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Chapter 94 - Wow

"So wait, for your dad's birthday you're gonna tell him to leave?" Jasper scratched his head.

"Exactly." Emmett said stuffing his face with the sandwich Rose had made him before heading off to work. They were currently sitting in Jasper and Rose's kitchen.

"Explain." Jasper pushed for more information.

"They didn't know I was home, cause I was parked in the garage instead of out front. I heard him and Aro talking about my dad I don't know, feeling bad about his and Ed not being close. I think maybe he's a bit freaked out that Edward and Aro get along so good. So, I went online and bought them some tickets to something." Emmett explained.

"But, your dad isn't gonna wanna leave you all on his birthday. No way he'll go for that. What about your mom? Does she know your plan?" Jasper didn't think Emmett had thought far enough ahead for his little plan.

"I talked to my mom and Alice already. They're in. We're gonna have a birthday dinner Friday and then Edward and my dad can take off Saturday."

"I still don't think your dad will agree. How are you guys going to explain to him, and Edward for that matter, having the dinner Friday when your dad's birthday is Saturday?" Jasper asked.

"Easy. My mom will say because she has something planned for Saturday. We just won't tell him WHAT it is and that it doesn't include all of us." Emmett finished his sandwich.

Jasper sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, if anyone can pull it off, it's your mom."

"Yup. Anyways, I got to go. Got to finish some shit up for your party tomorrow. Plus Aro and my dad were putting some big box in Ed's room, I wanna know what it is." Emmett stood up heading for the door.

"You mean you haven't gotten Rose's present yet." Jasper grinned.

Emmett looked offended, before grinning. "Oh I got her present."

"Fucking gross man." Jasper flipped him off.

Emmett laughed as he waved Jasper off heading out.

"Remember, I'm dating YOUR sister." Jasper shouted out the door, watching Emmett get into his jeep. Although they lived in apartments, it was more of a townhouse style apartments, which is why they had an upstairs and a basement.

Jasper headed back inside when he realized something important.

"Aww crap." He went and grabbed his keys and headed out himself. Although he HAD gotten Rose's gift, he forgot to pick it up. He quickly called the jewelry store where he had bought Rose's present.

"I know you close in 10 minutes Mr. Saunters, but you also know my sister." Jasper was trying to convince the shop owner to wait for him to arrive on his cell as he climbed into his car. "If I don't have her present tomorrow, it's going to be my last birthday Mr. Saunters... ok... thank you. I'm on my way right now." Jasper sighed a sigh of relief and hit the gas.


"Hey Emmett, how are you." Aro greeted Emmett as he walked into the house.

"Good, good," Emmett patted Aro on the back.

"Careful there, I'm trying not to have a hurt back." Aro said straightening up.

"It's not my fault you're getting old." Emmett shrugged.

"Hey!" Aro and Carlisle both responded.

"I said him, not you." Emmett clarified.

"We're the same age." Carlisle reminded.

"Oh yeah, that's right. Oh well." Emmett laughed.

"Where's Edward?" Emmett said grabbing a donut from the counter in the kitchen.

"Right here, why? Miss me?" Edward snagged the donut from him.

"Give that back!" Emmett ran for the donut, but was not fast enough. Edward licked it all over.

"Still want it?" Edward held it out.

"You are such an ass." Emmett glared.

"Don't be like that. I'll show you what Aro brought me." Edward smiled.

"What?" Emmett asked, as if he hadn't seen the box.

"There's a big box in my room, go check it out. It's pretty cool." Edward walked over getting a glass to pour a cup of milk.

"What is it?" Emmett asked.

"Go look." Edward replied, his back to Emmett, hiding the smirk on his face.

"I think I will do just that." Emmett said heading for the stairs.

"You stick Jake back in the box?" Aro whispered, so as not to be heard.

Edward turned and looked at Aro and Carlisle. "Yup."

Aro and Carlisle looked towards the stairs.

"3... 2... 1..." Edward counted down.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Emmett could be heard shouting from upstairs, followed by running, Jake slamming into Aro in the kitchen with Emmett right behind him slamming into them both, and the three of them falling to the ground.

Edward and Carlisle broke out laughing.

"Both of you get off of me!" Aro shouted pushing the both of them off him.

"Sorry." Jake said getting up.

"You all knew he was up there?" Emmett asked as he stood up, helping pull Aro up.

"Yep." Edward replied.

"What is he doing here? You visiting for the party tomorrow?" Emmett asked.

"Nope." Edward walked closer to them.

"I live here now." Jake spoke.

"What? You're moving in here?" Emmett asked.

"No, not here, here." He sort of stuck his chin out towards Aro. "I'm moving in with Aro."

Emmett looked at Aro, a bit shocked. "Seriously?"

Aro nodded.

"Wow." Emmett kept looking back and forth between Aro and Jake.

"What?" Aro asked.

"You're gonna be like what? His guardian or something?" Emmett still wasn't fully getting it.

"No, more than that. I'm adopting him. Well I have, there is just some paper work to be filed." Aro clarified.

"Wow." Emmett again replied.

"What?" Aro asked a bit frustrated.

"Nothing... just... you sure... I mean... you sure you can do that? Like play dad? I mean, you don't got any experience." Emmett sat down on a barstool at the breakfast counter.

"I asked him if he was sure. I mean I didn't want to step on anyone's toes and like ruin his life and stuff." Jake spoke up.

Edward walked over and hit Emmett upside his head.

"Sorry." Emmett quickly realized what it may have sounded like. "I didn't mean anything bad by it. Just, wow... you as a dad. It's weird."

"Jake and I talked it over. We know we're going to have an adjustment period, but we're both ready. Right Jake?" Aro asked.

"Yeah. I guess. I mean, I told him, I'm a handful." Jake grinned.

"That I already knew." Aro grinned back.

"This is gonna be great." Edward said patting Jake on the back.

"Yep. And then when lunch lady Clearwater gets here, Aro will be all up in her business and..."

"SHUT UP!" Edward smacked Jake upside his head this time.

Carlisle laughed, Emmett shuddered, and Aro sighed. An adjustment period was definitely in store, but not just for Aro and Jake, for all of them.

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