Haven't you wondered what it would be like if Jace and Clary had kids? No? Well I did. I thought this would be great. Hopefully I can make it a little funny. I hope you like it.

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Chapter 1: Christopher Alexander


"We're what?" My husband's shock was clearly displayed on his face. It was a look I never got to see on him. "We're having a baby, Jace." I repeated for the fourth time.

His look of shock changed to love and happiness. He picked me up and turned me around. When he set me down, he pressed his lips to mine gently. We have shared many kisses. Ones of sorrow, happiness, pain, suffering, relief and so many others. This one was different. This one was one of pure joy. We broke apart when a spark touched my lips. The heavenly fire was still in his blood, but it wasn't dangerous. The silent brothers cleared that up for us two years ago. After we killed my brother, Jonathan. Our child would be fine.

"Who else knows?" Jace asked. I pressed a hand to my stomach and Jace covered my hand with his, entwining our fingers. "Just you." I said, smiling at him.

Six Months Later...

"What about Sarah for a girl and Daniel for a boy?" We were deciding names for our unborn child. I was seven months pregnant with our child. I had gotten used to my swollen belly and aches in my feet. Jace was lying of the floor of our room at the Institute, holding the pad of names up and tapping his chin with the pencil. I was situated on the bed with my feet propped up on pillows."Yes to Daniel," I said sipping my pickle juice. Craving were weird. "No for Sarah."

Jace shook his head. "We have about ten approved boy names and two girl names." "Well, Arianne and Elaine are the best name for a girl. I can't think of anything better." Jace smiled inwardly. "No, I guess there isn't. What about the boy names? We need to narrow it down at least to five."

"Right." I said, taking the pad from his hands. "We have Declan, Maxwell, Zander, Jonathan, Percy, James, Jason, Hunter, and Joseph. That's nine names."

"Well, I was close." I threw a pillow off of our bed at his face, which he dodged quite easily. "What are we going to do?" I asked returning my gaze to the little book in my hand. "I like the names Maxwell, Christopher, James, and Jason. My name is Jonathan, so that would be weird."

I nodded, scratching out the other names. "So that narrows it down to four. I guess we'll pick the name if we have a boy when we see him."

"Perfect." Jace said, stretching. He sat up abruptly and looked at me, clearly thinking about something. "What?"

Jace shook his head. "Nothing. It's just... What if I'm not a good father? I was raised by Valentine, of all people."

I saw the worry in his golden eyes and sat up, ignoring the pain in my abdomen. "Jace," I said taking his hands in mine. "You will never be the father he was. Unlike him, you have values. You can love. Whenever we talk about the baby, I see your face light up with love and understanding. More importantly, I know you will stay calm. During everything. And I'll be with you, keeping my faith in you the whole way through."

I gently pressed my lips to his, savoring his taste and feel. He parted my lips with his slowly and carefully. The knock on the door broke us apart and Isabelle walked in. "Hey, Clary! It's time to get ready.

" I looked at Jace worriedly. "For what?" Isabelle fake gasped. "Are you forgetting that you turn nineteen today? I'm shocked." I put a hand to my mouth. I really had forgotten. Jace came up behind me and kissed my cheek. "Happy Birthday, honey."

"Clary, push." The pain was incredible, but I used all of my strength to get my child out. Cries pierced the room. My firstborn had arrived. "Congratulations, honey." my mom said. "It's a boy."

I smiled at Jace through my tears. He had a shocked expression as Maryse handed our son to him. He bent down so I could see him.

Our little guy had his father's golden curls and my light skin. When he opened his eyes, I could see the bright green eyes. He had my nose and face shape, and Jace's eye shape. His cheekbones were defined like my mother's. I knew what we would name him.

"Christopher." I whispered looking into my husband's eyes. "Christopher Alexander."

"Perfect." he whispered, kissing my forehead. Christopher Alexander Lightwood. I liked the sound of that.

When I could finally stand up, Jace lead me to the library. I held Christopher in my arms. He always stared into my eyes and smiled. When we got to the library, Isabelle, who I had not seen for ten hours, was hunched over, whispering to Alec, who was standing next to Magnus. Jace and I had decided to tell everyone the name of our newborn son all together. The room was silent. I gave Jace our son. "We decided the name." Jace said. "Christopher Alexander Lightwood."

Alec was on the verge of tears as he walked to me and scooped me up into a hug. Isabelle started laughing as she hugged Jace and relieved him of Christopher, who was shocked at all of this sudden attention. My mom and Luke hugged me and Jace. When my mom wrapped her arms around me, she leaned in and whispered something only I could hear.

"Good luck."

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