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Chapter 3


Tonks had seen the green light fired by Ginny hurtling towards her but she was too shocked to see someone hate her so much that they fired a killing curse at her, a killing curse!, to move away; out of the corner of her eye she saw Harry making a desperate dive to intercept the curse. What happened next was in quick motion; Harry succeeded in intercepting the curse and saved her life. But he was dead; and despite all her auror training and its influence on keeping check on emotions, Tonks could not stop the surge of grief and then rage from pouring out.

The Delacours could only look on in shock as the young man intercepted the lethal curse heading for his wife and fell down lifeless; they were broken out of their stupor when Gabrielle, their youngest, took off running in the fallen hero's direction; both knew, had Gabrielle been a full vela, she would have been sporting scales and passion-fire right now. As they looked, they saw an equally fascinating and chilling sight; the woman, Tonks, her name as Fleur had told them, began changing; they knew she was a metamorphmagus, but still it was rare to find one and those who had not seen a metamorphmagus change before, generally found the sight fascinating.

Tonks' hair, which was previously pink, turned as black as midnight falling in curls down her back, and her eyes turned grey, cheekbones and ace becoming more angles and regal, as she looked truly like a Black.

"Bellatrix Lestrange." Jean Paul Delacour breathed as his hand twitched towards his wand but Fleur stopped him.

"No, papa; theez eez Nymphadora Tonks; she eez ze daughter of Andromeda Tonks formerly Black." She informed them, she had formed a close friendship with the auror after the death of Dumbledore.

Tonks advanced on Ginny, her eyes showing nothing but murderous rage; drawing her wand as she advanced; she hissed in a chilling voice; "You killed him, now you pay."

Ginny, however, had not learnt her lesson; "You just could not keep your hands off him, you bitch!" she yelled, "You could not remain happy with Lupin, or marry Bill so that Phlegm would not come into the family. See, you even killed my Harry." With that the youngest Weasley fired her famous bat-bogey hex at the auror who disdainfully deflected the curse back at her with a purple curse of her own. The rest of the Weasleys took this as a cue to start flinging spells at her to try and stop him.

On the other side, Bellatrix Lestrange was watching all this with interest, her lord had given her order to 'prune her family tree' but this was even better. She had stolen an invitation to the wedding from one of the blood traitor Weasley's friends which served as a bypass to the wards around the property and had arrived just when her niece had announced to the assorted party her marriage to The Boy Who Lived and had watched the whole scene since then. Though she was angry at the Weaslette at snatching her master's wish to be the one to kill the Potter brat, for now she was content to see her niece decimate the whole blood traitor clan. Maybe after killing them she would be a fine addition to my lord's ranks; certainly better than that dungeon bat.

The Delacours had heard everything that the little Weasley girl had said in reference to their daughter and were now very angry, discussing among themselves, the possibilities of calling the engagement off. Reaching an agreement with his wife, he silenced Fleur's protests and tasked them to shield Harry's body from any further damage as the duel seemed to heat up.

Tonks showed why she was personally mentored by Mad eye Moody as she gracefully moved around the garden dodging and shielding against whatever a vastly advantageous opposition was firing at her all the while returning fire with a plethora of light, dark and all kind of magic taught to her by her mother and mentors. So far she had felled the twins and Arthur who were admittedly not fighting much and Charlie was stunned when Jean Paul, who was trying to stop the fighting deflected a spell from Ginny.

His efforts to stop the fighting going in vain, Jean Paul decided to let the British savages fight it out and then have a rational discussion with the winning party and returned to his wife and daughters.

Tonks had just felled Bill with a volley of piercing curses and Dolohov's purple flame special when Ginny faking being hurt, again fired an Avada Kedavra at her; this time though Tonks was ready for it and neatly intercepted it with a pebble and turned to her assailant.

Now more frightened than she ever felt, Ginny faced Tonks; she looked towards her mother, who was disarmed and restrained by some heavy iron chains; towards Hermione who still looked torn and undecided; towards her remaining family, who were sporting multiple injuries and were in no condition to help her; all the while she was aware of Tonks' eyes staring at her. Defiantly, she raised her head and tried to raise her wand arm, a jet of red light disarmed her without any tardiness and thick ropes bound her tightly.

"I should kill you." Tonks began; Ginny could not help but flinch back in terror as Tonks' wand had a deep blue coloured glow as she spoke, "But that would not bring Harry back; that does not mean I cannot do this though." With that Tonks flicked her wand slightly and a series of pops were heard clearly in the eerie silence. Ginny looked horrified, screaming loudly; as all the bones in her fingers and toes broke.

Back within the notice me not charm, Bellatrix cackled in glee and looked at her niece, for the first time in her life, in pride, as a family. Molly tried to struggle free of her bonds but was not able to even move an inch and looked like a stuffed pig with a red tomato on top as seen in cartoon feasts in her bonds. Hermione twitched but still looked quite confused.

Tonks, then again flicked her wand again, and this time another series of loud cracks sounded around the garden, which was by now covered in craters of varying depth; Ginny's arms and legs too joined the list of broken bones. By now Ginny had torn her vocal cords screaming in pain and could only make rattling sounds as pain lanced through her body; it did not help that Tonks increased the tightness of her bonds after breaking her bones.

"Should we stop her?" Appoline Delacour asked.

"No." Gabrielle shouted between sobs cradling Harry's head in her lap.

"I do not think it would be wise." Jean Paul said looking very fearful of the witch looming over the downed girl.

"I am afraid she would retaliate on us if we tried." Fleur said looking none too bothered with the condition of her to-be-sister-in-law.

Gabrielle gasped as Harry took a shuddering breath and sat up abruptly, the Delacours looking in shock at the young man who was hit by a solid Avada Kedavra not fifteen minutes ago and he sits up like he just had a nightmare.

Bellatrix, too, for the first time in many a year was shocked as the Boy-Who-Lived, lived again; the brat is hit by a full on killing curse and he just takes a nap before coming back as good as new.

The inner monologues of all the people were stopped when another series of sharp cracks echoed through the garden and again Ginny tried to scream. Harry's eyes zeroed in on Tonks looming over the downed Weasley family who all looked red in face. I have to stop her before she does something she would regret.

He stood up with a little help from Gabrielle and walked towards Tonks and the Weasleys all the while wondering, why has Hermione not done anything yet?

As he neared the group, the look on Tonks' face made him suppress a flinch in fright. Don't make her that angry Potter, EVER.

Tonks looked like she would very much like to snap the little red-headed bitch's neck and raised her wand again; Bellatrix nearly hyperventilated in anticipation, come on niece, just a little snap! The Delacours held their breaths; Harry acted "Dora," he cried, effectively stopping her from executing Ginny; Hermione looked confused, the same as she had been ever since the announcement. Everybody had the same thing on their minds, "Damn you Potter, you and your saving people thing!"

Tonks turned around slowly, she dare not believe he was back; yet the voice was unmistakably his, if a little hoarse; "Dora." He breathed.


They met each other in the middle; hands tangling in their hair, bodies pressing themselves closely; lips smashing against each other's. Tonks' hands felt every inch of Harry they could reach; trying to remember how he felt, again. Harry's just content to hold her close again. It does not matter if she still loves Lupin, she is with me. A little sadness crept into his thoughts; finally as they separated Tonks breathed, "I love you."

Harry felt like he could create world's strongest Patronus, such was his happiness and joy on hearing those words, "I love you too, Tonks."

"Don't. Ever. Do. Such. A. Thing. Again." Tonks accentuated each word with a hard punch to his chest and collapsed on him sobbing hysterically.

Aww…such a sweet moment; pity I have to break it up for them. Bellatrix stalked towards the embracing couple, still concealed by notice-me-not charm; she was just about to stun Harry when a shriek of rage foiled her plans. I will kill that bitch first!

Molly Weasley had finally managed to break free of her restraints and snatched Hermione's wand away. Harry turned in her direction in time to see her readying to curse Tonks.

"MOLLY WEASLEY." He thundered, a wave of raw magic washing over the garden; Bellatrix's notice-me-not failed; but she was experiencing far too much pleasure to care; the Delacours looked in awe as a bluish green aura surrounded Harry. Tonks felt protected in Harry's aura; not much difference though, and certainly, not like Bellatrix who was still unnoticed by all as Harry had captured everybody's attention.

"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT." Harry roared; another wave of powerful magic erupted. Molly cowered. Bellatrix screamed her orgasm. My lord, Harry Potter.

Bellatrix's scream of pleasure attracted the attention towards her; Harry had not expected to see her like this, ever. She was lying on the ground; a wet spot forming beneath her, she was breathing heavily; there was an odd musky scent in the air; and there was a loony grin on her face. Slowly she stood to a kneeling position, crawled towards him and kissed the hem of his robes, "My lord. My master."

Harry was about to kick her in disgust when Tonks stunned her looking as confused as Harry felt.

Jean Paul Delacour walked over to the downed Weasleys with his family, gingerly stepping around Bellatrix's downed form, he revived them all; "I 'ave just one zing to zay to 'ou all; ze engazement between Fleur and William is off." He said, looking Arthur and Bill directly on the eye.

"You can't do that." Bill jumped to his feet and fell again due to his injuries.

"I can, and I 'ave." Jean Paul said firmly.

"We 'ave seen 'ow your seester and muzzer treat mon Fleur; and 'ou don't try to stop zem at all. Today 'ou 'elped attack zis lady for no reason. I am 'appy zat 'Arry did not marry een to your family." Appoline said in a heavily accented voice. "Uncultured." She spat, walking back to Fleur and Gabrielle.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER!" Hermione screamed suddenly; "You knocked her up; you disgusting, lying, hypocrite." She continued.

Harry scratched his head, looking extremely confused; thinking about any incident she could be berating him for.

"That's why you married him, isn't it?" Hermione said to Tonks in a very sympathetic voice; complete opposite to the tone she had used on Harry.

"Hermione; get you facts straight. Then accuse me of anything." Harry spoke. God, I am so tired; that fight took a lot out of me.

"There are just so many things wrong with Lupin, I just didn't see them before." Tonks remarked to Hermione and walked over to the Delacours; discussing something rapidly in hushed tones.

Hermione again, felt confused; and she did not like it, not one bit. Had there been a touch of berating in Tonks' tone? Professor Lupin isn't that bad, is he? Ohh…

"You just did not marry Professor Lupin because he is a werewolf; you are worse than Umbridge. And you seduced Harry. You, you BITCH!" Hermione shouted.

Tonks just laughed at her mockingly; Harry wanted to say something but was stopped by Tonks, she pulled out a handkerchief from her robe and tapped it with her wand muttering "Portus."

She handed to portkey to the Delacours and herself disapparated with Bellatrix and Harry in tow; the Delacours too, vanished after a few seconds leaving a fuming Hermione and Weasley clan in their wake.

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