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A hand rubbed Bilbo's back soothingly before he lurched up and stumbled out of the bathroom, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Ugh…" he groaned; though he was eight months along, the morning sickness had not subsided, and reared its ugly head at least once a day. Thorin steered his pregnant lover to the loveseat, where he practically collapsed with exhaustion.

It had been two months since the king's arrival in the Shire, and Bilbo had gotten far better. His color had returned—except for when he got sick—the bags under his eyes were gone, his skin glowed as it used to and due to nightly back rubs, his muscles no longer ached. His feet did, but he could live with that. There was always food when he wanted it and tea when he was thirsty. Thorin was at his beck and call; in fact, he may have over done it a few times, if he was being honest. The sight of the mighty Thorin Oakenshield making him tea was wonderfully amusing.

"Here." A cup of steaming brown liquid was set on the table next to him before Bilbo was encased in the strong arms of the dwarf king.

"You spoil me too much," the Hobbit teased, sipping his beverage, though he didn't know why he was complaining.

"I never could." Thorin kissed his neck. "Besides, just wait until we get back to Erebor. If you think this is being spoiled…" Bilbo rolled his eyes.

Rather reluctantly, the topic of Erebor eventually came up. It happened after Thorin got a letter from Balin. Fili was his 'replacement' for the time being, but he would have to come back eventually to help rebuild the city. There was trouble of course, but for the most part, he trusted his nephew to do what was right.

However, Thorin wanted to go back. It was his home, and he had lost—or nearly lost—so much to get it, it wouldn't make sense to abandon his conquest. Bilbo agreed that the Shire probably wouldn't be the best place for their child to grow up, being half dwarf, so as soon as the baby was born, they would start the three month trip back.

It was with a heavy heart that Bilbo left the Shire behind. He may have been unwelcomed, he may have been an outcast, but this was his home. He had grown up here; he had lived here his whole life, as had all the generations before him. A Baggins had always been in Bag End, and the house had been passed down and improved over the centuries. Maybe he would give it to the Brandybucks—his cousins—or Hamfast Gamgee.

One of the Thorin's large hands rubbing his belly snapped the Hobbit out of his thoughts. He turned to look at his king, who was back to staring at him in wonder. With another roll of his eyes, the Hobbit continued sipping his tea.

"What?" Thorin asked.

"You've been doing that a lot lately." Bilbo placed his hand over his lover's. "This, I mean."

"Is that not allowed? Is it not 'hobbit-y'?" Bilbo laughed loudly at his teasing. One of the good things of this whole situation was that it brought out a more playful side of his companion, one he loved. And honestly, one he couldn't wait to get his hands on after the baby was born.

"You have been listening to Fili and Kili too much. You just seem to like doing it is all I meant."

"Of course I do. Any day might be the last chance I get. I'm not going to waste such a precious opportunity." Bilbo's face fell. Yes, indeed it might be. They didn't know how much longer he would be with their child, but his body was already protesting the extended period of time. The skin of his stomach was cracked and horrendously dry, his appetite grew by the day and he was overall uncomfortable. It had improved when Thorin arrived; he was no longer unhealthy, just miserable. "Do not fret, my burglar. All will be well; I will make sure of it." Bilbo leaned into his lover's touch, resting his head on the shoulder next to him.

"I certainly hope so."

Blood seeped through his fingers, flowing in rivulets of red down his arm, staining his shirt.

"No, no, no…" he sobbed, holding the lifeless hand of the king. Blue eyes devoid of life stared at him, a small loving smile stuck on his lover's face from his last moments of life. Bilbo hunched over Thorin's stiff body, ignoring the hands that tried to pry him away. Gasps of immeasurable pain and anguish filled him and ripped up his throat, uncontained and loud.

Suddenly a choke of agony gripped him and he clutched his swollen stomach, crying out in pain as something throbbed beneath the skin.

"No, not you too…" he cried. His body tipped and he fell to the side, holding his midsection and the child within, begging whatever powers there were that the baby would survive, would be safe. Would save him from being alone.

He watched in grief and horror as Kili smiled sadly before walking out and leaving him writhing on the ground, crying out to his lost love and child.

"Bilbo!" The Hobbit screamed and wrenched himself up, flailing as the sheets tried to ensnare his body and hold him down. "Bilbo calm down, it's me!" Scared eyes floated around the room as hands gently cupped his face, forcing him to look at the one holding him.

"T-Thorin?" he whispered brokenly.

"Yes, it's me. I'm right here." The Hobbit cried as his lover held him, petting his curls dampened with sweat, murmuring comforting words in his ear.

"It was so real…I thought…I thought…"

"It was just a dream, love, nothing more. I'm right here, you're safe, I won't let anything get you."

"It wasn't me who was in danger." Thorin pulled back and looked at his weeping companion, worry strong in his shimmering eyes. "It was after the Battle of Five Armies…you were dead, and the baby—"

"No," Thorin interrupted. "Nothing happened, and nothing will. I am fine, the baby is fine and so are you." Inhaling a shaky breath, Bilbo nodded, his head falling as more tears fell. The dwarf sighed as he held his lover; in the past month, he had been acting strange, not his usual jolly self. The hormone changes in his body were altering his personality and like tonight, made him lose his grip on reality when the fear of losing the baby took him. Thorin hated seeing him like this, and just wished their child was here already.

"See? All better," he muttered, kissing the brown locks under his chin. Bilbo nodded weakly, before looking up at him with unconditional love in his eyes. Smooth lips met his, and Thorin kissed his Hobbit gently but passionately. It had been a long time since they had shared their flesh with one another, and as Thorin found his sleeping breeches being untied, it took all of his restraint to pull those small hands away. "Bilbo, no," he murmured, trying to ease his mate's lust and discomfort.

"But…" the Halfling couldn't find anything to say, so he insistently began pulling at the laces again.

"Stop." Disheartened, Bilbo looked up to see his lover gazing at him sternly. "We can't."

"Why not? I want you, I need you right now." The king pulled in an unsteady breath, calming his nearly overwhelming lust.

"Do you not think I want the same? You, so beautiful and glowing?" He waited for an answer, and continued when none came. "You are everything to me, and in these past few months, it's caused my control great strain to not take you where you stand. But we do not know what the consequences might be, my love. We do not know what will happen, what could happen, to the baby or you. We have to wait." He watched as Bilbo's face fell slightly, but didn't lose its determination. With a sigh, his lover leaned against his strong shoulder, burying his face in the crook of Thorin's neck.

"Please," he whispered. Thorin stiffened when he heard how much desire and longing was in the small plea. "Please, it's all I want." They laid on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms for several seconds as the king bit his lip, trying with all his might to repress the primal urges fighting to get to the surface. Bilbo lay in his arms anxiously, waiting for his dwarf to respond.

With a low moan of defeat, Thorin captured the Hobbit's lips, nightmares and worries forgotten as they gave in to their passion and lust.

Bilbo hummed contentedly as large fingers traced patterns on his bare back, the warmth of the afternoon sun warming his skin and making him feel pleasantly drowsy. His hand rested on top of the damp hair coating his lover's chest as they snuggled together in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

After their first time together while Bilbo was with child, they found that sex, along with other inappropriate things, actually helped the pregnant Hobbit's mood. It was odd to say the least, and Thorin was frightened that one day they might overdue it and something might happen to the baby, but for now, neither was going to complain.

The king rubbed his hand along the swollen belly, smiling as he felt their child wriggle around. He looked up at his lover when he felt a particularly hard kick; he could not imagine how uncomfortable that might feel, especially since Bilbo was nearly ten months along. Which reminded him of something.

"Would you like second breakfast?" he murmured. The Hobbit smiled and shook his head, lifting himself up and out of the dwarf's arms to stretch. Thorin looked away from the sight; while he was extremely pleased and excited to be a father, something he never thought would happen, it was hard to look at Bilbo this way. He was beautiful in the sense that it suited him, the happiness their child brought. But it also made him look strange, unnatural even. They both knew that, generally, two men together was frowned upon in their races, because of the whole 'reproduction' problem, and their child would be equally frowned upon. Knowing that this wasn't supposed to have happened, that it was putting his mate through pain and discomfort, was troubling at times. Like now, when Bilbo struggled to get to his feet because his stomach was so big.

"Here," Thorin muttered, going around to the other side of the bed and helping him to his feet. Bilbo flushed in embarrassment, both from needing help and his lover's naked state. The dwarf smiled before pulling on his trousers and a loose shirt. Bilbo covered up with his pajamas—now the only clothes that would fit him—and his robe. They went to the kitchen, where Thorin made them lunch and tea. It was strange, seeing the King Under the Mountain of all people, cooking and making tea, whether it was for his pregnant Hobbit or not.

Settling into his armchair and pulling out a book, Bilbo began to softly read the fairytales to his rounded belly. Thorin smiled and leaned against the kitchen archway, watching his companion for a few minutes before kissing his head and going outside.

It hadn't escaped his notice how feisty their child had gotten, and how Bilbo's stomach had stopped growing. He would give birth soon, and they needed to be ready for both that and their departure for Erebor. He had managed to hunt down a healer in the village—one of the famous Gamgees, Rafer was his name—that promised they would have privacy and confidentiality with their situation, so that was all taken care of. His love would be able to birth their child in peace.

And over the past few weeks, Thorin had been buying some special items for their trip back home. When he had started his journey for the Shire, Thorin had taken a rather large amount of gold with him, just in case. So with it, he bought a carriage and horse they would use to get back, as there was no way he was letting Bilbo ride a pony while one of them was holding the baby. So Bilbo would stay in the caravan and Thorin would steer the cart and horse, since he could not ride such a large beast.

So Thorin ventured out nearly every day to see if the markets offered something new he had overlooked, something they would, or might, need that he hadn't thought of. He waded through the crowded streets, a head above everybody else. They looked at him with distaste and suspicion still, but he refused the let it bother him, since they would be leaving this whole place behind soon enough. He left with empty hands, but several ideas in his mind for things he could spoil their son with back home. At least, they were both very certain it was a son, and Rafer Gamgee was as well.

"Bilbo?" he called as he entered the tiny house. He still found it funny that he had to duck his head to get in the front door.

"In here," a soft voice answered. Thorin went the living room to see his mate where he had left him. They moved to the couch and cuddled up settling under a blanket as the afternoon sun began to dim. "Did you find anything in the markets?" the Hobbit asked after yawning.

"No. But I'm fairly certain the babe's room will be filled to the brim with riches and spoils after a week of being home." They both laughed at the mental image.

"I'm sure it will be. I'm looking forward to see if Ori will knit some clothes for him," he said, rubbing a small hand over his large belly. "That'd be so cute." Tears were in his voice, and Thorin rubbed his shoulder as Bilbo tried to get his emotions under control. That had been the biggest problem the past few weeks; unexpected waves of emotion brought on by the change of hormones. Anger, rage, sadness, happiness; such sudden mood swings often left the poor Halfling tired out, and his lover spent from trying to console him.

With a heavy sigh, Bilbo heaved himself up to get another cup of tea.

"Is Rafer coming tomorrow?" he wondered aloud.

"Yes. I talked to him yesterday. He'll be here around noon to check up on you."

"Good." Bilbo looked down at his belly; he was excited to be a father, but this whole unknown-birth-date thing was setting him on edge and he would be happy when the child finally got out of his belly and into the real world. Images of holding a miniature Thorin in his arms overwhelmed him, and he had to fight back tears again.

Brown liquid flowed into the cup as he lifted the kettle and refreshed his mug. Tea had become his best friend; it calmed him and the baby down, and despite this effect, it gave him more energy at the same time.

"Thorin, how about today we—" he started to turn around, but a flare of pain shot up his spine and the mug crashed the ground, bits of ceramic flying everywhere. The dwarf was instantly at his side, holding his hips as Bilbo cried out and fell to his knees, clutching his stomach.

"Bilbo? Bilbo?! What's wrong? Is it the baby?"

"Go get Rafer!" he screamed, whimpering as more bursts of fire engulfed his swollen belly as he was moved. Thorin nodded and with a kiss to his head, rushed out the door faster than Bilbo had ever seen him. The Hobbit grasped his midsection in pain as he rolled around on the couch Thorin had deposited him on.

The last thing he saw was Thorin and Rafer rushing toward him. His vision was blurry, and with a small smile, white clouded his vision and he fell into darkness.

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