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After seeing Emma telling Henry that she was guilty of Archie's murdering, Regina was devastated and hid in her house. It had been two weeks since anyone saw Regina and nobody dared to go to her house. They knew she was there because they could see the movement within the house, but they were afraid of her.

Henry didn't believe it the first time Emma told him, but when she told him what she saw and that she used magic to see the truth, he became sad and disappointed with his mother. He thought she was changing for him, but now he realized that she would never change. He was angry and didn't want to think about the possibility of talking to her or even seeing her.

It has been two weeks since Archie was being physically and psychologically tortured by Cora and Hook. He discovered Cora's plan to break her daughter and make everyone believe that she had killed him. It had been a good plan, taking into account that even he thought it was Regina. It all made sense now, Pongo's reaction was never like that with Regina, on the contrary, Pongo loved her. He didn't know what she did, but the dog would always run to her. But that day was different, he should have realized it. He should have realized that it wasn't Regina there, that she was different from the woman he knew.

On the contrary to what everyone thinks, Archie is smart and one night he could hear a conversation between Cora and Hook.

"The problem is Regina, there's something wrong with her, she didn't turn out against the city. Instead, she hid inside that damn house, two full weeks and nobody saw her. I need to fix that, I need to get her from there." Cora said irritably.

"So she isn't as broken as you wanted, is she? Maybe she will give you more work than you thought." Hook said wryly.

"Don't play with me, Hook, you know what I can do and I'll do whatever it takes to get Regina back. I want my daughter back and together we'll burn this town to the ground. Henry can't stop us, nobody can. I saw the people in the city, no one believes her, no one. The only person who could do that is with us and she's being accused of killing him. Nobody cares about Regina and I will be there to show it to her." Cora said firmly.

Archie heard the whole conversation and he knew he had to leave, he had to help Regina. It sounded like she could be broken. With Cora walking around, he was really worried about her. That woman was capable of anything, even hurting Regina if it was necessary or killing Henry, and he wouldn't let that happen.

Archie took advantage of the fact that Cora and Hook were sleeping and managed to escape from the ship. He was very sore, but he managed to make his way to the center of the town. He couldn't think straight, he just knew he had to help Regina in time and he would need Emma's help for that. He ran to the apartment that Emma shared with Snow and started beating on the door. A few minutes later Emma opened the door and couldn't believe what she was seeing right in front of her. It was impossible because she had seen Archie's body, she had seen him dead and saw Regina killing him. How was it even possible that he stood there now? She was totally speechless.

"Emma, you gotta help me. We need to help Regina, she's in danger, everyone is! Come on, we have to run, we have to be quick before-" Archie was speaking like a madman, but Emma cut him off.

"Archie? You're alive? How is that even possible? I saw you dead, I saw your body, you were dead, how did this happen?" Emma was shocked and she had so many questions to ask.

"Emma, listen to me. We have to go, it was all a frame from Cora, she-"

"Wait?! Cora is here? In Storybrooke? How is that possible?" Emma asked scared.

All the noise made Snow and David wake up. When they saw Archie standing in the door, they froze.

"Oh my! Cora is here?!" It was the only thing Snow could say.

"She is here and we don't have time to talk. I was able to escape and I can't explain it now, but we have to help Regina before Cora wakes up. She will be furious and she will do whatever it takes to get to Regina and I don't know what happened while I was gone," Archie was barely taking time to breathe. "But I know that no one saw her or heard about her and I'm concerned. We need to go right now and find Regina-"

"Okay, you need to go to the hospital now." David said.

"We don't have time for that, don't you understand?" Archie was screaming now and everyone could see how worried he was.

"Okay, what about this? Emma and l will go to Regina's house and Henry and Snow will accompany you to the hospital." David suggested.

"No, I'm going with you. Something's wrong, I can feel it, something happened to Regina. You should have trusted her, Emma, I told you she was different! She would never kill anyone, not now that she is changing for Henry." Archie said angrily.

"Don't blame Emma, Cora is the guilty one here. Enough talking, I'll get Henry and take you to the hospital, you two go to Regina and bring her along, we need to be united and decide what to do when Cora wakes up." Snow said firmly, and she left to wake Henry.

"Please, be careful with Regina!" Archie shouted as David and Emma made their way toward the door.

Emma couldn't help but notice how much worried Archie was about the brunette, and that he genuinely seemed to care about her, but she didn't have time to think about it too much. Emma and David drove as quickly as they could to Regina's house. Emma had never felt so guilty. She should have believed Regina. Emma knew she was telling the truth, but the magic changed her mind. Maybe that was the price of the magic they always spoke of, but in this case it was Regina who was paying the price. All that Emma could do was pray that Regina hadn't done anything wrong.

When they arrived at Regina's house, Emma realized that the light in Henry's room was on, maybe Regina was there. They knocked on the door but no one answered. Maybe she didn't hear them, maybe she was still asleep, but after nearly ten minutes of screaming and beating on the door, they realized that this wasn't the case. Maybe she just didn't want them there, but they needed to come in and talk to her. David had just decided to break the window when Emma stopped him. She realized that it may don't be such a good idea. What if Regina used her magic on them because they broke in? That definitely wouldn't be good.

Then Emma remembered the spare key that Henry had given her for emergencies and ran to her car to get it. When she returned, they went inside and climbed up the stairs, calling for Regina as they did so, but, again, no answer came. They looked in Henry's room because the door was open, but it was empty. Then they went to Regina's bedroom and it was empty too, just a messy bed and some wine glasses on the floor beside the bed. David decided to look downstairs while Emma kept searching upstairs. Something was wrong, she could feel it. They kept calling for Regina until a noise coming from the bathroom caught Emma's attention.

"Regina, are you there? It's me, Emma, we need to talk... can I come in?"

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