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Chapter 99 - Good Chat

"Well fuck, congrats Emmett. Why thank you Emmett. Think nothing of it Emmett." Emmett began talking to himself as he headed to the living room to join other guests and hope maybe someone would be happy while not crying.

After the big announcement, the party pretty much died down. The only ones left who did not live there were Jake, and Bella. Rose, Bella, and Alice were all over Alice's room looking at wedding things online. Jasper and Emmett were in the living room, and Carlisle and Esme had been in his office for what seemed like forever to Emmett, when Carlisle came out and called him over.

"Emmett, can you come in here please."

Emmett sighed and stood up from the sofa, slowly making his way over to Carlisle's office.

"So, let's have it." Emmett knew they were going to go off on him, he had prepared himself for it.

"After plenty of discussion," Carlisle looked over at Esme who was sitting on the sofa in his office, her eyes puffy and red.

"While we wish you had come to us first, told us what you were planning so we could better discuss this beforehand, we are not going to stand in your way." Carlisle sighed. "We know you are growing up and are no longer a child. No matter if at times you may act like it..." Carlisle trailed off, causing Emmett to roll his eyes.

"What your father means is that, you are still our little boy." Esme stood up sniffling.

"Mom, please stop crying. It's not like I'm dying you know." Emmett went over to her side.

"Well how do you expect her to be after a bombshell like that?" Carlisle went and sat down behind his desk.

"I don't know, maybe happy?" Emmett raised his eyebrow.

"It's not that we aren't happy Emmett," Esme spoke up, "we just think you are too young. You have so much more experiences and living to do before you get married."

"Do you honestly think I will do better than Rose?"

Carlisle nodded his head no.

Esme gave him a look. "What your father means is, we think Rose is a great match for you and she would be a wonderful addition to this family. She's already been part of our family for years. We just wish that you would wait a bit, go to college, graduate, and then maybe get married."

"I don't even know if I am goi..."

"Don't you dare finish that sentence, you WILL go to college, there is no if's, or but's about it." Carlisle stared down Emmett. "You already took a break, and I understand the reasons why, but you will be going."

"I don't think I'm cut out for college dad."

"You can start with required courses and feel your way around to a major. Don't worry about it now, but you will be going." Carlisle reiterated.

Emmett stood up. "I'm gonna go and talk to Ed. He didn't like this either."

"It's a big step son," Carlisle stood up and walked over to him, placing his hand on his back.

"I know dad, and believe me, I thought this over for a long time."

Esme sniffled and stood up. "We love you son, we just want what is best for you."

"I know that, and I appreciate that, but I really believe this is right, right for me."

Carlisle sighed and nodded. "While we wish you would wait, we will not stop you." Carlisle and Esme started to head for the door. "Have a goodnight, your mother and I need..."

"Woah! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT finish that sentence!" Emmett covered his ears.

Carlisle rolled his eyes before grabbing Emmett's arms and pulling them down. "NEED TO SLEEP." Carlisle took Esme's hand. "And he says he's ready to get married..." Carlisle shook his head as they walked out.

Emmett stood there in the den for a minute before shivering in disgust due to where his head went, and then walked off to find Edward.

Emmett headed outside to look for Edward. He headed down the path he had seen him walking down earlier.

"Ed, where you at?" Emmett shouted. "Edward?"

"Look up."

Emmett froze for a second, before slowly looking up. "What the... what the hell are you doing up there?"

Edward was sitting up on a large branch, that hung about 10 feet up.

Edward shrugged. "I felt like a climb."

"Well get down, I wanna talk."

Edward sighed, before carefully maneuvering himself up from the branch and starting to climb down.

"You are so fucking weird, you know that?" Emmett asked him.

"Bite me." Edward said as he let himself slide down the last 2 feet.

"No thanks, I've already eaten."

Edward rolled his eyes.

"Look Ed, I don't like how we left shit before. I want you to be happy for me, I want you to be happy for Rose."

"If I say that I am, but I'm not at the same time, will it make sense to you?" Edward asked as he sat down on the ground.

Emmett walked over and sat down next to him. "Would it make sense to you that I'm happy too, but scared too?"

"What?" Edward looked at him.

"Everyone is right, I'm a screw up, I mess things up." Emmett sighed.

Edward sort of shrugged and nodded, causing Emmett to lightly shove him.

"What? You said it..."

"You weren't supposed to agree with me."

"No? What was I supposed to say?"

"You were supposed to say that it's natural to be scared, that getting married is a big step and that I would be crazy not to be a little scared."

"Oh, is that what I was supposed to say..."

"Yeah, and that I'll probably get scared a lot before the day and hell may wanna run like hell day of, but that it's all normal and you will keep me in check."

"Ah, ok, then I say... all that you just said."

"Thanks Ed." Emmett patted him on the back, "this was a good chat. I feel better actually."

"No problem Em, no problem." Edward watched him walk away and just thought to himself, yeah this is gonna be interesting... and a challenge... it was Emmett after all.

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