Hey, everybody!

Recently, I was in an accident and got hit by a van. I suffered a level 2 concussion from not wearing my helmet, got 8 staples in my head, got 5 stitches in my leg, and ripped the ligaments on either side of my right ankle entirely away. I'm on crutches and missed some important weeks of school so, while I am trying to write and get you all updates, I'm really also trying to focus on getting better and recovering my lost school performance.

I've got two months of biweekly laser therapy lined up to repair my ankle, and that's going to be so much fun. I love hearing everyone giving me suggestions about my writing and how I can improve it (shout-outs to: Uninvited Guest(Guest), TheMysticWolf36(user) and Lovely Manga (Guest) for their suggestions on Bruder, Come Home! And Le Lettre De Mon Amour). I appreciate everyone else who's helped me along my writing journey, but these lucky two were the only handles I had on file right now.

Unfortunately, I had my laptop with me in the crash and, being on a bike and getting smashed with a van going 66 km/h, it suffered more than I did. The newest chapter of Bruder Come Home was on there, to be posted that day, but as of now all my works and newest updates are out of reach. Hopefully ASUS will recover my files and replace my laptop, but I can't be sure. If they do, I can get my 'Helpful People' list and send another mass letter to all those great writers and writeresses who've been such great people.

Until I post again, and hopefully that's soon,