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Chapter 41 - Disclosure

"You should have called me, Carlisle. You should have told your mother and me about this." Cyril was sitting alongside Esme by Carlisle's bed.

"I was going to. I just wanted time with him first. Before he was plunged into a whole new life even more than he already was." Carlisle explained.

"I get a call from Emmett saying his brother and you are in the hospital. That you were shot!" Cyril said frustrated. "How did you expect me to react to that?"

"Certainly not by attacking my son." Carlisle emphasized.

"It wasn't my intention... I just saw him, and then you... and... I needed to blame someone. He was there." Cyril admitted. "I intend to apologize to the boy."

"Edward." Esme and Carlisle stated at the same time.

"Yes, yes. Edward." Cyril sighed.

"I know you were taken by surprise but I expected more from you dad. More than attacking a young boy whose been through hell like that!" Carlisle said his voice rising unintentionally.

"Watch your tone Carlisle, I am still your father!" Cyril snapped back.

"Ok, ok... both of you just take a breath... take a second and calm down." Esme stepped in to try and defuse a possible argument. She knew they were all the same, they would all get defensive very easy and start to argue. She didn't want that happening there in the hospital, they had enough fighting and yelling.

"Where's mom?" Carlisle asked after calming down a bit.

"Visiting your aunt. I haven't told her... I didn't want her panicking alone." Cyril sighed.

"I wanted to invite you both over, to introduce you... I didn't want to do it over the phone." Carlisle explained. "What was I going to say, um hi, guess what... I got a new son? Only he's 17 and I didn't know about him."

"I don't know, but certainly not wait this long. If you had died... Jesus Carlisle! And the boy, this was the lady you spent time with all those years ago..." Cyril glanced at Esme. "During your separation?"

Carlisle and Esme nodded.

"This doesn't bother you?" Cyril genuinely wondered looking at Esme.

"I was shocked at first. As was Carlisle, but it wasn't anything that anyone had any blame for. We were separated, divorcing... had it not been for Edward's mother, we never would have reconciled." Esme emphasized Edward's name again at Cyril.

"And what is this I hear about Emmett being hit by Alice in her car? You couldn't let us know this either?" Cyril asked.

"I'm sorry. Things have been as you see intense. We've not been ourselves and we've been trying to make Edward feel welcomed. He had a lot to deal with, a lot of pressure steaming from... from these men that had him." Carlisle shifted in his bed.

"Jasper and Rose said something about these men, that Edward worked for them? What did he do? What did they want from him?" Cyril asked.

"That's something I think you should ask Edward, something he should decide if he wants to share." Esme interjected.

Carlisle nodded his head. "I agree. This is Edward's story to tell if he wants to."

Cyril was a bit annoyed but understood. He glanced back to Edward who was asleep in his bed. "He really was stupid enough to go alone?"

Carlisle sighed. "In a matter of speaking, yes."

"Just as stupid as his father was for doing the same." Cyril added.

Carlisle nodded. "As stupid as his grandfather..."

Cyril seemed to stop breathing for a moment realization hitting him... yes this boy was his grandson... not only Carlisle's son, but his grandson.

"Was for coming in here and yelling without knowing everything or processing." Carlisle finished.

"I'm not going to insult you by saying had you died I would have welcomed Edward with open arms... I would have probably wanted nothing to do with him. I know this sounds bad, but I wouldn't be able to have gotten over it." Cyril admitted. "This would have been because of you not telling me, not telling your mother about him. However, being as thank God that is not the case, perhaps I can get to know the boy."

Carlisle sighed. His father was so stubborn.

"That will be up to Edward, dad. I can't force him. I still don't... well didn't have a good relationship with him. We were just starting to get to know each other." Carlisle looked at Esme. "We were just starting to try and be a family."

"He's a wonderful boy Cyril. Lost, hurt, confused even, but wonderful. Nothing that's gone on has been his fault." Esme really wanted Cyril to understand where Edward was coming from and what he went through.

"I've decided that I'm going to go back home later this evening." Cyril suddenly said.

Carlisle and Esme both seemed a bit surprised.

"I need to go to your mother and tell her. I cannot tell her on the phone. She's likely to pass out. We'll return together in a week. You are sure that you will be fine? That things will be ok?" Cyril glanced at Edward then back to Carlisle. "For both of you?"

Carlisle nodded. "Yes, things should improve from here dad."

"Good." Cyril said.


A lot of things happened the next couple of days after Cyril had left. The PA police came to speak with Carlisle and get some information from him. They wanted to speak with Edward but Carlisle insisted that they return at another time. Edward was still recovering from surgery and had only woken up a few times enough to see faces and then pass right back out. Carlisle didn't want to leave anything to chance. He had them run every test they could, take x-rays and check everything they could. Carlisle didn't want to risk having them miss anything else.

Carlisle also seemed to overexert himself often with Edward going into surgery, dealing with his dad. Dealing with the police, and of course his injuries. Carlisle and Edward's doctor suggested that the family go home and try and relax, to calm down and try and regroup. He wanted Edward and Carlisle alone for a while, so they could rest. As long as visitors were there, they would not get the proper rest they needed.

Aro had called up another friend of theirs from college, Caius Matsoni to head over and assist in anything legal. He was a lawyer at a top ranking law firm. Carlisle wanted to make sure they had representation, especially Edward in case anything went wrong. Carlisle went ahead and gave his statement without Caius but did mention he would not allow Edward to speak without their lawyer there just to be safe. He told the PA police that Edward had nothing to hide and did nothing wrong but because this would be going on a permanent record and of course be part of the legal system, he wanted to make sure Edward was protected as a victim. They said they understood and would return in a day or two to try and speak with Edward again. Aro went home and announced he would return later in the week when Caius arrived.

So the day after Edward's surgery, Sunday September 16th, Esme, Alice, Jasper, and Rose headed home to take care of things that were left up in the air. Charlie and Bella came to an understanding and headed home too. The understanding being that Bella would return with Esme and the rest.

Esme had been working on a charity function, Alice and Bella needed to work things out with school, and Rose had to go back to work. Jasper worked for a friend so they let him have time off when it was needed. He decided to stay and work the week, and would head back to visit with Rose on Friday.

Alice and Bella were going to go to school Monday and Tuesday and gather work for the next few days. Forks was a small town and luckily for them the administration was very understanding. They didn't know the specifics but knew there had been a terrible accident, and Carlisle and Edward both had been hurt. Since Bella had Charlie's permission, which was not easy for Charlie to give... they did not have an issue with Bella sending in homework via email alongside Alice. Emmett was the only one to stay behind. He would call everyone back home and report on how things were going. He also felt it was his job to stay there with his dad and Edward. In case anything happened. While it was hard for everyone to leave, it needed to be done and it gave Edward and Carlisle some down time to rest.

Edward unfortunately did not wake up before everyone left, something Bella found hard to take. She hadn't wanted to leave him without seeing him awake, without telling him she would be back. Emmett assured her he would tell Edward for her. Esme had her own emotional goodbye with Carlisle before going and giving Edward a kiss on his cheek and leaving the room. Alice did the same with both. Jasper said a quick goodbye to Carlisle and darted out the room trying to avoid any gazes from Carlisle. Rose and Emmett of course had their own make-out session before she exited and around 6pm Sunday evening all who were left in the room were the Cullen men, Carlisle, Edward and Emmett.

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