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Chapter 17 - The Car

"Come on mom, they are cracked, not totally broken," Emmett groaned as Esme made him get back into bed.

"I don't care. Your father may allow you to move around, even though it hurts, and I know it does. I see it in your face but I don't care. If you have any chance and I mean ANY chance at going to your sister and Bella's party this weekend you will stay in bed." Esme ordered.

It was Wednesday September 5th, it had been about 7 days since the accident. Bella and Alice's party was being held Saturday the 8th.

Since coming home, Carlisle had put away his hard liquor only leaving wine for dinner and socializing. Not being able to assist in Emmett's initial intake, he swore he would never get that hammered again. What if next time one of his kids or Esme needed an emergency procedure and he wasn't able to help because he was drunk.

Alice had been doting on Emmett like a personal servant, when Rose wasn't around that was. Rose had been asked not to come over for a few days, until Edward left to visit Jenks. Once he left they relented and allowed her to visit Emmett. But when she wasn't there, Alice was all over Emmet. Emmett kept telling her it wasn't her fault and to quit acting like a loving sister, instead of the crazy sister he grew up with.


Edward had left a few days after the accident, once Carlisle was assured that he was fine. He had gone a couple days to visit Jenks who flew in to PA to visit Edward. He wanted to see him and talk to him after the chaos that Carlisle had told him about. Carlisle didn't want to see Jenks just yet and Edward didn't want any more fighting and decided that they should meet in PA instead. While Carlisle was reluctant Esme convinced him that it was something that was needed for Edward and Jenks.

Carlisle had gone to the bus station to pick up Edward that about noon, he'd arrive a bit before 1 just to be sure he arrived before Edward's bus.

"How was the ride?" Carlisle asked as Edward got into the car.

"Um, weird." Edward told him.

Carlisle looked at him puzzled.

"This guy was sitting next to me. He kept talking about something having to do with 'The Cold Ones' and rambling stuff about wolves. I would have moved but the bus was full." Edward explained.

"I wish you would have let me driven you, or at least taken a cab, or one of the cars." Carlisle told him.

Edward had refused because if he drove on the wet and sometimes icy roads Esme would be besides herself, after everything with Emmett... and if Carlisle drove him... he knew it would be uncomfortable for him with his feelings towards Jenks. He also didn't want to put anyone out using their cars, so the bus seemed like the right choice for him.

"So... when I called yesterday Esme said my things had arrived?" Edward fiddled with the seat belt.

"Yes. Alice and Esme put all of your clothes away either in your dresser, your closet, or... I don't know somewhere in your room. Some of your mother's things, we placed in the attic for you to go through, when you are ready. We put some of your personal things in your room as well, and others also in the attic. So you can choose what you want and if there is anything you want to donate to charity or something. Whatever you want, no rush to do anything." Carlisle glanced at him.

"Were you able to get me out of..."

"Nope. You are still going to the party. Besides, you need to drive Alice. She... won't drive since you know. Although the Chief told her there was nothing she could have done." Carlisle told him.

"The Chief?" Edward asked.

"Chief Charlie Swan. He's Bella's dad. You haven't met Bella yet, have you?" Carlisle realized.

"No, I don't think so. Alice has mentioned her though." Edward wondered a few times when he'd meet her. Probably at the party. Alice keeps talking about her to him like she was trying to make her look good or something in front of him. Probably trying to set me up... nope, not gonna go there... Edward shook his head no.

"Something wrong?" Carlisle noticed his head movement.

"No, just thinking about stuff." Edward ran his hand through his hair.

"Well, just relax, we'll be home soon." Carlisle told him.


"Rose." Emmett said as he pulled his lips from hers. She was laying next to him, careful not to hurt him.

"Hmm," Rose said as she tried to resume their activities.

"Rose, babe. Stop for a sec," Emmett stopped her.

"Am I hurting you?" Rose asked moving back.

"No, it's not that. It's just, my dad should be back soon and Edward's coming home... you should probably go before they get here." Emmett told her.

"Oh." Rose said standing up.

"I just, I'm really trying not to cause more issues you know." Emmett explained. He and Edward hadn't really talked since the accident. They had been cordial to one another, coexisting and such.

"No, no, it's fine. I'm not going anywhere. I told Alice that night I was gonna apologize, but then he left and I haven't had the chance. So when he gets here, I'll apologize." Rose told him sitting back down.

"Ok babe." Emmett surrendered to her lips once more.


"Alice, you sure you are gonna be ok? You can ride with me to our party if you want." Bella told Alice as they chatted in Alice's room.

"I'm fine Bella. I just... feel so guilty, I could have killed Emmett!" Alice said her fist landing onto her pillow. Alice had good days and bad days where Emmett was concerned. She'd feel real guilty one day, and another like she's was coming to terms, and then she'd see him hurting and just fall back into a guilt trip.

"But you didn't. Emmett is fine, Edward is fine. Things will get better Aly," Bella assured her.

"I know," Alice admitted. "I'm just... frustrated I guess."

"Well, try and relax ok? I got to go. I got a test tomorrow and want to get some studying in, and I have a lot to do before the day fly's away." Bella said grabbing her bag and heading to the door.

"You don't want to wait and meet Edward?" Alice asked.

"No, I am a mess. Seriously Aly, this is your new brother who is gonna be here all the time, and you want me to meet him for the first time looking like this?" Bella said looking at Alice like she was out of her mind.

"Yeah, yeah, you don't want to look tore up from the floor up," Alice giggled.

"Hardy-har-har," Bella said as she glided out the door waving.


"Edward," Carlisle called. Edward had fallen asleep. "Edward," Carlisle nudged.

"Hmm?" Edward opened his eyes.

"We're home." Carlisle informed, it was about 2:45pm when they got back home.

Edward looked out the window and saw they were sitting in front of the house. He sighed and opened the door. He then proceeded to pull out his bag from the backseat.

"Edward I want to talk to you about something," Carlisle seemed a bit fidgety.

"Um... ok..." Edward stopped at the foot of the stairs.

"Come to the garage," Carlisle said walking in the direction of their massive garage. You could fit everyone's car in there if you wanted. It was like a bottom floor of space.

"What is it?" Edward asked as they approached. Carlisle hit the garage door opener on his keychain and the door began to rise.

"I don't want you to 'freak out' as Alice and Emmett would say. You need a car Edward. And I had one just sitting around collecting dust." Carlisle began.

"You didn't... get me a car did you?" Edward asked dumbfounded.

"Yes... and no... I technically already owned it..." Carlisle shrugged.

Edward turned his head to look into the garage.

"ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!" Edward dropped his bag and ran to the car.

There sat a nice shiney black Aston Martin Vanquish. He'd seen one before... at the... well.. he'd seen one...

"Do you like it?" Carlisle asked.

"Do I like it?" Edward asked his eyes wide. "What do you think!"

"Good, cause its yours." Carlisle smiled.

Edward ran his hands over the door handle, looked through the windows, but then stopped... he shook his head.

"No... I can't," Edward didn't want to take something this extravagant. He knew very well what it cost... he had a eye for knowing what cars were... profitable.

"Please Edward. It just sits in storage, collecting dust. I bought it on a whim and it was just too much for my daily life you know. Please," Carlisle pleaded with him.

"It's... it's too much," Edward said.

Carlisle could see the battle within his eyes. He wanted it, he wanted the car bad, but didn't want to accept it.

"No." Edward put his foot down. "It's awesome, really but I can't. It's like a $300,000 car."

Carlisle nodded in defeat. "Ok, but let me get this clear, your objection is not to giving you a car, it's the price?"

Edward took a deep breath. "I guess."

"Good." Carlisle smiled so big Edward became nervous. "Esme!" Carlisle shouted.

"What's going on?" Edward looked confused.

Suddenly Esme pulled into the garage in a silver Volvo s60 R with tinted head and tail lights, a sunroof, and tinted windows. It also seemed to be sporting a nice body kit to make it seem lower.

"Huh?" Edward looked at Carlisle.

"You opposed the Aston cause of cost, I kind of thought you would..." Carlisle admitted.

"Wait... did you trick me into accepting a car from you buy rejecting an expensive one?" Edward asked.

"Maybe." Carlisle grinned as Esme got out of the car, dangling the keys.

"What if I hadn't? Is that even your car?" Edward asked.

"Of course it is. AND had you accepted..." Carlisle shrugged his shoulders. "I would have said to hell with it, and given it to you."

"Seriously?" Edward couldn't believe it.

"Edward I missed out on a lot. The car would have been nothing compared to everything I should have been there to give you." Carlisle confessed. "Emmett has his jeep, Alice has her car... although she won't drive it right now..." Carlisle sighed. "It's only fair and right you have your own as well."

"Go on," Esme handed the keys to Edward. Edward was fighting with himself again. He wanted to accept.

"Look, it's that or you ride to school with Alice or Emmett... or walk to the nearest bus..." Esme was interrupted as Edward ripped the keys from her hand and ran over to the car.

"Smart words my dear," Carlisle kissed her.

"You Cullen men are all the same. You just got to know what buttons to push." Esme kissed him back.

Edward went and got into the car... he never had a car that was his his. He had use of cars... working for... someone. He wasn't proud of what he used to do back home... but he did what he had to for his mom and himself. After everything he used to do, sitting in his own car now... he had to wonder what he did to deserve it. His life was turning around... but at the cost of his mother... if she hadn't died... he's still be back there... doing what he was doing. Edward tried to shake his inner demons away by turning on the car, listening to the nice purr of the engine.

Author Note: Ok here ya go. What did ya think? It's only fair he gets a car too right? What about his inner thoughts on his "experience" with cars? Hmm? What can he possibly mean? Is there something he's been hiding? Trying to forget?

Also my bad! I forgot to mention that in Chapter 12 the song Edward plays and sings on the Piano is Bruno Mars' "Talking to The Moon".

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