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Chapter 46 - What do you want?

The ride over to Jasper's was quiet. No one said a word, but everyone had the same thing on their mind. Edward tried to focus on the fact that he and Bella would have some time alone... he did not want to think about Alice and Jasper having some alone time. Edward wasn't sure where to go with Bella after dropping Alice off. He wondered if he should leave his car there in case anyone went by, they'd see it there. He didn't want it getting back to Carlisle that he left Alice there alone, which was against the rules... or even worse... Charlie...

"Hey," Jasper said to them all, though his eyes were on Alice.

"Hi." Alice replied smiling.

"Hey, I was thinking of leaving the car here... in case anyone drove by you know? Not sure where me and Bella can go though." Edward spoke.

"Nowhere." Jasper suddenly looked at him.

"You just wanna hang out then? All of us together?" Edward looked puzzled.

"Yeah, no... I mean... since that talk we had..." Jasper shuddered remembering. "I decided to fix up the basement. I put in a carpet, and got some furniture down there. It's real nice actually... why don't you and Bella hang out down there."

Edward gave him a 'I don't think so' look.

"Seriously... it's soundproof..." Jasper added. "I thought Alice and I could hang up stairs..."

Edward looked at Bella for any indication on what she wanted to do.

Bella nodded.

"Cool." Jasper led them all inside.

They all sat in the livingroom for about an hour or so, talking. No one wanted to seem desperate.

"So, are the ropes you and Emmett used to kidnap me still down there? I don't need any reminders." Edward joked.

"I still can't believe you did that to him." Alice looked at Jasper.

"That was so wrong." Bella agreed.

"Come on, I'll show you where they stuck me." Edward stood up. This was their opening to head downstairs.

"Ok." Bella stood up a bit embarrassed. She glanced quickly over to Alice, who gave her a quick smile.

"There's a fridge down there too in case you guys get thirsty or something." Jasper said, in a way telling them to not come up for a while. Edward got the hint and nodded.

They didn't talk until they were downstairs and the door to the basement was closed.

"Wow." Edward said looking around. "Jasper worked fast."

"Is it that different?" Bella asked.

"Yeah. It looks like another living room... when they had me down here... there wasn't much." Edward looked around. There was a sofa, which Edward thought it probably turned into a bed by the looks of it. There was also a really soft plush throw carpet on the floor... I wonder how soft that is... He thought to himself. He noted a table to the side, in the makeshift kitchen area, near the fridge. There was another smaller sofa, a little coffee table and a TV.

"Want something to drink?" Edward walked over to the fridge and opened it. There were some bottles of Coca-Cola. He grabbed two and used the bottle opener that was attached to the fridge via a magnet. He walked over to the larger couch where Bella sat and handed her one. She took it and snuggled into Edward's chest, her back against it after he sat down. She grabbed the remote and turned the T.V. on.

"Want to watch a movie?" Bella asked flipping through the channels.

"Whatever you want." Edward said leaning to place his bottle on the small coffee table. As he moved back Bella grabbed his hand, as she leaned and placed her bottle down.

"I want you." Bella said looking at him. That's all Edward needed. He quickly shifted so that he pushed her back against the sofa, laying her down while he leaned his body over her.

"You have me." Edward said moving down and taking her lips with his.

Bella wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him down closer to her.

"Bella..." Edward whispered in between kisses. "What do you want?" He looked her in the eyes.

"You, I want you so much." She suddenly moved and grabbed Edward's t-shirt trying to pull it off. He sat up and quickly removed it, as Bella pushed up and started to remove her own. Within seconds their shirts were tossed aside.

Edward leaned back down to her, his hands on each side of her waist while he kissed her up her stomach.

"Edward." Bella panted.

"Hmm." Edward looked up at her.

"I want to try something... will... will you... let me?" Bella's cheeks looked rosy and she seemed flushed.

Edward looked at her wondering what she was thinking.

"I've been... studying." Bella looked embarrassed.

"Studying?" He pulled back sitting straight up... "this?" His finger went from Bella to himself. "WITH WHO!" He suddenly stood up, his eyes looking wild.

Bella quickly realized what he was thinking and quickly got to her feet, going to stand in front of him.

"No... nothing like that." She assured. "Geez..."

"Fuck... don't say shit like that." Edward pinched the bridge of his nose.

Bella laughed lightly. "That's not what I meant. I'd never do that to you."

"What did you mean then?" Edward asked, his head reaching down, resting his forehead on hers.

She stayed still for a few seconds, taking in his scent, the feeling of him just relaxing her.

"Well... I watched some stuff... online..." She said sheepishly.

Edward scrunched his eyebrows. Stuff online? Edward thought for a moment. "Bella?"

She looked up at him.

"Do you mean... Bella did you... have you been... watching porn?" Edward couldn't believe it.

Bella suddenly felt stupid. She pulled away and turned around embarrassed.

Edward reached and took her hand, turning her to face him. "Don't... don't do that. Don't be embarrassed..." He reached and gently grabbed her chin, tilting her head back to look her in the eyes. "That's kind of... hot."

"Really?" Bella asked.

"Yeah... but, you don't have to do that. I don't want you to do that for me." Edward kissed her gently.

"I wanted to know more, to learn things to share with you." Bella admitted.

"We can learn together." He whispered into her ear causing Bella to have to grab onto his shoulders to keep her legs from buckling. That is hot... she thought to herself.

"Do you want to know... what I learned?" Bella's hands began to work on Edward's belt buckle.

Edward just nodded silently, letting Bella take the lead.

After the buckle was undone, she undid the button and pulled his zipper down. He then mimicked her and undid her jeans button and zipper as well. He then with one motion pulled down his jeans and boxers. Bella began to do hers when Edward stopped her. He wanted to remove her clothing, he wanted to slid her jeans and lace underwear down; which he did slowly. In a few moments they both stood there naked, all except Bella's bra that she still wore.

Bella looked up at Edward as she began to kneel down.

FUCK. Edward thought, his hardness twitching. He wanted to feel... but he couldn't let her...

"Bella... don't... you don't..." His hand reached down to stop her but she was faster. She pushed it away.

"Please? Alice said..."

Edward felt his hardness starting to deflate at the mention of his sister. "Bella, please... please do not talk about my sister right now..."

Bella giggled. "Sorry."

"You don't need to do that, please, don't do that for my sake." Edward was about to reach down and help her up when one of her hands touched his tip causing him to almost lose balance. Bella maneuvered him until she had him against the couch and pushed him back so that he fell back and sat on the sofa. She moved over to him, in between his legs and resumed her torture.

"Bella." Edward groaned and tilted his head back. She began to run her hand up and down his cock. "Fuck... fuck..." Edward panted. Although she had touched him before, their first night together... she was more assertive, more aggressive.

"Does that feel good?" Bella said her other hand now sort of playing with his balls.

"Oh fucking hell... fuck.. fuck..." Edward couldn't form a coherent sentence. "I... you... shit... fuck."

Bella smiled. She then went one step further. She wasn't ready to do what she wondered about, what she had seen in some of the videos she and Alice had found but she wanted to try something. She leaned in closer and placed a soft kiss just above his cock, in between his nicely prominent V. Edward opened his eyes and watched her, mesmerized. She leaned in lower and kissed the top of his cock. Just a gentle kiss with her lips lingering for just a moment. Edward couldn't take it anymore. In one quick movement he had her on the floor, his body above hers. This carpet is really soft. He thought for a moment.

Bella looked at him with urge, with want in her eyes. "Edward." She was asking him, pleading with him. She wanted him, needed him. Edward reached beneath her and unclasped her bra. It joined the rest of their clothes in a pile on the floor across from them. Edward began to kiss her, down her neck, down her chest. His hands feeling her breasts. Although they hadn't been together since their first night, they have pawed and felt each other up a number of times.

"Edward... Edward..." Bella was breathing heavy.

"I love you." Edward whispered, as his hand found her wetness. She was already wet, but he wanted to do what he could to be sure she felt no pain this time. He wanted this time to be better for her, to feel good.

"Can I?" Edward asked. Bella nodded her head.

Edward decided this time he was going to do more to get her ready. Bella wasn't the only one wanting to try things they've seen or been told about. He slowly pushed a finger into Bella causing her to thrust upward. He slowly began to move it in and out of her.

"Edward!" Bella was desperate. She couldn't understand how she could need him so much, so bad with this being their second time.

"Not yet." Edward told her as he inserted another finger. He continued to move his fingers, to feel her. "You're not the only one who studied." He admitted, grinning smugly.

"Edward... please... I... you..." She was panting heavily. "Please..."

Edward nodded and removed his fingers. He had wanted to do that their first time but he didn't want to scare her, and he himself was a bit nervous their first night together. This time he wasn't, he was sure of himself, of her, of their love. He positioned himself and looked her in the eyes. She nodded thrusting up trying to feel him. He gently placed one hand on Bella's cheek and moved in to kiss her as he slowly pushed in.

"Fuck Bella... you're so.. tight." Edward looked at her for any signs of discomfort. Bella had her eyes closed, her head tilted back.

She was holding her breath as he entered her.

"Breathe Bella." Edward continued to move until he felt himself fully inside of her, after which he paused to let her get accustomed to him.

Bella opened her eyes and exhaled slowly once he was inside. She didn't hurt this time, not much at least. She felt a slight pain as he first entered her, but it was soon replaced with need.

"Please, please move, do... something... love me." Bella reached her hand up and grabbed his hair, pulling him to her mouth. Edward groaned and began to move slowly at first.

"Always... always love you." Edward whispered. And although they were 17, he meant it. He meant it more than he ever meant anything in his life.

"More..." Bella moaned, trying to increase their speed. Edward complied and began to thrust into her faster.

Bella began to moan. She was lost in Edward. She looked at him, their eyes meetings. "Faster..." Bella requested, panting.

Edward didn't want to hurt her, but her pleas were causing him to lose control. He began to thrust in and out as fast as he could while still being gentle. Their bodies were now slick with sweat, flushed,warm... hot.

"Edward... I..." Bella was still pulling on Edward's hair, both hands now. Edward supporting his weight on his hands, on each side of Bella.

"Bella..." Edward breathed hard. He was close.

"I'm... I'm going to..." Bella was losing it which was causing Edward to do the same. His eyes looking as if he was in some drug induced haze. Bella was his own personal brand of heroin. He was never going to be able to get enough.

"Edward!" Bella shouted as she lost full control and came. Edward following right after feeling her tighten around him. Thrusting a few more times until they were completely spent.

"Fuck." Edward panted. "That was..."

"Nice." Bella finished.

Edward smirked. "Yeah, definitely one way to put it."

"I want you one day Edward, to show me, for us to learn together... some of the things I studied." Bella grinned.

"Fuck." Was Edward's response to Bella's request. He could not wait to 'study' things with Bella. He glanced around until he spotted a clock. 9:45 pm. They had plenty of time still, and with that, he assaulted her lips again.

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