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Chapter 35 - You Love Him

Edward hadn't thought about what he would say or do when everyone found out... about what he did... and now what he caused. He sure hadn't planned on speaking to Emmett of all people first. Emmett, who tried to get him to talk and who wanted to get him help but because he refused Carlisle was now laying in a hospital bed.

"I..." Edward didn't know what to say.

Emmett looked him over, he had bruises and as Charlie said some parts of his face were swollen; black eyes, marks on his arms and probably a lot of other things under his hospital gown. Emmett noticed some of the swelling had gone down from when he had seen him earlier. The nurses had placed some cold packs on his face to ease the swelling. Some sort of gel packs... no ice; so it wouldn't melt on him they said when he had asked.

"God... I..." Edward was trying to say he was sorry, that he regretted everything but he just wanted to crawl into a hole at that moment and die.

Emmett stepped up closer, Edward thought he was going to punch him when he saw his arm come up... he wouldn't blame him... but he didn't. He pulled him into a hug. Edward at first thought that it was worse than being hit...

"I told you, you can be a stupid idiot but I didn't want you dead." Emmett reminded. After that Edward couldn't hold it in anymore, he broke down. He squeezed his eyes and the tears and frustrated cries came out. His legs gave way and both he and Emmett slid down onto their knees.

"I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry." Edward cried.

'You were stupid, but this isn't your fault." Emmett told him still holding Edward in a brotherly hug.

After what seemed like forever, both boys managed to stand, Emmett helping Edward up.

Edward at that point was starting to feel more pain, his meds obviously starting to wear off. He looked around for somewhere to sit. He noticed the chairs where Emmett had been sitting and went over to one.

"I meant what I said. It's not your fault what happened to dad." Emmett looked over to Carlisle as he went and sat down next to Edward. "But are you fucking crazy? Did you think you could take on idiots like that? I mean... shit! What the fuck?" Emmett looked at him.

"I was trying to keep everyone safe. Not cause all of this." Edward explained.

"Why didn't you tell us? Shit Ed! Me and Jasper could have..."

"Gotten shot instead of Carlisle?" Edward's eyebrow lifted, well what wasn't swollen that is.

"No you dumbass. We could have figured something out, planned something." Emmett replied.

"Your mom must fucking hate me right now." Edward looked down.

"She was mad, at you, at dad, at those jerks." Emmett began...

"I'm sure she is. Fuck. As soon as I get out of here, I'll get my shit, maybe Jasper will let me stay..."

Emmett interrupted him this time. "Fuck Edward, you're one stupid fuck. She's not mad AT you, she's mad at WHAT you did. Going off all lone ranger and shit... not even a Tonto... Dad running off without Charlie's help. If you ever needed proof you were his... well there you fucking go."

"She's not mad AT me?" Edward couldn't believe it.

"No, but she is mad for you doing all that. For getting beat the fuck up... man you really look like shit." Emmett once again informed.

"Yeah well I didn't plan on getting beat. I figured I could square shit away. Pay them back, do something so at least they'd leave you all alone. You guys... Bella..." Edward sighed.

"Dumb dude, real dumb... did it... hurt a lot? Did you feel it all? I heard some people say when your adrenaline is pumping that it helps you not feel pain and shit." Emmett looked interested.

"Ha." Edward said sarcastically. "You fucking feel it, you feel it all. Maybe not as strong as you do after... but you fucking feel it."

"What... they do?" Emmett wasn't sure he wanted to hear it but he had to ask.

"Just a lot of hitting me, Demetri mostly. With his fists, I think a few times with his gun. I'm not sure when but the fucker burned me a few places with his cigarette... I think I'm done smoking... after that... I think he did that when I was passed out." Edward subconsciously rubbed a part of his arm that was covered with his hospital gown sleeve.

"Should you be moving around? Charlie said you were bleeding a lot when they got you... and hurt inside and stuff..." Emmett once again looked him over. "Fuck..." He shook his head in disbelief.

Edward sighed. "They should have shot me... not him." He looked over at Carlisle again feeling the guilt start to overcome him. Why should Emmett care about his injuries when Carlisle was laying there...

"You love him." Emmett said.

Edward looked at him confused. He liked him, he liked them all but that wasn't love... was it?

"Don't look at me like that. You love him. You know how I know? Because he loves you. He'd never let anyone hurt you, or any of us. He took those bullets for you because he loves you. You would take them for him because you love him too." Emmett pointed out.

"I don't know how to..." Edward paused.

"One day at a time." Emmett told him.

"Where is everyone?" Edward carefully shifted himself so he was more comfortable in the chair.

"Alice, Rose, and Bella took my mom back to the hotel, so she could eat and get some rest. She didn't want to go but the Chief convinced her to go. Told her that she getting sick wouldn't help anyone. Jasper drove them all." Emmett explained.

"Bella..." Edward whispered.

"Her dad didn't let her see you yet. But when she... we... found out what happened... she was crying like crazy." Emmett eyed Edward. "What's with you two? I thought you didn't like her?"

"I didn't like her because I did like her." Edward replied.

"Somehow that makes sense." Emmett nodded.

"I need to... talk to her... I promised her..." Edward closed his eyes. "I fucked up everything... and now..." Edward looked over towards Carlisle.

"She's going to come back with them later. Dad's doing ok. He's stable... you should go back to your room." Emmett suggested noticing Edward was one step from losing it again. He knew he'd blame himself. To be honest at first, Emmett was made at Edward. But then he thought about it, he left to try and keep them safe. He knew what those people were capable of and tried to keep them all out of it. He knew it was Carlisle's choice to do what he did, he understood it. He understood Edward did what he felt he had to, and that Carlisle did the same. He understood it but also knew they both were stupid. Something they all seemed to have in common. Acting before thinking.

Edward shook his head no. "I owe him to at least be here."

"Let me go talk to them... maybe we can stick you two together." Emmett got up from his chair and went over to the door and tried to open it... "You locked it?"

Edward nodded. "Fucking security."

Emmett chuckled and unlocked it, heading out.


After about half an hour of arguing and with the help of Charlie they convinced the hospital that moving both Edward and Carlisle into one larger room would benefit everyone involved. While they weren't pleased, the hospital staff went ahead and moved them into a larger room with Edward on one end of the room and Carlisle on the opposite, so they were essentially facing each other... well Edward faced Carlisle... Carlisle still hadn't woken up.

Emmett had left after the move had been completed to go check on the girls and try and clean up a bit.

Edward was resting, his head back against the window with his eyes closed when he heard someone clear their throat.

Edward opened his eyes and Charlie was standing there.


"Edward... how are you?" Charlie asked taking a seat next to his bed.

"Ok... I'm drugged up... so..." Edward glanced at his IV drip.

Charlie chuckled. "I see."

Edward could feel like Charlie wanted something other than checking on his well being. "Did you want to talk to me about something?"

Charlie nodded his head. "Someone from the PA police department will be here later... they need to get a statement from you. To figure out what happened and why." Charlie explained.

Edward nodded. "What about what I did?" He asked.

"Shooting Demetri?" Charlie asked. "He would have shot you or me, they had already beat you, you're real lucky to be alive Edward. Everyone can see that, there shouldn't be any charges brought against you. It was self defence Edward."

"What about what happened back home, back in Phoenix?" Edward was worried.

"All I know about Phoenix Edward is that you did some work for Demetri in order for help with your mother's doctor bills. Considering Demetri is no longer with us, he can't say what it was you did... maybe wash cars? Or cut cut his grass with a lawn mower... and it's safe to assume that perhaps he wanted to be paid back and you didn't have it."

If Edward didn't know better he would think Charlie was trying to insinuate that he not mention anything except that he borrowed money for his mother's hospital bills. Money he promised to pay back and wasn't able to. Not to mention the cars, the drugs, anything of the sort.

"Marcus, Alec, Santiago... they all know..."

Charlie stopped him. "Unfortunately they are no longer with us either."

Edward eyes snapped to Charlie's. "What?"

"They tried to run their vehicles into multiple police officers trying to escape the docks. The police fired and they were all hit. There gone Edward, it's over." Charlie explained.

Edward's eyes began to redden, but he didn't want to cry, not in front of Charlie, even though Charlie had seen him at his worst earlier. "It's over?" He buried his face into his hands trying to gain some composure.

"While I don't agree with what you did, and I can only hope you've learned something... its all done now. You can go on and be a boy Edward, just a boy." Charlie moved closer and placed his hand on Edward's shoulder. "Edward... about Bella..."

Edward stiffened at the sudden change in Charlie's voice.

"I think we both know that you need to... adjust to things Edward. I don't really know what's going on with you and my daughter... and honestly I probably don't want to know... but I'm asking you to let her be Edward. She's..."

"No." Edward looked up at Charlie. "I know everything you're saying is right, I do... but no. I won't stay away from her and I doubt she'll stay away from me. She's the only thing that has made me feel like things could be ok... since I've been here. She frustrates me and doesn't know when not to butt in but... it's ok cause that's who she is."

Charlie had a look on his face that seemed like a cross of annoyance at Edward's defiance and amusement at his perception of his daughter.

"I'm not saying forever Edward, but..."

"You heard him dad." Bella walked into the room and upon seeing Edward so beat up her eyes began to match Edward's redness. She wanted to cry but didn't, not in front of her dad.

"Bells..." Charlie turned around.

"No. He won't stay away and I won't either. If you try... in one year dad I will be gone." Bella meant it.

Charlie knew if he pressed on things would get ugly. "I'm just worried for you Bells. For both of you... Edward is in no position for a relationship..."

"I care about her Chief Swan. I know my past isn't ideal... and I know I've messed up a lot but... I care about her and I promise to try and be better, to do better. I want to be better." Edward promised.

"Please don't make this harder dad." Bella pleaded. "You know, the other night when you told me to make a wish... I did... I wished for Edward dad, and I got my wish. Don't try and take that away from me, please."

Charlie cringed thinking about the cake... the cake he made that he gave to her that she used to make that wish... he rolled his eyes at the irony.

"There will be rules. If you break them..." Charlie looked at them both.

"Thank you dad." Bella hugged him.

"Thank you Chief." Edward tried to adjust his bed so he was sitting up a bit more.


Edward's head flew towards Carlisle's direction. He flew off his bed so fast the IV drip and heart monitor attached to him fell over and dragged a few feet before he pulled them off of him. Ordinarily that would bring in nurses but being Edward's already growing reputation as a patient they didn't rush over.

"Carlisle..." Edward was next to him.

"I'll get a doctor." Charlie rushed out of the room.

"You shouldn't have done it." Edward looked at him. "It was all my fault, I thought I could handle it..."

"No... you... did what... the only thing... you knew... how... to c...carry a burden... a..lone..." Carlisle spoke, taking small breaths frequently.

"I'm sorry... all this, everything that's happened since I got here... I was stupid." Tears fell from Edwards eyes.

Carlisle smiled. "Some...thing... you... in...herited... from... me."

Edward chuckled. "Maybe... 'cause Emmett can sure be stupid sometimes."

Carlisle tried to laugh but it hurt too much.

"I don't know what to say..." Edward spoke but the responses from Carlisle's machines stopped him.

Carlisle began to cough and the machines began to beep wildly, out of control.

"Carlisle!" Edward called. "Carlisle, please!" Edward shouted. "Where's the doctor!"

Bella looked around and ran to the door. "Someone! Someone! Please help!" Just as she yelled Charlie and a doctor were coming around the corner. "Hurry! Something's wrong!"

Charlie and the doctor broke into a run towards the room. The doctor ran into the room and hit a button that would alert more medical staff to rush to the room.

"Carlisle!" Edward shouted. "Carlisle!"

"Step back son." The doctor ordered.

"Help him! Please!" Edward was pulled back by Bella.

"He can't die... he can't..." Edward looked at Bella. She wrapped her arms around his waist, as he stood there motionless watching the doctor and now the nurses that ran in, work on Carlisle.

Their intimate hug did not go unnoticed by Charlie either... who now was starting to wonder what else might have gone on when they were alone... causing him to shudder.

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