Dean Likes Brunettes

By Evelyn Raith

A/N: I'd like to take a brief moment to apologize to Dean Winchester. I am so mean to him. I make him say and do things that, while mostly in character, just make you ache in embarrassment for him. I'm so sorry Dean, you fight those faeries!

Dean had just dropped off Sam at the county courthouse and made a supply run that involved the essentials (i.e. Pie and Hunter's Helper). He had just wanted to relax, watch some TV and not think about corpses for an hour or so.

He stepped up to the door of the dingy hotel room and chuckled to himself like a 12 year old that it was room number 69. It really had been too long for him. He put his key in the door as he grumbled in his own head that Sam had probably gotten laid more than he had this past year.

He swung the door open and set down the bags before realizing he wasn't alone.

"Hello, Dean." Castiel, Angel of the Lord, was sitting, hunched over, on the end of Dean's bed and watching TV with the severe intensity of angelic concentration.

Well, there went his quiet TV time. Watching TV with him usually meant you spent more time explaining what was happening than actually getting to watch the story unfold. The Dr. Sexy MD marathon would have to wait.

"Hey, Cas." Dean finally responded as he skipped the pie and went for the whiskey instead. It was 5 o'clock somewhere, right? He poured a bit into a plastic cup and took a swig.

Castiel didn't look up from the TV. Dean shrugged and swallowed down the rest of his drink and filled the glass again. He was just starting to feel the initial warm tingle of the alcohol when the sounds from the television wiped the smile from his face.

Dean walked over to stand beside Castiel. "You're watching porn… AGAIN?"

Without looking up, Castiel replied. "It's all very complex. They look uncomfortable and they make crude and animalistic noises as if they are in pain." The angel tilted his head slightly and pointed at the screen. "See, there… That must cause her back some discomfort."

Dean gave up on the plastic cup and took a long draw straight from the bottle.

Castiel finally looked up at Dean. "It's a bit early to be drinking that, don't you think?"

"Shut up, you're the pervert watching porn every chance you get." Dean scoffed.

"Dean, sex is a natural human function designed to be pleasurable and to ensure the continuation of your species. Poisoning yourself is not. Your body is temple unto the Lord." Castiel wasn't even looking at Dean, his eyes pinned to the screen before him.

"Oh yeah, and is that how you worship, Cas?" He gestured to the screen. "Seriously, we need to have an intervention."

Castiel shook his head slightly. "I don't see what you find offensive about me watching pornography. You watch it all the time."

The hunter winced a little. "Yeah, well I don't watch it with other people in the room!" Unless he was really sure Sam was asleep, then he'd sneak the laptop into the bathroom with him.

"Should I watch it alone in the bathroom, like you do?"

Dean choked on his next swig of whiskey. He finally caught his breath. "What, are you watching me, Cas? You sick little fuck."

Wait, did Cas just smirk? He just fucking SMIRKED at that. "You DO watch me!" Dean went a bit limp kneed and sat on the edge of the bed next to Castiel. "Jesus Christ, Cas, that's just wrong."

"Dean, I've been watching you since you were born. I rebuilt your mind and every inch of your body with my own hands. I doubt there is anything you could do that would come as a surprise to me." Cas said, matter-of-factly.

Dean blinked a few times, staring numbly at the being next to him. He often forgot that this wasn't just a man next to him, but something epic and eternal. He took yet another drink, looked down into the bottle and wondered why it wasn't working fast enough. Another swig and he leaned his elbows on his knees.

Cas tilted his head again as he watched the players on the television change position and a third party joined them. "Now, what is the purpose of this?"

"The purpose of what?" Dean looked up at the screen. There were now two men working over one very busty brunette. Heh, Dean liked brunettes… Oh.. right… "Uhm, well, when three perverts love each other very much…" He had to adjust his jeans a bit as he watched the dark haired beauty get flipped over onto her back.

The angel turned to the Righteous Man, "This has nothing to do with love, Dean. This is an exercise in a human instinct and an emotion called lust. It is a natural human need to procreate. Why do you think my Father designed you so that when stimulated properly you would call out to Him?"

Dean felt his eyebrows nearly reach his hairline. "Wow, God was a sick fuck too. Guess it runs in your family," he muttered, still watching the trio and suddenly finding his pants about two sizes too small.

Castiel continued, ignoring the blasphemy, "What I do not understand is the need to overcome one female with two males." His attention had returned to the action. "Only one human male would be able to fertilize a human female, is this a battle for dominance?"

Why was Dean sitting here having this conversation, again? Why couldn't he just be sitting here learning new pick-up lines from Dr. Sexy? "It's a kink thing. It's not like these people are trying to recreate reality. None of this is real, it's actually some of the worst examples of actual sex you can find. You're never going to get laid if you keep using this for reference."

The angel frowned. "I don't understand. If it is not reality, why does it affect my vessel?"

Without his permission, Dean's eyes cast down to the front of Castiel's pants. Castiel's erection was clearly tenting the front of his dress slacks.

Dean jumped up from his seat on the bed and put a good ten feet of space between him and the horny angel. "Ugh, Cas! For fuck's sake!" He turned quickly and turned off the television. "You do NOT sit next to another man and get fucking wood!"

Castiel looked down at his own lap and leaned back a bit to get a better view, studying it intently. "I do not have control over it, Dean. It happens every time."

"Yeah, it happens every time, you pervert. That's the point of porn! That's why you don't watch porn with other men!"

"But Dean…" Cas began but was cut off by Dean flailing around and ranting.

"You watch porn to stimulate your body and then you… you… take care of it! You don't friggin' watch porn with people you don't want to help you take care of it."


"You don't get a boner sitting next to someone you don't want to bang. That's just not how it works, Cas!"

"But Dean… you have a 'boner' as well." Cas said.

Dean stopped breathing. He froze in place like a deer in headlights. To emphasis his point, Castiel reached out to point at the bulge in Dean's jeans. His face was urging the hunter to observe it for himself.

Instead, Dean's eyes rose to the ceiling. He'd probably be praying if he had anyone to pray to other than Castiel.

"Dean, look." Castiel insisted and got up from where he was sitting and moved to Dean, he ran his hand over the lump in Dean's jeans. "See…"

Dean's whole body seized up. He wanted to run away, wanted to push Cas away, wanted to yell at him for being so stupid, wanted to hit him for crossing a line that everything in Dean's mind said shouldn't be crossed. There was no way an all-knowing angel could be this naïve!

That's when it hit him. Dean lowered his startled eyes from the ceiling and looked at Cas. Castiel was concentrating on rubbing the front of Dean's jeans, pausing to look down at his own vessel and seemed to be comparing the two.

Dean finally stepped back, "You are deliberately fucking with me!" He accused.

Castiel's deep blue eyes look into Dean's face, with a small smirk. "You dream very loudly, Dean."

Dean couldn't even blink. Castiel was looking straight into his soul, his intense gaze pulling him in deeper. Castiel had been watching him in his dreams? All this time, Castiel had been present in those heated crazy dreams he had about the angel. When his subconscious would let his wants fly free, thinking no one was watching him. In his dreams, where the stigmas of social pressure didn't apply and he could freely lust for him. Where Dean would take Castiel over and over again in some fantasy landscape. Castiel had actually been there. He had been watching Dean's dreams like he had been watching porn.

Dean attempted to make some words come out of his mouth. He fumbled the half empty bottle of whiskey to the floor and tried to think of some lie to cover up his dark fantasy and stop the anger that was building in his chest. "Cas… I-I-… I didn't mean... I just… I don't even know…! Thoughts are private and-and-and we don't have control over our dreams.. and what are you doing in my head! Jesus Christ, Cas, you just don't do that to people. People got no control over what they dream about!"

The seraph reached the hand that was not delicately caressing Dean's groin and touched his fingers to Dean's lips. "I do not disapprove. It has, however, made me very curious."

Castiel stepped forward and replaced his fingers on Dean's lips with his mouth. He could feel the hunter quivering beneath the touch as their lips brushed together, the anger sapped out of him as fast as it had built. Then he stepped back a bit and frowned as he stared into Dean's green eyes.

Castiel hesitantly leaned in and laid his lips against Dean's again. Castiel felt his heart skip and briefly wondered if his vessel was malfunctioning, then it skipped again as Dean deepened the kiss moving his lips against his in a most pleasing way.

Dean's eyes were full of brimming tears as he took a step back and looked at the angel. Castiel's eyes were full of confusion. The emotion showing in Dean's eyes was not the outcome he had expected. He reached up and placed his hand on the side of Dean's face. Dean closed his eyes and leaned into his touch.

"Is this not how the dream starts?" Castiel asked.

Dean reached up and grasped Castiel's hand and pressed it harder to his face, moving it slightly so he could kiss the angel's palm. "No, this is exactly how it starts. The problem is I never get to see what happens the next day. I never see how it ends."

A light seemed to go on behind Castiel's eyes. "You are worried it will adversely affect our relationship."

Dean nodded and replied, "or you'll leave. Everyone always leaves."

Castiel took his hand from Dean's face, disappointment clearly written over his features. "Forgive me, I was under the impression that you wanted this as I did." The angel stepped away, turning his back to Dean. The hunter grabbed the elbow of the familiar trench coat and turned the man around to face him, he fisted his hands in the collar of the coat and pulled him into a harsh but relatively chaste kiss.

Dean pulled away, his eyes trying to see all of Castiel's face at once. The Cas's voice sounded deeper and harsher than before. "You are acting erratically."

The sane part of Dean flared up inside him and he flailed his arms. "Of course I'm acting erratically. I just kissed a friggin' angel!"

"I am not the first angel you have kissed, Dean." Cas observed.

Dean's mind quickly flashed back to Anna. Kissing wasn't all they had done in the back of the Impala. A surge of guilt hit his heart and he looked to Cas again.

"It's time to be honest with both you, and me." Cas licked his lips like he was trying to taste Dean on them. Dean found this very distracting. "You have not stepped forward with your impulses because I am in this vessel." He gestured to his body in general.

It was true, Jimmy Novak was a great guy and all, but Dean was less interested in Jimmy's plumbing than he had been in Anna's. Dean had tried to rationalize that angels had no true gender, but well, damn it, vessels did have a gender.

Dean nodded, "yeah, I hate to say it, but yeah. It's been an issue."

"I cannot change this. This was my chosen vessel, this is the form that now feels the most like," He searched for the proper word, "home." He nodded approval at the term.

The hunter puffed up a bit, standing taller. "Well, I'll just have to cope with that, won't I?"

Cas offered up a sweet, pleased smile. "You seem able to overcome it in your mind when you think no one is watching you."

The walls around Dean's guarded heart melted a little. Damn it, he had wanted Cas, male or not, since he could remember. He had been so confused at first, but the damn angel just wouldn't let him ignore it. He was always standing that much too close or looking at him with his intense blue eyes. And for being a man, Castiel's vessel had the prettiest lips… and when he was smiting shit, hot damn, it made Dean have to adjust his pants. He smiled to himself.

Dean shifted a bit, lost in these thoughts, until Cas snapped him back to reality. "Dean?"

"Ah, right, well… I um…" He audibly gulped, "… oh fuck it… I've already been through Hell." Dean grabbed Cas up by his coat again and kissed him again, slowly deepening it, letting the shorter man adjust and catch up.

Castiel made the tiniest of moans as Dean parted his lips gently with his tongue. Dean was pretty sure it wasn't the whiskey making him feel all tingly now. He let Cas explore his mouth, the angel timidly responded at first, and then found something he liked in the corners of Dean's mouth. It was Dean's turn to moan.

Castiel broke the kiss to catch his breath. "This is much more pleasant than kissing Meg."

"Thanks… I think." Dean awkwardly responded.

Cas had not been idle though, and Dean found that his belt was now undone and Castiel was working at the button on his pants. Dean swallowed the lump in his throat and helped the angel with the button. Cas's hands found something fascinating about the flesh between where Dean's shirt ended and his pants began, he trailed his fingers along the exposed flesh and then frowned slightly.

"What is it?" Dean asked.

Cas didn't answer, but removed Dean's overshirt and then pulled his t-shirt up over his head. He then moved his hands down Dean's exposed torso. "I have not touched your flesh since I remade you."

Dean felt mildly violated and then pulled the angel's blue tie loose and began to unbutton his dress shirt. "Well, I haven't touched this… ever." He'd show Mr. Grabby Hands a thing or two now.

Once the shirt was unbuttoned, he slipped his hands up across Castiel's chest and removed shirt, jacket and overcoat in one even movement and watched them pool onto the floor. He slid his hands back down Cas's body, pausing to feel the scars that were left behind from their angel encounter in a warehouse in Van Nuys. The barrier around Dean's heart melted a bit more when he remembered how many times this being had sacrificed himself for Dean.

The man before him was slim of build. He seemed much less imposing now that he lacked the layers of clothing. As Dean's hands moved over his chest and stomach, the angel closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the feel of warm hands on his flesh.

Dean noticed something that made him smile. A cute little freckle that was right next to Cas's right nipple. He leaned in and kissed it softly. Castiel's breath hitched in his chest and he looked down at Dean with wondering eyes. Dean met his gaze and then purposefully ran his tongue across the nipple.

Cas's eyes flew wide and he grabbed Dean's head in his hands. Dean's face was ear to ear grin as he flicked his tongue across the dark flesh again.

"That is… most pleasant." Cas commented.

Dean stood up again and pulled Cas into his arms. "Oh… we've only just begun."

"Are you sure about this?" Cas was trying to give him an out, an opportunity to bail on the whole idea.

To answer him, Dean lifted the angel slightly off the ground and tossed him back onto the bed. In an instant he was over him, kissing his mouth, his neck, down his chest.

"This means 'yes', correct?" Cas muttered between gasps for air. Dean rubbed his hand over the lump in Castiel's pants and the question was forgotten about as Cas arched his hips up into Dean's palm.

Dean shifted to lay to Cas's side, supporting himself on his elbow next to Cas's head. He worked the angel's belt loose and fumbled one handed with the button. The entire time, placing kisses along the curve of his neck.

Cas reciprocated by grasping at Dean desperately, wanting to touch all of him at once. His hands worked into the back of Dean's jeans, cupping his ass and pulling the man on top of him. Dean moaned softly and nibbled at Cas's full lips as he ground his hips into the angel's.

They spent a good portion of time just enjoying making out like lust crazed teenagers; dry humping each other and gasping between drawn out messy kisses. Dean was in no hurry, Cas was new to this and honestly, Dean had no idea what he was doing when it came to pleasuring any man other than himself.

Then Cas reached into the front of Dean's jeans and wrapped his lean fingers around the hardened length within. Dean gasped and leaned his forehead against Cas's, unable to keep himself from humping into Cas's hand.

"Is this good?" Cas asked.

"Yes, but I think we can make it better." Dean's raspy voice replied.

Dean disengaged from Cas and slid down his body, finally undoing the zipper in those dress slacks and tugging them down off his ass. He drew his face across the front of Cas's erection, still concealed under his tighty whiteys, content at the soft moan that escaped the angel's open mouth. Dean dropped to the floor and took off the man's shoes and socks and kicked his own off as well, stripping himself down to just his boxer briefs.

He climbed halfway back up and stopped to just rub his face against the bulge in his angel's underpants again. He paused in timid thought before he flicked his tongue curiously over the growing wet spot on them. The smell of Castiel was intoxicating. He smelled musky, like sex, but there was always that scent he could never quite define. The scent he had attributed to angels and Heaven, sweet, heady and warm.

Dean looked up to meet Cas's eyes. He nodded to him and Dean hooked his fingers in the waistband of the sensible cotton underwear and yanked them down and off.

Dean's hand was shaking as he grasped the angel's bobbing cock. He slowly stroked once, twice, and Cas seemed to melt into the bed. Oh, Dean was going to enjoy this. He leaned down, his intent to take Cas into his mouth, but he stopped short at the last second and instead just slid his wet, warm tongue along the underside of his cock, smiling as he squirmed beneath him with a whimper and then used the saliva to aid his stroking.

He teased the spot under the head with his wet thumb as he softly laid kisses along his stomach and carefully caressed his balls. He was keeping an eye on Cas the whole time, watching every wiggle and moan, taking him just to the edge. Just as Cas's fists began to ball up the blankets, he let go of the angel and climbed up to kiss him.

The seraph's eyes were huge and almost looked scared. "You ok?" Dean asked. It wasn't a look he was used to seeing on the man's face.

Cas wasn't able to form words, so he just nodded.

"You let me know if we need to stop, ok?" Dean smiled, knowing damn well that Castiel was nowhere close to wanting to stop.

He didn't get to really enjoy his taunting, because in a flash, Cas had flipped them over. Dean was on his back beneath him and Cas didn't even bother to remove Dean's underwear completely before sliding his cock into his mouth.

Dean's back arched and his hips bucked forward on their own, gagging him momentarily before he adjusted and sucked Dean straight down his throat. Dean's eyes went wide as he looked down at the angel actually deep throating him all the way to his base.

"Oh FUCK Cas… Where did you fucking learn to do THAT?" The response was only Cas's throat swallowing around the head of Dean's cock and him making deep throaty humming noises that were driving Dean wild.

Dean fisted his hands into Castiel's dark hair, but that wasn't enough. He reached for any part of him that he could touch; finally Cas rotated his body around so that his feet were on the pillows of the cheap rented bed.

Thank you, mind reading angel boy.

Dean grabbed at Cas's hips and turned onto his side to reach his mouth around the tip of Castiel's cock. Slipping his tongue around in circles and suckling gently, unsure of how to really go about it. Cas had given up on simply trying to consume Dean's cock and had worked himself into a nice sloppy wet rhythm.

The hunter decided that he was not going to be outdone by a virgin, so he slowly pulled Cas deeper into his mouth. Trying to hit all the spots he knew he liked, and listening to Castiel's responses to find out what worked the best. He was still unsure about this whole guy-on-guy thing but he seemed to be figuring it out well enough, if he could count on Cas's moans as an indicator. Cas had clearly been doing his homework while watching porn and Dean was having to fight him to slow down so he didn't pop like a goddamned teenager. Who was the virgin here, again?

Dean was getting close, the heat burning low in his stomach, and Cas was fairly fucking his face, so he had to be pushing the boundaries too. Dean was trying to mentally prepare for how this would end (was he a spitter or a swallower? He didn't know!). Before he got the answer Cas pulled off his cock with a wet pop sound.

The hunter stopped as well, and looked down at Castiel. His dark hair was in disarray, his eyes wide and dark, his lips swollen and wet. Jesus, just looking at the man nearly made him bust a nut.

Cas moved from his position to place those swollen lips on Dean's. They tasted and licked at each other, and Cas found that spot in the corner of Dean's mouth that made him shiver. Cas pressed their bodies together and Dean moaned into Castiel's mouth as their swollen, eager cocks brushed against each other. The angel reached in between them and grabbed them both together in his hand.

Castiel slowly started pumping his hips into his own hand, rubbing his cock against Dean's in the process. He moaned out Dean's name and Dean had to grab ahold of him to keep from flying apart. Their eyes met and Castiel's face was full of determination and need. Dean joined in the rhythm now and they each bucked into Castiel's hand, their eyes glued to each other.

Suddenly, Cas's eyes went wide, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but seemed to be only able to take in air. He thrust harder against Dean's cock and Dean grabbed tight on his shoulders. "Come on, Cas, give it to me. Fucking cum for me."

A few more thrusts and Castiel was crying out in Enochian and placing his free hand on the hand shaped scar on Dean's shoulder, which sent electricity straight through Dean. Castiel came all over Dean's cock, and kept thrusting through his climax.

Dean was seeing spots before his eyes after Cas had touched his scar. The hot cum all over his cock and the angel now moaning out his name and Dean was arching hard into Cas's hand. "Yeah… yeah… OH FUCK Cas!"

Cas stroked Dean through his climax and squeezed tightly on the man's arm. When Dean's body finally stopped spasming in sheer pleasure, he looked up to see Castiel looking down at him with a wicked grin on his face. Dean blinked a few times and tried not to think of how much the naughty giggle that just came from Cas reminded him of when Cas was full of Leviathans.

Cas let go of them both and leaned down to kiss Dean. They drunkenly kissed and then collapsed in each other's arms. Dean finally caught his breath, "Um… wow, did that just happen?" Dean rasped out as he stared blankly at the ceiling.

"Indeed it did." Cas responded with a purr in his gravely voice.

"When can it happen again?" Dean said with a sly grin.

"Often, I hope."

"You uh… don't want to try other partners? " Dean's eyes found Cas's again.

"Dean, I fell for you. I gave up Heaven for you. Why would I ever stray?"

The Righteous Man smiled down at his angel, and for the first time. Hell seemed worth the trip.

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