shotgun blasts and the cry of agony from an Elite.

The SPARTAN walked to where the flashing green lights were, and found a control panel.

Cortana's voice was heard. "Knew something was there, those flashing green lights are a real attention grabber."

Master Chief pushed a button on the control panel.

Four giant sliver beam-generating structures extended across the chasm and a blue energy bridge slowly appeared.

Cortana was heard. "That will be our way across, an energy bridge, extremely high tech."

Master Chief quickly headed back down the path and back to the Warthog. He jumped into the driver seat.

Cortana's voice was laced with urgency. "We need to hurry, the more time that passes, the worse things get."

Master Chief stepped on the gas and headed across the light bridge with the ninjas following behind.

Minato kept pace with Hashirama. "Whoever built this had extremely advanced technology."

Hashirama looked at the Namikaze for a quick second. "True, it's so far ahead of the UNSC, and ours."

The team navigated the tunnels.

Cortana's voice was heard. "New traffic on the Covenant Battlenet…a lot more crew made it off the Autumn than I had predicted. The Captain really gave them hell! If we can find Captain Keyes and other survivors, we have a chance to coordinate an effective resistance."

The group headed towards the exit and left the cave. They made their way towards a path with high cliff walls on either side.

Johnson, with his expert skills, killed the Jackals and Grunts near the path with ease and speed.

The team eventually came upon a clearing which had a high cliff wall on one side and a steep drop on the other which led down to the ocean of the ring world.

Cortana's voice was laced with sadness. "No survivors detected. There's dead Covenant. Both sides likely wiped each other out." She paused for a moment. "Let's keep going, hopefully we can save the others."

The Chief drove towards the other path.

The ninjas followed behind.

The team quickly headed down the path to another one just off the main. It was on the other side of the creek running along the path. It led to the first crash site.

Cortana was heard. "There are some marines, hiding in the hills above the structure. We'll clear out the Covenant quickly then tend to any wounded. Hashirama, Minato, Tobirama, stay in cover until we are done."

"Understood." Hashirama and the other two ninjas took cover behind some rocks.

Master Chief drove off to the clearing which had a Forerunner structure in the middle. Jessie and Sergeant Johnson killed the Covenant. Within minutes, every single Covenant soldier was dead.

The Chief came to a stop near the rocks.

Cortana was heard. "All done, let's go check on the survivors and call for evac."

Hashirama and the others came out from hiding. "Understood."

The team headed up the hill to the rocks where the survivors were hiding.

The SPARTAN came to a stop and jumped out of the Warthog.

The ninjas came to a stop near Master Chief.

A marine approached. "You're a sight for sore eyes Chief. We're in a bad way. We've got wounded here."

Cortana connected the communications link to the marine's headset. "I'll call in a drop ship to pick them up."

Hashirama took a step forward. "I could heal them. My name's Hashirama Senju. Lead me to where they are."

The marine turned to the Senju. "I will, follow me. Some of the marines might not make it, wounds too severe."

Cortana heard Foehammer's voice through the communications link. "Echo 419 to Cortana. Foehammer's on station and ready for pickup."

Cortana's quick reply came. "Affirmative, Foehammer. We're ready for dust off, approach when ready."

The pilot's reply was quick. "Roger, Cortana. On my way. I've spotted additional lifeboats in your area. One near a rock slide. And another near a cliff edge. Hard to see from my altitude, but it looks like there are more survivors."

Hashirama approached the group. "Done healing them, some were in bad shape. One would not have made it if I didn't heal him. Looked like something melted his chest plate armor. The one who led me there was really wanting to save them, was not wanting to lose any more men because of the creatures."

Cortana's voice was heard. "Understandable, considering how bad things are. Let's get going, we have to find the remaining crash sites."

With that, the Master Chief drove off with the ninjas following behind. They headed down the other pathway and followed the river, then went down the next path which led to a large rock slide.

Cortana's voice rang out. "Survivors detected. Marines are concealed in those rocks."

Hashirama looked at the rocks. "We'll head into the rocks, the pathways in between appear to be too narrow for the Warthog to go through."

Cortana was heard. "Understood."

Minato took out his kunai. "Let's get them."

With that, the ninjas quickly moved into the rocks.

Master Chief, Jessie, and Johnson laid waste to the Covenant in the clearing.

A marine fired his assault rifle. "They're trying to flush us out!"

Several Jackals, a Grunt, and an Elite Major advanced on the marines' concealed position.

A blur shot up from the ground with a thunderous boom.

The Covenant were hurled dozens of feet away from the point of impact. Most died except for the Elite and a Jackal.

One of the marines' eyes widened. "Oh shit! What just happened?!"

The dust settled, revealing several wooden pillars with giant spikes.

The Jackal and Elite staggered to their feet, coughing.

An almost invisible blade of wind slashed deeply into both aliens. They cried out in pain before dying, their bodies fell to the ground with a thud.

Minato landed on nearby rock. "Were we late?"

Hashirama stood to his left and Tobirama was on his right.

The marine with the sniper rifle looked at the three new arrivals. "Not sure who you are, but since you killed them, you might be friendly."

The marine's communications link crackled with static for a second before a voice was heard. "This is Cortana; the three you must have saw now are our allies."

Cortana heard Foehammer. "Echo 419 to Cortana, come in."

Cortana's reply was swift. "We read you. Echo 419. We have survivors and need immediate dust-off."

"Affirmative, moving in," Foehammer's Pelican drop ship flew over the trees and moved into landing position.

Hashirama looked at the marine sharpshooter. "We are going to go find the last lifeboat," Hashirama turned to Minato and Tobirama. "Let's go."With that, he, Minato, and Tobirama ran to Master Chief's warthog. "We're ready to go find the last lifeboat."

Cortana was heard. "Good, we need to hurry; the Covenant will likely organize a bigger attack if we stay here." She paused for a moment. "Warning! I've picked up reports that the Covenant have located and secured the Pillar of Autumn's crash site. The good news is the Captain's still alive. The bad news is that the Covenant have captured the entire surviving command crew. Let's hurry and find the final lifeboat, so we can link up with the rest of the survivors."

With that, the Chief drove off with the ninjas following behind.

While they followed the river, Cortana noted a lifeboat near the river and the team stopped there, "Lifeboat detected. No sign of survivors…"

Jessie stepped out of the Warthog and walked to the lifeboat. "It's thrashed, Chief. There are weapons and supplies but…no bodies."

Hashirama looked at a nearby path. "I sense survivors, and the Covenant's evil presence."

Cortana was heard. "Let's go there, hope they last long enough."

Jessie ran back to the Warthog and jumped into the seat.

Master Chief drove quickly towards the path with the ninjas following behind. The team soon headed over a hill.

Jessie's eyes widened slightly. "It's full of Covenant, could be a good twenty or thirty of them."

Cortana's voice was heard. "Maybe they took cover in that structure. Let's check it out."

Hashirama and the other two ninja took cover behind a large rock. "We'll assist in a minute, need to make preparations." Hashirama turned his attention to Tobirama and Minato. "Minato, Tobirama, I can use my Healing Chakra Transmission technique to give the two of you some of my healing chakra. Although it is effective, if the wound is very serious, I would have to intervene and use my healing abilities like I did with the other marines, so be careful." Hashirama gathered his healing chakra into his hands, and placed a hand on Tobirama's shoulder and the other on Minato's shoulder. He then transferred the healing chakra to the other two ninjas. "Didn't want the Covenant to catch on to this ability." He removed his hands from the other two ninjas' shoulders.

Minato looked in the direction of the structure. "Good planning, let's get them."

The three ninjas jumped into battle.

Minato formed several hand signs. "Wind Release: Razor Wind." He focused Wind Release energy to his hands and swung in the direction of the closest enemies. Two deadly wind blades in an x formation hurtled towards the enemy, almost invisible.

The enemy, ten Jackals and Five Grunts, did not have time to react before they were slashed to death.

Tobirama formed several hand seals. "Water Release: Water Colliding Wave." The moisture in the air gathered into a great amount of water and it was sent outwards.

Fifteen Covenant were caught in the ensuing flood of water, and were washed off the cliff edge into the sea.

Hashirama formed two hand signs. "Wood Release: Spear Forest." Two tendrils of wood quickly emerged from the ground and shot towards five Covenant soldiers trying to shoot the ninjas.

They were not able to dodge the tendrils and were smashed against the wall, dying instantly.

Master Chief, Jessie, and Johnson finished killing the rest of the enemies on the other side of the clearing.

Minato spotted an entrance at the smaller structure near the cliff. "Found a way in, over here." Minato headed towards the entrance with the other two ninjas following behind. They came to a halt near the entrance.

Master Chief drove the warthog to the ninjas' location. He, Jessie, and Johnson left the Warthog.

Cortana's voice was heard. "Let us go in first; it might be full of Covenant."

Master Chief entered first, followed by Jessie, Johnson, and the ninjas. The team walked down a ramp after turning a corner just inside the entrance.

The team rounded another corner at the bottom of downwards incline and came upon another ramp, and saw the marines they needed to save fighting the Covenant.

Jessie headed to the front of the team. "They really had the place overran before we arrived." She headed to and pushed up against the side of the doorway with her back, in cover. "Stand back, let me take them out from a distance, Chief, provide covering fire." the marine peered around the corner with her sniper rifle.

The Master Chief fired his assault rifle at the enemy.

Jessie quickly made short work of them, only a single Elite remained. Jessie quickly reloaded.

The Elite, who was a Zealot, charged with his sword active.

Master Chief and Jessie responded by filling up the Elite with a full assault rifle clip and two sniper rifle shots and the Elite fell over, dead.

Cortana's voice was heard. "I've called for evac."

One of the marines faced the others. "Roger that. Marines! Assemble for evac, pronto!"

The team and marines headed across the gap via the bridge and headed up several ramps and around corners before arriving at the top floor. They left the structure through the doorway.

Cortana opened the COM to Foehammer. "Cortana to Foehammer, we are ready for evac now."

Foehammer's reply was swift. "Roger that. I'm on my way,"

Cortana's voice was heard. "New traffic on the Covenant battlenet. I've found Captain Keyes! He's being held on a Covenant cruiser, the Truth and Reconciliation, a ship I disabled before we abandoned the Autumn. The Truth and Reconciliation touched down on a desert plateau roughly three hundred kilometers up-spin."

Foehammer's Pelican flew over the tops of the trees and came to a landing near the edge of the cliff.

Cortana was heard again. "There's our ride. Get aboard everyone, and let's get out of here."

Tobirama undid his Water Release jutsu gathered around his feet.

Hashirama undid his Sage Mode.

The marines, Jessie, Sgt. Johnson, Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato, and the Chief stepped onboard the Pelican and took their seats.

Foehammer was heard via the speakers. "Welcome aboard, Master Chief. Ready for dust-off."

Cortana's voice was heard. "We should move out, Lieutenant. And then we'll need your help on our rescue mission."

Foehammer closed the hatch. "Affirmative, we're headed for Alpha Base," Shortly afterwards, the Pelican took off, headed for Alpha Base.