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Chapter 89 - DO NOT, show your mother...

"Edward!" Esme squealed as she tore open the door to Aro's vehicle.

"Hi." Edward said into Esme's shoulder as she practically squeezed the life out of him.

"Honey, you're going to break him." Carlisle chuckled as he approached. "Besides, when Emmett gets a hold of him..."

Edward looked around for him. "He's not here?"

"He went somewhere with Jasper, I'm sure they're up to something so stay alert." Carlisle suggested. He stood in front of Edward wanting to hug him, but not sure how to go about it. Fortunately it didn't matter because Edward pulled him into a hug.

"It's good to see you, to be home."

"That it is son, that it is."

"Edward!" Alice shouted as she ran down the front steps.

"Crap..." Edward muttered before Alice flung herself into his arms giving him a tight hug, almost knocking them both over.

"Geez Alice, you're tiny, how can you squeeze so hard..." Edward asked, hugging her back.

"Aro, its good to see you." Carlisle gave him a half man hug.

"It's nice to be back, but I head out again in the morning." Aro gave Carlisle a quick look.

"Ah well, I hope things work out for you." Carlisle responded with a seemingly innocent smile... that Edward caught.

Edward knew Aro wasn't being straight with him and now he knew Carlisle knew something about whatever was going on with Aro. He'd try and get details out of him later.

Suddenly Edward heard barking and out rushed Nanook.

"Holy shit, he's grown!" Edward bent down to pet the pooch who ran straight to him.

"Hey boy. You remember me right? I hope?" Edward ended up just getting down on his knees while Nanook jumped erratically all over him. "It's good to see you too." Edward laughed.

"Edward you should put your stuff inside." Aro motioned towards the bag on the ground.

"Right." Edward stood up and grabbed his bag. "Come on Nanook."

"Yes everyone, let's head inside. We can get ready for dinner." Esme announced.

"Alice call Emmett and see where they are. Tell him they got 15 minutes to get home." Carlisle headed in after them all.



"Yeah?" Edward turned around, he had been looking out his window, not paying attention. He turned around and there stood Bella. He stood frozen for a moment, trying to figure out what to say, what to do.

"Welcome home." Bella said softly moving towards the middle of the room.

"Thank you." Edward walked to meet her, suddenly noticing a tear begin to fall from her face.

"Don't cry Bella." Edward reached to wipe her tear away, but she grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Happy tears Edward. I missed you so much."

"I missed you too."

"Is uh, your dad here too?"

Bella smiled. "No, he had to work. He said to tell you welcome back. Why?"

"Because, it would be weird if he walked in while I did this." Edward leaned in, and with one hand cupping her chin, he kissed her.

The kiss only lasted a few moments, but it was an important moment. It was the start of their do-over. It was Edward showing not only Bella, but himself that he was ok, he could do it. Sure, things wouldn't be easy for them and they probably should talk with Aro on how to 'start over,' but for that one moment, that evening, they were ok.

"We should head downstairs." Edward said as he pulled away.

Bella nodded. Taking her hand, Edward led her to the dining room. He had stressed and wondered the entire ride home about that moment. He wondered if he'd still feel weird or if there would be awkwardness between them. There was a little nervousness and some unsure feelings of what to do, but it wasn't strange or forced, it was good. Things were good and he was going to work on keeping them like that.


"Emmett Dale Cullen... are you kidding me?" Carlisle looked at Emmett and Jasper as they arrived home.

"What?" Emmett looked confused.

"What on earth possessed you... to... to get a tattoo?" Carlisle was pulling on his hair.

"I thought it would be an awesome welcome back thing for Edward." Emmett replied.

"What would be awesome?" Edward asked as he and Bella reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Edward!" Emmett boomed. "Welcome back!" He went over and pulled Edward into a headlock.

"Fuck Emmett, stop it!" Edward tried to pull away before Emmett could noogie him.

"Hey Edward, welcome back man!" Jasper fist bumped him.

"What did he do?" Edward asked Jasper.

"Show him." Jasper grinned.

Emmett lifted up his left sleeve and there on his skin was a tattoo of a dog tag, with E/E/A on it, and the Cullen crest.

"Holy shit!" Edward quickly was at Emmett's side. "Why?"

"Well, one night Nanook over there almost ate my dog tags... so... I thought, hey in case I ever lose them, of he does eat them, I'll still have it." Emmett was truly pleased with himself.

"That's fucking awesome. I want one." Edward's eyes sparkled.

"Oh no you don't!" Carlisle quickly tried to put the brakes on, seeing where this was headed.

"Why not?" Edward asked.

"You're 17 Edward, you're not even old enough to get a tattoo." Carlisle argued.

"For a couple more months." Edward reminded.

"Why Edward? Why do something as stupid as Emmett?" Carlisle sighed.

"I can't explain it. I just... now that I see it, I think it's something I need." Edward saw it as a way to accept his Cullen side.

"Edward, don't worry about it now. In a couple of months we can discuss this and talk to Carlisle about it. It's nothing that needs to be decided right now." Aro spoke.

Edward nodded. "Alright Aro, alright."

Carlisle glanced at Aro, a bit taken aback by how Edward seemed to instantly agree and listen to Aro. He didn't say anything, but something about it bothered him.

"Dinner is ready!" Esme shouted from the kitchen.

"Do not, DO NOT show your mother that tattoo tonight." Carlisle warned.

Emmett nodded, as they headed to the dining room. "Wasn't planning on it."


"Edward! That is not dinner table conversation." Esme tried to sound stern, but couldn't hold in her own laughter.

"Stop that! Sue was mortified!" Aro shook his head. Once Aro noticed Esme had made fried chicken... he knew it would come out.

"She was mortified? I wanted to bleach my eyes!" Edward laughed nudging Aro.

"You are such a teenager Edward." Aro didn't want to laugh, but he did.

"I caught him in the bathroom rinsing his eyes out repeatedly, like that was going to help erase it from his mind." Aro continued to laugh.

"It was not cool, I did not want to see any parts that I saw... of Aro EVER." Edward shivered thinking about it.

They continued dinner and continued talking about different things that happened at camp, like traipsing around town looking for shoes for Jake.

"I didn't know they cost so much, Aro paid for them." Edward explained.

"Remind me to teach you a bit about doing laundry Edward." Esme shook her head.

"Remind me to talk to you about some of the stuff you buy me. I mean if thats how much shoes cost... I don't need them, not like those. Not that expensive." Edward shook his head as well. "I don't need expensive stuff, I'm not trying to impress anyone."

"I work hard so you can all have the best, there's nothing wrong with that Edward." Carlisle felt a bit hurt at Edward's implication. "We're not trying to show off."

"I'm sure that's not what he meant dear." Esme gave him a look. She was starting to see the annoyance on Carlisle's face.

"The last night we were there, Jake, Garrett and I snuck off to Aro's cabin, to hang out. We raided his fridge and..."

"Stole my ice cream." Aro laughed finishing his sentence. "I found them beating Jake with pillows and Jake screaming to save his ice cream." Aro and Edward broke out into a fit of laughter.

"Dude, I wanna go to camp next time too." Emmett looked at them.

"You're 20 dude, what are you gonna do at camp? Play with the kids?" Jasper tossed a roll at him.

"I think it's great you had a good time Edward." Alice jumped in. "I think it really did you good. Right Bella?"

Bella nodded. "I really do too. You seem good, happy. I'm really glad."

"I'm not gonna lie, I hated going there. I hated that I needed to go away. But the more I was there, the more I got to know others there, Jake, Garrett... it became, I don't know, something else." Edward tried to explain.

"You did good Edward." Aro put his arm around him.

However, only Esme noticed Carlisle's growing discomfort and it only grew as the night went on, until it was time for Aro to head out.

"I'll walk you to your car." Carlisle got up and followed Aro.

"Thanks a lot Aro." Edward stood up.

"I'll be in touch, I'll tell Jake hi for you." Aro gave him a nod before heading out, followed by Carlisle.

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