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Kili giggled at the sight before him, Fili hiding behind his brother's shoulder snickering. They never would have expected this to happen, not in a million years.

Bilbo and Dís stood in front of Thorin, both with hands on their hips and stern expressions on their faces. Thorin was nearly cowering before their wrath, averting his eyes as Kilen recovered from his mistake.

"Honestly brother, after practically raising these two," Dís waved her hands to her chuckling sons, "I would have thought you'd know better." Bilbo used his handkerchief to wipe off Kilen's smiling face, trying not to let his smile slip through. He had never raised a child, or gotten even close, but Thorin's parental instincts were a bit off even for him.

"Well, how was I supposed to know?" the king grumbled, stalking off to his desk. Bilbo let his grin spread across his face, making Fili and Kili fall to the ground in full out laughter. Frowning, Thorin rubbed at the small wet spot on his shoulder as his lover cleaned off their child.

Note to self: don't hold her right after eating, he thought, chiding himself for his stupidity. Hunching over the papers in front of him, the dwarf tried to concentrate on anything but the snickers emitting from the family behind him.

Bilbo finished cleaning the spit-up from his daughter and placed her gently in the cradle, where she instantly fell asleep. He turned to pick up the dirty rags only to see that Dís had done it instead, and gave her a thankful smile. He had never imagined he would be a parent; he wasn't a bad one per say, just inexperienced. Thorin and he wouldn't know what to do if the Princess Under the Mountain wasn't there.

"Well, I think that's all for the day. It's getting awfully late," Bilbo sighed, exhausted from the day's work.

"Yes, I suppose I should get the babes to bed," Dís breathed, equally tired, a hint of mocking in her voice. Fili and Kili started squawking indignantly, complaining about being treated like little dwarflings. "Well, if you're going to act like children, then I will treat you like children." The boys slouched and followed their mother out the door. Neither the Hobbit or the king could stop from chuckling; sometimes it was just too amusing, watching the princess with her boys.

After a quick bath, Bilbo readied the bed before changing into his night clothes and snuggling under the sheets. Soon after, Thorin joined him, instantly wrapping his thick arms around his lover's small waist.

"I love you," he murmured, kissing the shell of the Halfling's ear. Bilbo hummed in appreciation as Thorin continued, placing soft, chaste pecks along his neck and shoulder.

"That feels nice," he purred, shifting closer to his mate. A soft moan escaped his lips as the kisses intensified and one of Thorin's hands drifted down to rest on his hip, thumb rubbing small circles across the bone. The massage made Bilbo go limp as a bonefish, another moan slipping through. His lover chuckled before turning him over, pulling the Hobbit flush against his body and kissing him hard.

Bilbo's small fingers instantly entwined themselves with dark locks of hair as he clung to his king for all he was worth. Arousal rushed through their veins as the embrace deepened and they moved against one another, groaning and grunting in desire. A faint tint of red stained both their cheeks as they pulled apart, gasping for breath. Thorin smiled at the sight of his ruffled companion, cheeks flushed and lips kiss-swollen.

But as the dwarf leaned in to continue their heated movements, Bilbo pulled back with hard, worried eyes. Thorin's brow furrowed at the action, and hoisted himself up on his elbows so he could fully see his Halfling.

"What's wrong?" he asked, concern in his voice. Bilbo's mouth opened and closed, as if he wanted to say something but kept changing his mind. "Love?"

"I'm…I'm sorry Thorin, but I can't do this…" he whispered dejectedly before hopping out of the bed and shuffling over the window, shoulders hunched and arms crossed defensively. The king stared at his lover in horror; so it had finally come to this?

The past few months had been close to utter bliss for him. He had his daughter, his mate, his family and his friends. But in the back of his mind, there had always been a nagging voice saying it couldn't last. After all, Bilbo had told him it would take time for his wrongs to be forgiven or forgotten, if at all. Though he hated to think about it, Thorin knew it was always a possibility. That Bilbo wouldn't be able live in Erebor, betrothed to a king and parent of his heir.

"Oh…" he replied dumbly. It was the only coherent thought in his mind.

"I'm sorry! I want to, trust me, but after what's happened, I don't think I can handle another child so soon." Thorin's eyes widened in disbelief and his head snapped up.

"What?" Bilbo raised an eyebrow at him and his curt question.

"Well, it is my body, so I'd like it if you would respect my—" The Hobbit gasped as his sentence was cut off when he was pulled into a strong embrace, nearly smothering him. "Thorin!" His lover pulled back, with an uncharacteristic smile. "What's wrong with you? I'm being serious here!"

"I know, love, I know. I'm just so…relieved!" he laughed and hugged his burglar again.

"Relieved?" This was making no sense to poor Bilbo, who was utterly lost.

"I thought you meant you couldn't do this anymore," Thorin explained, waving a hand to their surroundings. "This life; living in Erebor, having the king as your lover and being father to the heir. Dís has been worried that it has all become too stressful for you, and that maybe you were…you were…"

"Leaving?" Bilbo finished. The king nodded his head in confirmation. "Thorin…" he whispered, reaching up to cup the dwarf's cheek with his small hand. "I would never leave you." With a sweet kiss, he pulled his lover into a reassuring hug. "I love you, Thorin Oakenshield. And I would never give any of this up, not for anything. Not for the Shire or all the gold and jewels in the world. You are my life now, you and Kilen. Yes, I am a bit stressed, but that doesn't mean I've thought of leaving."

"I'm glad. You have no idea how worried I was," Thorin murmured, pressing his nose into the Hobbit's curls, breathing in the flowery scent. Bilbo laughed, turning to sooth their now fussing daughter. But slowly, his face fell into seriousness again, and he faced his mate before continuing his earlier point.

"But I do mean it Thorin. I want you, you have no idea how much I dream about it, but…I can't handle another child right now. I'm guessing I got pregnant after our first time together, which probably means that I'm…well, fertile enough to conceive again and I just can't handle that right now."

"I understand love," the dwarf strode forward and pulled the Hobbit to his chest, holding him close. "But there are ways to get around this." Bilbo looked up at him in confusion. "Dwarfs…well, they only ever have one true love, but before that it isn't uncommon for them to tumble around a bit. In fact, it's considered strange if you don't have some sexual experience before you are married. So over the centuries, we have found herbs and mixes that act as birth control, so there are no unwanted pregnancies. We'll have to make some adjustments, since you're a Hobbit and male, but I'm sure Óin and Dori can figure something out."

"Really?" the burglar asked in excitement. Thorin chuckled at his eagerness. Not that he was any less enthusiastic.

"Yes. It would take several weeks to have any affect, but it can be done. I would only have the best for my Hobbit." He leaned down and gave Bilbo a passionate kiss, one that did nothing to quell their desire for one another. "However, for now, there are other things we can do…" he whispered suggestively. A small hand ran down his chest as his own larger one trailed to the hem of Bilbo's trousers.

With a teasing giggle, the Halfling was lifted on to the bed as Thorin collapsed on top of his, smiling as his beautiful companion laughed.

Several weeks later…

Bilbo gasped as his stomach tightened and the coil snapped, moaning at the sensation of release. Thorin moved against his lover until he too groaned, gently lowering himself down until his body pressed against the smaller one beneath him.

"That was incredible…" Bilbo mumbled, snuggling up to the king's side as he moved to lay next to the Hobbit. With a kiss to the brown curls under his chin, Thorin chuckled, basking in the glow of their marvelous love-making.

"I dare say it was." The burglar laughed, wrapping an arm around the torso of the dwarf in his bed.

"I missed this. I missed you." He nuzzled his nose against Thorin's neck as the king pulled him roughly against him, making the younger laugh. It had been months—months!—since they had last shared a bed with these intentions, and Thorin intended to take full advantage. Rolling them over, he planted kisses all along his giggling lover's neck. Their hips ground together in a new rhythm of arousal as large hands glided down smooth, pale skin.

But a bump stopped their journey south, and Thorin inhaled sharply. He looked down to see the long, jagged scar running across Bilbo's belly, and looked away in shame.

Thorin and Rafer burst through the door just in time to see Bilbo faint. The other Hobbit felt for a pulse that was thankfully there before he had the dwarf move his pregnant lover to his chambers to be more comfortable.

"Bilbo? Bilbo!" Thorin cried.

"Stand back, we'll need to get this over with quickly," Rafer warned.

"Get what over with?" Thorin yelled, one hand cupping his love's face while another constantly held his wrist to make sure his blood still moved through his veins. Rafer checked over Bilbo's body quickly, frowning when blood started to seep through the crotch of his pants. "What's happening to him?" Thorin demanded, worry plain as day in his voice. Instead of answering, the other dug around in his bag. Blue eyes went wide when the stout Hobbit pulled out a medical knife. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he screamed.

"Calm down Master Thorin! Surely Bilbo told you of this!" the dwarf started at the doctor blankly, fear and anger in his gaze. "Male Hobbit bodies have grown unaccustomed to bearing children, so a birth canal has stopped forming. That was how the pregnant males of old used to deliver, but now a surgery is required if the father and child want to live. You have to trust me on this, and fast, otherwise he might not make it." Just as he said this, Bilbo let out a piercing cry as his eyes flew open.


"It's all right, I'm here, I'm here."

"Get him out! He's dying!" Bilbo shrieked. With an apologetic look on his face, Rafer leaned over and gave Bilbo some blue liquid, a painkiller, before putting a piece of leather in the other Hobbit's mouth.

"This will be extremely painful, but try to stay awake." He raised the knife, but Thorin grabbed his wrist.

"We have to wait for the medicine to spread, it will have no effect if we do it now!" Bilbo let out another scream of agony, clutching his stomach.

"Thorin!" Biting his lip, the king grasped his lover's hand before nodding to the other. He could not stand to see his love in pain, the sooner they got this over with, the more likely he would recover. With one last morose look, Rafer brought down the knife.

All he could see was red as the blade met skin, all he could hear was his mate's cries of torture. Bile rose to his mouth but he swallowed it, hushing and soothing his burglar as best he could, given that he was practically being carved open like a Hallows Eve pumpkin. Tears ran over his fingers as Bilbo whimpered, voice to hoarse and lungs too tired to scream.

"It will be all right love, just keep looking at me," he said, placing a kiss to the trembling Halfling's curls.

With a few sick sounding twists, Rafer smiled. Cries split the air and both parents froze. Thorin turned to see little blue eyes staring at him from a reddened face.

"Take her," Rafer commanded. Thorin did as he was told and with one last kiss, left Rafer to stitch together the wound on Bilbo's stomach. Bilbo told him it would be all right, that it would be fine, but the longer he waited outside with their daughter squirming in his arms, the more he began to worry.

Finally, the Hobbit came out, hands covered in blood and looking tired. Thorin strode over, ignoring the intimidated glare the doctor gave him.

"You may see him now. He is eager to meet his daughter." Without another word, Thorin quickly walked to their room.

"Thorin?" A small voice ripped him out of the gruesome memory and he met the worried eyes of Bilbo. Fingers curled around his, moving it from the hideous scar up to the Hobbit's face. "That is over now, and I am fine."

"I know," the king breathed. But the memories were hard enough to have, let alone remember. The dwarf sidled down and kissed the scar, slowly making his way up the pale, soft body until he could kiss his lover's lips. "I know." Bilbo's flushed cheeks made him laugh.

Despite the mood being ruined, they cuddled together under the many furs and blankets, heavy breathing evening out. Calloused fingers ran up and down Bilbo's side as he exhaled happily. This was…perfect. His family was together, everybody was fine after the big battle and the kingdom prospered. Their daughter grew fast and was currently spending some time with her cousins and aunt. Nothing could make Bilbo happier than he was at that moment.

Thorin, however, had one more thing he wanted.


"Hmmm?" he replied lazily.

"I…I have something to ask of you." The burglar's eyebrows scrunched together at the serious tone.

"Yes?" Thorin sat up and stared down at his little companion, uncertainty on his face. "What is it?"

"Well…you have been here for a long time now. The people love you, I love you and you are the father of my child, my heir. I…" he took a deep breath before continuing, keeping his eyes locked on Bilbo's questioning ones. "I would take you as my husband, my consort, to rule by my side. If you would have me."

He got no answer, as Bilbo was too shocked to do anything but stare. Thorin was…proposing? In bed? Not the most original setting, but Thorin was proposing to him?! With a small chuckle, the Halfling crawled out from under the sheets and straddled his lover, who was currently trying to keep his mind on the matter at hand, and not on his mate's current position over him.

"You have horrible timing you know," Bilbo said, placing a sweet peck on the king's lips. "But nevertheless, I accept. If you'll have me that is." Both smiled and grasped each other tight in a hug. The passion once again consumed them as the afternoon passed, and they were completely oblivious to everything but each other.

Outside the door, Fili and Kili sighed and snickered before carrying Kilen down the hall back to their room, content to give their uncle some more time with his beloved. After all, what was a few more hours?

The engagement wasn't a surprise, but nonetheless was announced formally to the whole kingdom. Feasts and parties were held, but the royal couple stayed back to keep watch on their daughter and nephews, who could be found wherever Kilen was these days. One of said nephews was currently lying on the ground with little Kilen sprawled across his chest as she played with his long hair. Drool seeped out of her mouth, but the prince could hardly care less as he stared down in wonder. Fili lay on his stomach, watching the pair over crossed arms.

"When can I have a turn?" he pouted.

"When she wants to move," his brother snapped with a playful grin. The competition over their tiny cousin was fierce but full of brotherly love as they fought to be her favorite. "I can't wait until she gets older and we can actually play with her. Bofur and I already have the beginnings of some toys worked out."

"Aulë, if you spoil her so much, it will get to a point where nobody will be able to handle her," Bilbo chided, taking a break from his knitting. It was never a passion of his, in fact he found it rather emasculating, but the idea of Kilen with little knit hats and dress was too adorable to pass up. Besides, if he didn't, they'd have his baby wearing chainmail if they could.

"Oh, uncle, you worry too much!" Fili called, rolling over on his back and linking his hands over his torso. They had taken to either calling him 'uncle' or 'auntie', either one worked. Bilbo found it amusing while Thorin didn't really know what to make of it.

The door opened and Dís clambered in, arms hauling multiple bags. Bilbo groaned when she set them down on his and Thorin's bed, unpacking all the clothes, blankets and toys inside. There had been many gifts sent from friends and acquaintances of Thorin's, both in congratulations to their engagement and their daughter. Dís would search through them and bring all the ones she deemed safe and fashionable.

She swooped over and scooped up her niece from her son's arms, both of which started squawking indignantly that 'it was their turn!' and 'it was their time will Kilen!'. The dwarf just laughed as her sons pouted and glared at her from the floor, used to receiving such looks. Bilbo had heard the tales of their mischief from when they were young dwarflings. No wonder Dís was so patient and level-headed; it was a miracle she hadn't throttled them in their sleep.

"So, what are you making today, Bilbo?" she asked, bringing his child over and setting the babe on the bed, where she wiggled around as Dís hovered over her, seeing if the clothes were too big, too small, or fit just right. Small piles formed, the rejects bigger than the ones to be kept. Two big dwarfish noses peaked over the side of the bed, watching their mother and cousin with interest. Bilbo laughed and flicked them playfully, earning him two tongues stuck out in his direction.

"A hat. Ah, there we go!"

The Hobbit took off the finished cap from the needles and snuggled it onto Kilen's downy head, clapping his hands happily when it fit. He turned to find Dís smiling down at him while Fili and Kili stared at him with odd expressions.


"That's adorable…" Kili said, as if he were confused by the thought. Fili laughed at his brother and elbowed him lightly, causing the brunette to tackle him as they wrestled on the ground. As Bilbo was moving Kilen so she leaned back against his bent knees, the princess rushed over and separated her sons, chastising them from acting like 'obnoxious little tree-shaggers'. Bilbo frowned at the derogatory name, but ignored it. He had attempted to change the way they spoke of Men, and the Elves in particular, but after the Battle of Five Armies and the harsh words flung at negotiations, it was useless.

Thorin came back several hours later, tired after his kingly duties. Bilbo took his coat and gave him a plate of herbed roast and baked potatoes with onions, one of his favorite meals. The king dug in, along with his nephews and sister. Bilbo smiled as he used a fork to slowly and politely eat when they just shoveled it in. Hopefully his daughter would have some manners, though he doubted his Hobbit-y eating habits would rub off on her.

The last of the day's light faded from the window as Dís and her sons bid them goodnight. Thorin instantly pulled Bilbo close after he got into bed. Kilen lay between them, a finger of each parent grasped in her tiny hands. Bilbo watched as his betrothed gazed at their daughter with the most love and compassion Bilbo had ever seen. The babe was beautiful, that much was obvious, and neither of them could wait until she was older and could be spoiled properly.

"I love you," Thorin whispered, leaning over to give him a chaste kiss. "And I love you as well, little one." Laying a protective arm around both his daughter and fiancé, Thorin drifted off into sleep. However, Bilbo lay awake, gazing at the family before him.

There were many nights when he would do this. Just watch and stare at his lover and child. He would never be able to understand how he had been so lucky. Bilbo Baggins was just a Hobbit from the Shire, and an odd one at that. He had long ago accepted that he would be alone. But then thirteen dwarfs and a wizard came and invaded his home. And to think, he had almost not joined them!

With a sigh of content, Bilbo snuggled up to Kilen and Thorin. His life could not possibly be better than at this moment. Well, maybe his wedding day and wedding night would be, but they had not yet passed. He blushed at the thought of his first night as Thorin's official consort.

As he fell into a pleasant slumber, like he usually did after these bouts of musing, the family shifted closer together in sleep. The pains and wounds of war and harsh words were what brought them here. At the beginning of his adventure, Bilbo had been nothing but a simple Hobbit looking to bring some excitement into his life. Now, he was the father to the heir of Erebor and soon-to-be-husband of the King Under the Mountain.

Life brings unexpected things in the most unexpected journeys. And for Bilbo Baggins, these hardships his own journey had brought were the best thing that could have happened to him. Because he was perfectly content with this little piece of paradise.

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