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Chapter 52 - My Friend Jack

"Happy Birthday Mom." Edward kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you, honey." Elizabeth opened up the gift Edward had given her. "Edward! It's gorgeous!" Elizabeth gaped at the exquisite ladies watch Edward had given her. "It's too much, honey!"

Edward shook his head. "Nothing's too much for you."

"How?" Edward worked hard to help out, she didn't want him working even harder just for her.

"Mom, come on. Can't you just be happy, please?" Edward begged.

Elizabeth sighed. "I am, I just hate how hard you..."

"I like working, mom. I'm not doing something you should feel bad about." Great, lie to your mom on her birthday, he thought to himself.

"I love you so much." Elizabeth hugged him hard. She had a feeling this would be the last birthday they would share together. She knew she was getting worse.

"Time for cake." Edward grinned.

"What kind of cake, Edward?"

"Chocolate, your favorite. Come on, mom."

"Edward... Edward..."

"What mom? I'm right here."

"Edward... Edward..."

"Mom! I'm right here."




"Hmm?" Edward opened his eyes.

"We've arrived at the hotel. Come on." Carlisle had woken him.

I was dreaming. Edward realized. He was glad to see his mother, even if in a dream, but it hurt when he woke up because it was just that, just a dream and she was gone. He had been doing a lot of that as soon as it got closer to her birthday, and the days following. At times although glad to see her again, even if just in a dream, he sometimes hoped he wouldn't. It was hard still for him, not to have her with him anymore.

"Are you ok?" Carlisle asked as Edward climbed out of the Durango.

"Why?" Fuck... what did I say? Edward wondered.

"You called for your mother." Carlisle admitted. "No one else heard. They'd all gone in already."

"I'm fine."

"You can talk to me about anything, you know that right?"

Edward nodded his head. "Yeah."

"Come on. Or Emmett will have you sleeping on the sofa." Carlisle smiled. And with that they grabbed a few more bags and headed inside. They were spending the night in Seattle where Cyril's little boy was buried. After that, it was a road trip straight down to Phoenix.


"Edward, come and sit with me." Elizabeth patted the spot next to where she lay in bed.

Edward walked over and climbed into the bed. Leaning his head towards hers so they touched slightly, he snuggled up next to her.

"Please, don't." Edward closed his eyes, waiting for her to say something he knew he did not want to hear.

"I'm sorry, baby." She tried to hold her tears in. "I'm so tired. I've tried, we've both tried so hard. I can't continue this, Edward. I'm stopping treatment."

Edward's silent tears were rolling down his cheeks.

"I don't know how much longer... without continuing treatment, without another round of chemo..." Elizabeth ran her fingers through her baby boy's hair.

"You can't stop." Edward begged. "You can't. I can't do this. You can't do this. You can't give up."

"You are so strong, honey. You will never be alone. I promise you." Elizabeth wanted to explain right then and there but she couldn't... she didn't.

Edward rolled onto his side and hugged his mom like he used to when he was a little boy and cried until he fell asleep.



Edward jerked up from the sofa where he had fallen asleep. He looked around a bit disoriented at first, before remembering where they were. Seattle. After adjusting his eyes to the dark, he looked around and saw Jasper sitting on recliner across from him.

"Emmett get the bed then?" Jasper asked.

Edward shrugged, swinging his legs off the couch to sit instead of laying on it.

"You ok?" Jasper asked. "You were... I don't know... whimpering?"

Edward was glad it was dark because it hid the tears he felt on his face. He'd woken up crying.

"I'm fine."

"If you want to talk to someone..." Jasper pushed.

"I'm fine!" Edward snapped. Jasper put his hands up in defeat. "Alright." He stood up. "I'm gonna go push Em's ass off the bed." They were in a two bedroom suite. Carlisle and Cyril shared one that had two twin beds, while the other had a king bed that the boys were supposed to share.

Edward nodded. He looked around and decided he needed some air. He put his pants on, as he slept in his boxers, followed by his shoes and a muscle shirt. He made sure to grab his phone, and then he headed out.

He hated wanting to NOT dream about his mom. But hated remembering that night. The night that she chose not to fight anymore. He grew angry sometimes, thinking she didn't care enough to keep fighting for him. He knew though, that he was just being selfish. He saw everything she went through, and how she struggled. Even though he understood, he still hated thinking about it. He didn't want to think about it.

With everything that happened after his mother's death, Edward never really got to come to terms with it. He didn't really grieve after the funeral. He was pushed into a new family, and dealt with Demetri, and recovering. Now this thing with Cyril... it's as if things were coming from all sides. Like there was a line of distractions waiting for their turn. He sort of welcomed them in a way, it kept him from dealing with shit... but now that he knew he'd soon be there... at the cemetery... he was scared.

Edward went down to a corner store and with his fake ID managed to buy a bottle of liquor just before the cut off time. He had drank before, but never with the intention of getting drunk. But he wanted to now, he wanted to get so drunk he'd pass out and not dream at all. He didn't really know about one liquor over the other, aside from regular beer, but he wanted something stronger. He went with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Jack... how's about you and me become friends. My friend Jack." He muttered to himself.

When he got back to the hotel it was about 12 A.M. and everyone was of course asleep. He went over and got back into the couch he was asleep on earlier. He undid the cap and sighed, before taking a large gulp straight from the bottle.

"Shit." He muttered as the burn went down his throat. He took another drink... and another... until the next thing he knew, it was morning. Opening his eyes slowly, and feeling his head seemed as if someone used it to pound nails into a board, he found Carlisle standing over him.


Edward didn't respond, he just slowly glanced around trying to find the bottle.

"Looking for this?" Carlisle held the bottle up in front of Edward's face. Half empty.

Edward shut his eyes and groaned.

"Talk to me." Carlisle pleaded.

"I... I..." Edward didn't even know what to say, so he ignored it. "I got a headache."

"Yeah, this will give you one." Carlisle sighed, pushing Edward's legs off the couch so that he could sit down. "I know that I'm not one to talk but, you can't drink your troubles away. Talk to me, tell me how you're doing. Tell me..."

"I'm fine!" Edward was getting tired of people asking him how he was, how he felt. He thought those days were passed and now after his stupid idea to go say "goodbye," everyone was on his case it seemed.

"You're not fine, Edward." Carlisle grabbed him by his bicep. "And if I find you with a bottle again. I will make you regret it." Carlisle whispered into his ear.

Edward blinked a few times. Did Carlisle just threaten him? He'd never heard that tone in Carlisle's voice. He whispered but... it was a different kind of whisper.

Fuck... he's kind of scary. Note to self... don't fuck with Carlisle.

"I'm gonna let this one go." Carlisle returned to normal. "But only this once."

Edward nodded.

"Get some tylenol, and drink a cup of coffee or something. Wait until Emmett gets up... you're gonna regret that little self party as soon as he opens his mouth." Carlisle grinned.


Emmett was annoyingly loud on your best day... on a day with a killer hangover... it was going to be torture. He groaned and got up from the couch and headed to the bathroom. He might as well get ready before the others wake up and start to hog the bathroom. If he was lucky his headache would subside before...

"Hey bro!" Emmett slapped him on the back as he rushed past him to the bathroom, beating Edward.

Edward sighed and held his head. Nope... guess not.

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