Chapter 4: Drawings and More Birthdays


"Mommy, look! It's snowed!" Chris said excitedly. I chuckled and chased the little blond boy out of his room and into the hallway. "Wait,Chris. You need your scarf."

Chris rolled his eyes impatiently. "No, Mommy. I no need scarf. I'm a big boy. Likes Daddy." I chuckled. The kid was so much like his father. He waited patiently while I fixed the blue scarf around his neck. Chris ran off to where Jace was waiting with Arianne. She had a little green hat and a petit scarf. She had grown a lot in the past eleven months. Her hair was down to the middle of her back in red waves and she recognized each family member. I put my coat on and zipped it up. Winters in New York aren't fun. Jace walked over and put an arm on my waist. "Ready?" he asked.

I nodded and kissed him lightly on the lips. Chris ducked under my arm and stuck himself in between us, effectively separating me from my husband. "Let's go play!" Chris said.

"No, angel." I said. "We're going to Taki's." He looked at me with curious green eyes. "But after can I play?" "Yes, Chrissy." I promised. "Maybe we'll invite Mira."

Mira was Blake and Sara Branwell's daughter. They lived near Magnus and have been our friends for a few years. Chris loved spending time with her. They also had a son, Damien, who was three months older than Ari. We walked into the restaurant. It was filled with the usual amount of warlocks and werewolves. I had begun to notice how little fair folk there were. But Kaelie,as always, came to serve us. She had stopped flirting with Jace when we brought Chris here the first time. Ari hadn't been here before, though. "Hello, Jace, Clary." Kaelie said, handing us our menus. It's been a really long time. Who is this?" she asked, referring to our daughter.

"This is Ari." Jace said, patting Ari's head, who in turn started giggling. "I have da banana pancakes, pweez." Chris said, politely.

Kaelie smiled and wrote it down on her pad. "I'll have the chocolate chip pancakes and coffee, please." I said, giving her my menu. "The usual, please Kaelie." The fey waitress nodded and walked off.

"Mommy." Chris said from beside me. "Yes, Chris?"

"I bored." I sighed and dug through my purse, bringing out Chris' mini sketchbook and crayons. He laughed and promptly opened to a new page. The red crayon glided lightly over the white paper, filling it with color. He took the peach and the gold and continued coloring. Jace tried to look at the drawing, but Chris blocked it with his tiny arms. When the food came, Chris continued drawing until he was satisfied. Then, he put the sketchbook back in my purse and dug in. I looked at Jace, who was eating his fries delicately. I shrugged and started eating my pancakes.

Back at the Institute, I sat alone in the Library. Jace was outside playing with Ari and Chris. Mira and Damien had come earlier too. I pondered about what Chris could have drawn. Any other parent wouldn't have been, but my son had a natural talent for drawing, like my mother.

I grabbed the tiny book out of my bag and flipped it open. I smiled.

Inside was a picture of none other than Arianne and Chris, holding hands. I smiled and closed the little book.

Approximately one month later...

Before we knew it, February 11 had come. Ari's first birthday. I knew she wouldn't know or appreciate it,but Izzy went crazy. She bought pink balloons, much to Chris' distaste, and decorated the kitchen insanely. I made her promise not to cook, and that didn't end well. But she bought a cake from the grocery store. Chris was pacing when I went to wake him up that morning. I was quite astonished, because he never usually gets up until nine, but I let it go. He was quite adorable. "Chris, honey, what time did you get up?" I asked.

He looked at me with wide green eyes. "Seven turdy." he replied, rubbing his eyes. "That's too early, Chrissy." I said, putting y hands on my hips. "Why did you wake up that early?"

"I no present for Ari."

I chuckled. "Chris, you don't have to give her anything." Chris crossed his arms and pouted. "No! I big bwodder. I have to give Ari present."

I thought carefully. "What about that picture?" He looked at me, clearly confused. "What picture, Mommy?"

"The one that you drew at Taki's." His eyes grew big. "Mommy! You no supposed to look!" He said, his cheeks turning red.

I bent down do I that I was eye level with him. "Chrissy, that was adorable. And really good. Don't worry, I didn't tell Daddy." Chris sighed. "Fine."

I smiled and carefully tore out the paper. He jumped into my arms and I carried him towards the kitchen. Jace was feeding Ari with baby mush when I walked in. He looked up when we walked in. "Hey, what took you so long?" he asked, standing up to take Chris from me.

I started piling more mush into Ari's open mouth. "Chris couldn't find a present for Ari's birthday."

My husband looked at me quizzically.

"I give Ari present now!" Chris said. He struggled out of Jace's grasp and handed Ari the paper. She smiled and giggled. Chris' smile couldn't have gotten any bigger. Jace looked at the drawing. "Nice job, sport." I smiled and gazed at my beautiful family.