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Chapter 1 - Hello

"You're fucking kidding me!" Edward spat out as he stood up from Jenks' chair.

"No Edward, I'm not. I know that this is a shock after what you've been through but…" he was cut off.

"A shock? A shock? Fuck!" Edward ran his hand through his unique copper colored hair, "Are you serious?"

"I am. Your mother left explicit instructions in her will as well as everything needed to confirm what she wrote," Jenks handed Edward his mother's last will and testament.

The way Edward eyed the paper you would think he was trying to start a fire with his eyes.

"She told me she…" Edward sighed sitting back down onto Jenks' couch.

"She left you a letter as well, only to be opened after she died," Jenks handed Edward a sealed envelope.

"Keep it, I don't want it," Edward stared at the floor.

"You don't have to open it now, just take it with you, you might…"

"Just shut up," Edward snatched the envelope and tucked it into his jacket pocket.

Jenks stayed quiet for what seemed like forever, but Edward didn't care, he needed quiet, he needed some time to breath. His mother had been dead a little over a week and he hadn't had a chance to take it all in.

"Your father…"

"DON'T CALL HIM THAT!" Edward's head snapped at Jenks' direction.

"Carlisle will be…"

Edward snorted; he couldn't believe what was happening. The father he lost when he was 8 years old was not his father. His parents had lied to him, plain and simple. He was a product of some love tryst or something and looked like a fool he thought. Trying to keep his father's memory alive, and trying to be like him and take care of his mother… when all along they both had lied to him his entire life.

"Edward?" Jenks called… "Edward!"

Edward looked up, his mind having drifted, "What?"

"Did you hear anything I just said?" Jenks asked.


"I said that he would be arriving tomorrow at 10 am with his wife Esme. After we have breakfast tomorrow we'll come here and I'll sort of introduce the two of you," Jenks informed him.

Yeah, Edward being a minor and not having any other living relatives… except… yeah well… he was staying with Jenks until he could be "handed off" to his "daddy."

"Whatever," Edward replied.

"Edward, please try and give this a chance. From what your mother told me, and what she wrote in her will… he didn't know about you. When I called him and informed him of Elizabeth's passing, he seemed to be hurt, I think he even still loved her a bit," Jenks tried to reason with Edward.

"I don't care if he knew or not. I don't know him and I don't want to know him. Sperm doesn't make you family, I don't want to move to fucking forks… FORKS! What kind of name is that? Is it next to fucking SPOON?" Edward hated that he had no say in what was going to happen to him. He had just turned 17 and legally he was still a minor.

"Why would she do this to me?" Edward asked tears threatening to spill from his eyes as he looked at Jenks.

Jenks sighed and walked over to Edward placing his hand on his shoulder. Jenks has been his parents… his mother and his whohethoughtwashisfather's friend since as long as he could remember.

"I'm sorry Edward. I really am. Elizabeth never told me the truth, not until she came to me when she found out she only had a little time. She wanted you to know about Carlisle, she wanted you to have a parent. She was scared and worried you would hate her," Jenks paused a moment when Edward looked up at him with what looked like possible fear on his face.

"I'd be angry… I AM ANGRY! But… I'd never hate her," Edward finished almost sounding like he was trying to assure himself.

"I know that, and I told her that. I think she knew deep down you would never hate her. She was just scared. Please Edward, give these people a chance, let him be a parent to you. It doesn't mean your dad is less of your dad because now you have Carlisle. You can have more than one father Edward," Jenks finished.

"Maybe… but I don't want another…"

Edward paced around Jenks office waiting for "him" to show up. It was 9:55 am and 45 seconds… 46… 47… 48...

"Edward?" Jenks opened the door to his office and poked his head inside.

Edward looked up at him stopping dead in his tracks, "Yeah?"

"They've arrived, I'll bring them in shortly ok?" Jenks hoped Edward would see things better once Carlisle arrived.

"Uh huh," was all Edward said.

"Fuck," Edward muttered under his breath trying to relax. He had not slept at all last night. He kept running scenarios in his head about what he'd do when he came face to face with his sperm donor… at least that's what he was referring to Carlisle as in his head. He hadn't yet decided if he'd use that description "outside" his head yet.

In one scenario Carlisle would rush in and be crying and immediately apologizing to him for not having gone after his mother. In turn he imagined himself flipping Carlisle off and telling him to go fuck himself.

In another scenario he imagined Carlisle coming in and asking if he's sure that they got the right guy, that maybe he wasn't Edward's father. In turn… again, Edward imagined himself flipping Carlisle off and telling him to go fuck himself.

A 3rd scenario was, as soon as Carlisle walked in, Edward would flip Carlisle off and tell him to go fuck himself…

Yeah Edward didn't have much of an imagination at the time. He was filled by anger and betrayal.

Knock. Knock.

Edward looked at the door as it opened slowly.

Edward almost forgot to breathe and had to remind himself, in, out, in, out…

A tall light-haired blue-eyed man in what seemed like his 40s entered the room. He looked at Edward and seemed as if he had not seen a shower or bed in a few days.

"Edward," the man said.

"Hu," was all that came out of Edward's mouth.

"I'm… I'm Carlisle… your father," Carlisle confirmed what Edward was sure of when the man opened the door.

"Hello," Edward said… FUCK… HELLO? That's what he went with? What happened to the flipping off and the telling him to fuck himself? Fuck. Now Edward wanted to tell himself to go fuck himself for being a pansy.

Carlisle seemed to relax a bit moving deeper into the room; he had been standing by the doorway.

"I," Carlisle began…

"Oh my," a woman gasped as she came into the room. Edward looked at her immediately wondering if this was the woman that caused his mother to go away and not tell Carlisle about him.

"Edward, this is Esme... Carlisle's wife," Jenks introduced her.

"Hello," Edward said… FUCK! Again?

"If we can all sit down," Jenks motioned to this sitting area, "we can get to know each other."

Edward eyed them wearily as he took the single sofa, he did not want to sit next to Carlisle or Esme. They instead sat in the love seat, while Jenks stood next to Edward.

"Mr. Cullen…"

Cullen hu… that's what his name was gonna be now? Edward wondered if Carlisle even wanted to give him his name… or if he even wanted it to begin with.

"Yes," Carlisle looked at Jenks; he'd been staring at Edward.

"As we discussed prior to your arrival, Elizabeth left you some letters and a decision to make. She wanted you to meet Edward, and hoped you would take him in and get to know him. However she also did not want you to be obligated… her word not mine," Jenks informed them.

"I don't understand, what are you saying?" Carlisle asked. Edward looked confused as well.

"If you do not want to take the responsibility, she did ask and I would be honored to take Edward and make him part of my family. He has been for a long time in a way," Jenks informed.

"You mean I don't have to go with them?" Edward asked. Carlisle looked alarmed for a moment.

"I didn't want to tell you because I feel you should do as your mother wanted, if Carlisle…"

"Edward is coming back home with me," Carlisle said in a tone that meant there was no ifs, buts or doubt.

"No," Edward said suddenly.

"Edward, please…" Jenks began.

"No, fuck this!" Edward got up and ran out of the room.

"Edward!" Jenks and Carlisle shouted.

"Why would you say that ?!" Carlisle was seething now.

"I had to tell him, I had to let him know that I do want him. I could not let him go thinking I didn't care about him to want to take him in, I thought if I told him while you were here, it would be better, he wouldn't be able to have me cave in and not tell you," Jenks admitted.

"Where do you think he went?" Esme spoke up.

"Probably just outside, for some air," Jenks replied, "I'll go and see."

Edward was pacing outside Jenks' office building.

"Edward," Jenks approached him.

"I can't do it, I can't go with them… with him," Edward looked up at Jenks.

"Yes you can, and you will," Jenks said firmly.

"Why? Why can't I just stay here with you and your family, you said…"

"I know what I said and I meant every word Edward, but I cannot keep you here out of selfishness, you deserve to go and have a chance at a life with your family," Jenks pleaded.

"Ha," Edward scoffed, "just because he's my sperm donor doesn't make him family," ah! There he said it! Too bad Carlisle wasn't there…

"This is what your mother wanted Edward, we both have to honor her last wish," Jenks told him.

"Edward," Carlisle stepped out of the building. Edward and Jenks both turned to look at him.

"I know things are awkward, believe me. But I am… I am your father, and I know I don't have a right to call myself that and I am sure Edward Sr. was a great man, but now I am your only parent. It's my time to step up and make up for everything. Please give me a chance, give my family a chance to become your family," Carlisle pleaded.

Edward didn't acknowledge any of the words, instead he just asked what car was theirs and got in. His things would be shipped by Jenks to Forks for him. All he needed was a few changes of clothes until his belongings arrived later in the week.

"I'll bring your duffle bag Edward," Jenks said as he turned to go in.

"No need," Esme wiped away a tear from her eye, "I have it."

And with that, they were off. They were flying to Port Angeles and from there they would drive home to Forks. Home to a new life for Edward... and for the Cullens.

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