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Alarms rang. Red lights flashed. Ponies were running around, trying to catch the escapee.

"He went that way!"

"He's that way!"

"I found him!"

"He's over here!"

Yells and shouts like these were heard all over the building. But all they saw were doubles; illusions set by the alleged alicorn himself. As the guards frantically chased the copies, the true prisoner escaped through an unlocked door.

"Fools." He said under his breath. He spread his dragon-like wings and was flying through the endless space in front of him, headed towards the blue planet we all know called Earth.

"C'mon Presto! She said she'd be here today!" a mint green pony called to her brother.

The brown unicorn got up from his spot in the floor, carrying a book titled How to Hypnotize Your Fellow Ponies with him.

"She said she'd be here at noon." He pointed his hoof at a clock on the wall. "It's only 11:37."

The little filly frowned sadly. She grabbed her backpack (or whatever they call it there) and headed out the door.

"Where are you going?" Presto asked his little sister.

Peppermint Drip turned to her brother. "I'm going to the train station to wait for our big sister." She said with a determined look on her face. "And I'm going with or without you." She said as she walked out the door.

Presto sighed, grabbed his backpack, and followed his sister out the door.

"You do realize that you can't go anywhere without me." He reminded her as he caught up.

"I know." Peppermint Drip said with an "I got you!" look on her face. "That's why I left."

Presto stopped and stared at her. He smiled and ran ahead, yelling "Can't catch me!" over his shoulder.

The mint green filly smiled happily and chased her brother. They chased each other until they got to the train station, which made the time 11:54.

Peppermint Drip panted, and looked towards the sky. She saw a glint between the clouds, which was odd, considering it was daytime. She stared at the spot, trying to figure out if it was real or fake.

"What're you looking at?" Presto asked her between deep breaths.

The filly shook her head, pushing the glint out of her mind.

"Nothing." She said.

In the distance, a whistle blew.

The ponies turned towards the noise and saw a pink train rushing towards them. They smiled so big their faces were hurting.

When the train stopped, there was a lot of loco commotion. (See what I did there?) Other ponies at the station reunited with their friends and families, leaving the two ponies in the dust. They looked towards the train with an immense amount of hope, but as the doors closed, their smiled faded.

Their heads hung low, they started to trot home. But a light blue mare blocked their way, making them smile as they saw who it was.

"You really think I'd lie to you?" she asked them.

"Frost Flame!" the ponies yelled as the hugged her tightly.

Presto and Peppermint Drip hugged their sister as tight as they could, afraid she'd leave them again. But she stayed in the same spot, returning the hug as best she could.

But when two other ponies were squeezing you to death, it's kind of hard to move. Or breathe.

"Air!" the Pegasus gasped. Her siblings let go, allowing oxygen to flow through her system once again.

"I must've been gone too long." She said as she filled her lungs.

"It was too too long!" Peppermint Drip said.

"What were you even doing there?" Presto asked the older pony.

"I thought I told you," she said "I had to go talk to the Wonder Bolts about the latest show. I wanted to get your tickets, but they told me I'd have to work for it. And that work finally paid off!" She dug around in her backpack and pulled out two tickets.

Presto and Peppermint Drip were going to need lots of ER visits to get their faces back to normal if they smiled too big one more time.

A silent yell passed through Peppermint Drip's ears. She turned towards the sky again and saw another glint.

What's going on? She thought. First a glint, then a yell? What's going on?

"Let's get home," Frost Flame said. "I've got so much to tell you!"

Frost Flame and Presto started to walk away, leaving Peppermint Drip to her thoughts.

Another yell.

But this time, it was closer.

Peppermint Drip turned her head and saw the glint was getting bigger with each second. It seemed to be falling.

The filly's eyes widened and she ran about 10 feet away from the train station. She looked all around for her brother and sister, but they weren't there.


Peppermint Drip turned towards the train station. It was still there, but a cloud of smoke and the tips of flames were dancing behind the building.

Against her thoughts to run away, Peppermint Drip slowly walked towards the station. She walked around the building, bracing herself for an attack.

But when she saw what was behind the building, her look of fear turned into a look of worry.

Which is probably the same, if you think about it.

Presto turned his head to check if his sister was behind them. He was worried when he noticed she wasn't.

He was scared when he heard a crashing noise coming from the train station.

"What the crud was that?!" he asked his sister.

Frost Flame noticed their sister wasn't there.

"I don't know, but I hope it didn't hurt Peppermint Drip!" she said as she spread her wings, grabbed her brother, and flew towards the station.

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