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The day was hot and heavy, with many miles of hard ground having been crossed. After they had glimpsed the mount of Erebor for the first time they had all been eager to start the rest of their journey to their rightful homeland, yet the overbearing heat was seriously slowing their pace; the once normally cheerful, quiet band of dwarves were now irritable, snappy and unusually silent; apart from two of them.

Whilst the other dwarves had their heads down, frowning as they felt sweat roll from their brows to their noses as they walked, Fili and Kili were upbeat, annoyingly cheerful, and worse- seemingly ignorant of their elder's plight.

Even Thorin, who had brought his sister-sons up when she had passed, was starting to grow tired and weary of their play-fighting, loud laughter and childish spirit this day; it was probably the heat, but for now it didn't make much difference to him; he just wished they'd be quiet for a while…..

The heat of the day only seemed to recharge their spirits; they were jumping and running and messing with the ponies and just annoying everyone they came into contact with.

It wasn't their fault; they probably didn't even know they were winding nearly everyone up, causing them to tut under their breaths and roll their eyes at each other- everyone knew they were good, fine dwarves…..they just moved too fast for their liking.

This heat was getting unbearable, though; in their homelands of the mountains, when the summer days became too hot, they would venture back inside the welcome coolness of their caves and buildings after the mugginess had got the better of them. Now, they did not have that luxury; the trees offered shade and protection, but not the coolness the dwarves were looking for.

Yet still they pressed on, past fields, rocks and a stream; Thorin wanted to rest at the far edge of the forest they were walking next to- in the next few minutes they would have to duck into the shade, for the road in front of them was getting cluttered by boulders.

He noticed with a roll of his eyes that his nephews had still not tired. 'Fili, Kili-I brought you along to help, not to run around pretending to be children!' He growled, all the while wanting to shout at them.

The brother stopped from where they were trying to climb a tree and egging each other on; Kili's eyes darted to his brother; he watched as Fili shrugged, the smile not quite leaving his face.

'Sorry Thorin, It's just….this is the first good day we've had, nice and warm- nothing troubling us.' Fili explained, though a little embarrassment settled into his chest- they were supposed to be grown now.

'Aye, and your noise is going to bring down every Warg and Orc within ten leagues.' Came his gruff reply. Fili blew air from his teeth, nodding at his uncle's words. He knew that they had been too loud, and had risked exposure- especially bad in such a confined space. 'Apologies, Uncle. We'll try not to make so much noise.'

'I don't mind you two having fun, I don't begrudge you fun; you are still young- but try and keep the noise down!' Thorin muttered, although softening as he saw the funny side.

Fili nodded, head down, before he continued walking, casting a look back at his brother.

Kili had a well-worn smirk on his lips, and Fili watched as his brother rolled his eyes at his uncle's back; he shot him a warning look, but as usual, Kili took no heed. 'Miserable old beggar….' He muttered under his breath. Fili wished Kili had learnt the lesson he had from their childhood; that no matter how quiet he voiced an opinion, their uncle always heard it.

Thorin span round, eyes dark. 'I beg your pardon- would you mind repeating that?' he muttered, stopping the company.

'Nothing….' Kili muttered, eyes now to the floor, his hands fidgeting with his sword handle.

'No, it was something- I heard you. Tell me, and we shall continue….don't tell me, and we'll stay here till you do.' Thorin growled, feeling irrational anger building.

Kili refused to look up, and Fili thought back to the insolent child of their youth, with hair hanging past his eyes, his face to the ground.

'Bravery surpassed you?' Thorin spat. Gandalf put a hand on his shoulder, but the elder dwarf shrugged it off. 'I would have thought insolence would be the last thing on your mind.' He added, stepping closer to his nephew.

'Thorin you are not back home! You don't deal with problems like this out in the open!' Gandalf said, rolling his eyes.

'They are my nephews and I shall deal with them how I please.' Thorin muttered, eyes flashing as they looked upon his nephew.

Kili finally looked up, cheeks red as he stood in the middle of the company, being told off by their leader. He pouted and frowned- he was a child no more.

'I didn't mean any offence, I was just saying.' He muttered, shaking his head a little.

'I know what you were saying- and if you don't like the adult way we do things round here, then you can just go back and we'll carry on without you!' Thorin growled.

'Uncle he was joking…..' Fili interjected, standing next to his brother.

Thorin stepped back, nodding curtly. 'Was he?' he asked, the heat getting to him beneath the trees, causing his anger levels to rise. 'It seems all you and he have been doing the past days is moan and whine that nothing happens, that you're bored- if you came here for constant danger then you will be sadly disappointed!' his voice was growing by the word, and Fili knew the danger signs.

His uncle was annoyed, and an annoyed Thorin didn't bode well for anyone. He smiled up at his uncle, one foot sliding to cover his brother. 'Kili is sorry for what he's done, and so am I- we will not anger you again, uncle-'

'Maybe Kili isn't sorry?' his brother piped up. 'Maybe Kili is tired of being treated like a child all the time? Maybe he wants to just to be left alone, to just do things his own way.'

'That would be great if this quest was solely about you. But it isn't, it's about all of us- we need to stay together, as a team.' Thorin muttered, shaking his head in annoyance.

'But that's just it, isn't it? You only invited me along as I was the best archer you knew of- not because I'm family.' Kili continued, feeling anger prickling.

Thorin stepped back, at a loss from his words. 'Kili, that is not why-'

'And you only said Fili could come because he is able with the sword as well as the axe- otherwise you would not have chosen us. You said yourself; we have not seen the dangers of this world.' Kili spat, feeling his eyes sting a little as he spoke.

'That's not true anymore, is it? What were the Goblins? A game? And the Orcs and Wargs-what did they show you? You have seen danger, and you have come out of it- yet you still behave and act like a child!' Thorin growled, shaking his head; he turned to walk away.

'I am not a child anymore, why will you not stop seeing us so!?' Kili shouted at his back, voice high.

Thorin turned at once, eyes scathing. 'Because you will not stop acting like one! At least your brother had the sense to stop when I asked, but you- you had to keep going, goading and seeing how far you could push me? Well now you've pushed me too far- you will keep watch the rest of the week!' He yelled, before looking around, breathing heavily. Eleven stony faces peered back.

Thorin swallowed as Kili sucked in breath; for a moment he thought his youngest nephew was going to talk back to him once more, but noted with relief as he turned on his heel and walked to his horse, muttering under his breath; choosing to ignore the no- doubt curses tumbling from Kili's mouth he himself turned away.

Fili stood in the middle, not knowing quite was to do. He watched as Kili stalked to his pony, shaking his head. He frowned at his brother's back- he could really be a hot-head sometimes. They all knew Kili meant no offence, but he was obviously looking for an argument; why else had he gone back at their uncle? Thorin was no better- he should know by now Kili was not one to stand down- he only wished he and his Uncle had their spats in private, for Bilbo was staring from Kili to Thorin then back at him, a perplexed look on his face. 'It's a Durin thing.' Fili muttered, before they all turned as the sound of a panicked pony met their ears.

Kili yelped as he was thrown off the back of his steed, groaning as he landed in a heap on the floor, the brown pony bolting into the forest beside them. Fili ran to his brother, holding out a hand. Growling, Kili took it, averting his eyes from his big brother. 'What spooked it?' he asked, rubbing his back.

'Who knows? Probably a branch.' Fili shrugged, patting his brother's shoulder. He was about to suggest that apologies were in order when he felt a presence at his side.

'You ok?' Thorin asked, concern in his eyes.

Kili nodded, again averting his eyes. 'Good.' Muttered their uncle, as his head turned to the forest before them. 'Go fetch the pony back.'

Kili looked up, eyes wide. 'What?'

'You heard- we need the pony, and I will not have you walking the rest of the way.'

'Oh, now you care!'

'I never stopped caring! Now do as I say- we will make camp here, so you know where to find us.' Thorin muttered, eyes still flashing with residual annoyance.

Kili growled, but knew there was no point arguing now. He nodded curtly and brushed himself down, before turning to the forest.

'I will go with him; the pony can't be far….' Fili added, making to follow his brother into the trees- Thorin held his arm, pulling him back.

'Kili is more than capable of doing this alone- after all, he is not a child anymore, and should be treated accordingly.' He growled, catching Kili's eye.

Fili frowned. 'Those are not my words….' He hissed, looking back at his brother.

Kili smiled widely at him. 'It's fine, I won't be long; like you said, it can't have gone far.' He said, before he stepped into the forest.

Fili sighed, yet let him go. He watched as his brother's form was surrounded by the shade of the trees, before looking back at his uncle. 'If he gets hurt…'

'He won't; relax, Fili- what's the worst that could happen?' Thorin smiled, confident, as much as he protested otherwise, in his youngest nephew's ability. Kili's outburst had rattled him, but he refused to be drawn into an overlong grudge with kin; he would apologise to Kili when he got back.

'Come, we'll make hot broth for his return- he'll be hungry after this trek.' He chuckled, before leading Fili back to the company, who had already set up camp.

Behind Fili's back, Thorin chanced a look behind them, at the dark forest that sprawled ahead of them. Kili would be fine….

….wouldn't he?

To be continued….

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