"A storm of laughter arose and even the tiniest child joined in. For the moment the boys were a closed circuit of sympathy with Piggy outside; he went very pink, bowed his head and cleaned his glasses again (Golding, 29)."

'Piggy!' Jack sneered, his freckles disappearing against the red of his flushed complexion. His gangly arms hugged his middle as he laughed with the other boys, who started up at the reminder of the fat boy's humiliation. It went on endlessly, every lapse in mass hilarity filled with the name and followed by more and more laughter.

However, some people were not laughing.

Piggy was one.

Ralph was another.

And the last was the scrawny coarse-haired choirboy who had fainted in line. His name, and many others, had been forgotten in the wake of "Piggy".

'Piggy,' Cackled a choir boy with dark, glittering eyes. The boy had his intense, unsettling stare fixed on Piggy and Ralph saw a strange shadow pass over the boy's face. To Ralph, whose attention was split between the Jack Merridew boy who had sent his calm gathering into chaos and the darker boy, the staring boy seemed like a hungry predator.

'Who are you?' Ralph murmured, glancing at the Jack Merridew boy. He went unheard. Ralph looked down and his eyes caught on the conch shell.

'Pig-' A great blast of sound erupted like fire from the end of a cannon and all the boys turned to stare in shock at the fair boy.

"Finally the laughing died away and the naming continued (Golding, 29)."