Chapter 3: This Wasn't Planned

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The HUD in Tron's view flickered to life as the helmet encased his skull. The smoke clung to the plastic as Tron swept his foot under the first Black Guard his legs could find. Anon, on the other hand, was smashing his disc against the helmet of his grenadier Black Guard. The helmet made a resounding CRACK while the Black Guard crumpled to the ground. Before a Light Staff Guard could get near him, Anon threw his disc into the smoke. The glowing white outer edge streaked through the rubble, splitting the Light Staff in half.

Tron, on the other hand, had received both katana Guards, who were both wildly swinging their swords at him, using their X-95 Magneto Propulsion Wing Chutes to dodge his disc attacks. Before they could dodge, a Ground Rez knocked out their Wing Chutes. Kicking them both in the head to knock them out, Tron watched as Anon, with his hands full, used a Time Warp from his stasis disc to paralyze his adversaries.

Not bothering to take his helmet off, Tron smiled to his partner, picking up the Black Guard ID discs.

"Shouldn't take too long to reprogram them," Tron said, "Flynn taught a thing or two on restoring programs. We'll have them on our side in no time." Handing Anon three ID discs, the two set to work.

Repurposing Black Guards was not an easy task, Tron thought, even for a User like Flynn. CLU had designed the Black Guard to be incurable, only to able to serve him. Anon, however, had broken the streak of impossibility.

"I got one!" Anon was overjoyed as he handed Tron the disc, who then used the data to copy over to the other guards. Twisting their heads around, the Black Guard was tied to an ETC, unable to move from their current position.

Tron placed one of the discs on a Black Guard. Unable to do anything, the guard screamed and writhed as the reprogramming took place. His orange circuits were slowly transitioning from orange to white, probably slowed down by the resistance the Black Guard was giving.

"He'll be fine," Tron said, editing the other two discs in his possession, "He's just trying to make it look like it hurts. We'll release him once he's fully turned to normal."

At last, the grueling transformation was completed. Anon, not wanting to have new allies hurt, untied the Guard, inspecting him for any signs of physical damage.

"Program, your name." Tron used a voice he had never heard before. The Black Guard twisted his head, the two thin cylinders on his cheeks providing a form of eye.

"Black Guard RIOT." The Black Guard shook his head, different conversations going on in his head. "CLU is the savior.. bzzt... Tron Lives... bzzt.. to serve CLU is a privilege... bzzt... Tron, you're my leader. How can I help?" Tron bored into Anon's eyes with the cheesiest grin ever known to programming.

"See, what did I tell you?" Tron helped the Guard up, giving him the first command he had given in cycles. "Riot, I need you to help us reprogram the other Guards. It's essential to the Grid's survival as we know it." The Black Guard refused to take the helmet off, but nodded in compliance. Grabbing two discs, the Guard, probably known as Riot, began recoding faster than even Flynn had done. Anon blinked back in shock at this sight, while Tron gazed in amazement. This was already going well.

Riot cracked his knuckles before adding the finishing touches to the last disc. He had apparently restored his share in half the time it took both Anon and Tron to finish one each.

"This should do the trick," Riot said, attaching the disc to his fellow comrade. Unlike Riot's experience, this guard was completely still while he transformation occurred. Anon presumed that the Guard was still unconscious, yet the Black Guard turned his head and spoke as the restoration completed.

"My name is Sivet, Black Guard 045632346. Your command is my bidding." Sivet, Riot. Two easy names to remember, yet Tron wasn't sure that the others would be easy.

Eventually, the other four Guards were given the white circuitry that Tron bestowed to them. Their names were Japter, Hax, Pyro, and Flad. Tron turned to face Anon, who was sitting on a crate, and his restored Black Guard.

"This is a time of crisis," Tron spoke wearily, drilling into the helmeted eyes of the Black Guard once his helmet stripped off his head, "And we might be the only thing standing between freedom and CLU's reign. You will retain your appearance, and your skills. But your allegiance and name will have changed: from now on, you will be known as the Light Guard. For the light that the potential freedom could shine on the Grid!" The newly rechristened Light Guard cheered a war cry. Anon patted Tron on the shoulder, both of them smiling at what they had created.

"On the order of CLU, you halt, program!" A sentry shouted from inside the rubble. The dream was shattered as two Light Tanks fired at once at the rebel programs. Anon, Hax and Pyro hid behind a stack of rubble, Tron and Riot throwing grenades at the tank's cannon.

Something exploded, orange pixels scattering inside of the debris. The tank's only weapon had been destroyed, allowing Japter and Sivet to throw two explosives inside of the tanks. All the sentries that had picked the fight began to run into the rubble.

"I guess our test run was a success," Anon cheerily exclaimed, looking inside the tanks and derezzing any signs of a fight, "But this has shown us that the Regulator won't be good as a permanent shelter. We have to get somewhere with ETCs and a place to easily plan attacks."

"CLU said somewhere about Jetrona City as of of his potential targets," Flad muttered, reading a map. "It's an ISO city, not far from Argon and Gallium."

"Then that would leave Argon susceptible to attack from CLU's forces. Gallium isn't worth taking control of, and the Purge is going to reach Jetrona." Hax looked spooked at the sight of ISOs being massacred in hundreds. The way his helmet drooped when he spoke showed that.

"Lucky for us that CLU has no warship, now that the Regulator is destroyed." Tron grinned at Anon, who gestured for their new allies to mount their Light Cycles. The white circuited resistance sped off to stop CLU's soldiers, hoping that Jetrona was still standing.

"I can see Jetrona!" Anon shouted over the adrenaline roar of his Light Cycle. Pyro sped ahead, only to skid to a stop at the top of an outcrop overlooking Jetrona. Tron, Anon, and the Light Guard stood in horror, pulling their Light Bikes into Baton form as they watched Recognizers pummel towers to ground zero.

They were too late. The army of CLU were already killing ISOs.

The Purge was ending.

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