I'm warning you all now, this fanfiction is pure SEX. If you're looking for a plot of any kind, you're out of luck. One might slip in at the beginning to start it and at the end just so I can tie up this fanfiction, but that's it! I feel so dirty writing this, but I know someone out there will like it! Also, this fanfiction features pedophilia. Daphne is 12 the first chapter, so if you don't like, skip ahead or leave!

Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Gilderoy Lockhart. That's where 12-year-old Daphne Blake of Slytherin House found herself that fall day. That was where it all started. He had been teaching the class about something or another, all the girls had been sighing over his handsomeness, and Daphne was trying to convince herself that she didn't find him attractive. She was failing. She couldn't help it! He kept looking at her, seeming to stare right into her soul. She felt her panties begin to get wet, and had no idea why. She was a novice when it can to sexual anything. She had just started puberty!

Soon class ended and she began to pack her things and head to Potions. But Professor Lockhart stopped her. He whispered in her ear to come to his office after curfew, he needed to speak to her about her grades. She nodded innocently and left.

She showed up, after sneaking past Filch, and opened the door to the classroom. It was dark and empty, but she saw light coming from under his office door. She closed the classroom door after herself and began to walk to the office door, when it swung open, featuring a silhouette of Professor Lockhart.

"I'm so glad you came." He spoke silkily, snapping his fingers and lights flickered on. "Why don't you . . . stand next to that desk? And we can get started?" Daphne saw an odd smile on his face and she complied.

He walked over to her and stood next to her, looking down. "I've seen the way you look at me Daphne. You try to fight it, but you can't. You want me. And I want you."

Lockhart took this time to rake his eyes over her somewhat well-developed body. Daphne stared up at him, so confused.

"Face the desk." He said it with such command, that she did it immediately. "Good. Now put your hands on the desk and spread your legs." She complied. "Further . . . Further . . . Yes, that's good."

Daphne shook slightly from fear.

"Oh, don't try to fight it, you'll enjoy it." Then he stuck his hand up her skirt, rubbing her pussy through her panties. "Get wet for me. I want to feel you DRIPPING."

He pushed his fingers slightly up, into her pussy, and began rubbing her fiercely. Daphne began to move her hips with his fingers, liking the feeling.

"Yes. I knew you'd like it. I knew you wouldn't fight. Where else do you burn? Your little clit? Your hard little nipples? Tell me and I will satisfy you." Lockhart edged on.

Daphne whimpered in pleasure and she pushed down on his fingers, wanting them to go deeper.

"I ache there. I want them to go further. Please." Daphne moaned, thrusting her hips down.

Lockhart growled in arousal. "Oh yes, they will. But not now." He removed his fingers. She whimpered at the lose. "Oh no, your first orgasm will be by my cock and nothing else. Tell me, have you ever touched yourself down there?"

"No." She shook her head quickly, wanting him to touch her again.

"Very good. I will be your first. And you will never forget it." He yanked her panties down to her ankles and undid his trousers to release his cock. He stroked it a bit before plunging his fingers into her wet pussy. She yelped in surprise, but began moving her hips again.

"You're so tight. I can't wait to fuck you. And you're so eager, I'm glad I picked you. All that pent up sexual frustration will make you an excellent toy." Daphne didn't listen to him though, too wrapped up in his fingers. He scissored her a few times before removing his fingers and replacing it with his cock. She screamed in pain, but he didn't care. He thrusted hard into her tiny body, clenching her hips to stabilize her. She held on fiercely to the desk.

He fucked her for a few minutes before he came hard into her, his cum mixing with her blood. He removed himself and muttered a spell to clean them both off.

"So bloody good." He whispered, looking at the edge of her skirt, which hid her abused pussy. "But we aren't done yet. I don't remember you cumming."

He spun her around to face him and kneeled down, putting her left leg on his shoulder. He then started to lick out her pussy, both hands on either thigh to keep them apart. Daphne put her right hand on the desk to stable herself and her other hand fisted his hair. She began thrusting her hips into his mouth.

He detached himself momentarily from her. "Scream my name if you want it to be good." Then he continued.

"Oh! Professor! Lockhart! Gilderoy Lockhart! Don't stop!" She moaned eagerly. He didn't and after a couple of minutes, she came hard into his mouth. He lapped up her juices and put her leg down and stood up.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked her.

"Yes!" She said breathlessly.

"Good. Come back every night for something similar. And if Filch tries to stop you, offer him your pussy. Tell him he can fuck you or eat you out. Then he should let you pass." Lockhart told her, an evil glint in his eyes.

She nodded and began to leave.

"And Miss Blake?" She stopped and turned. "I want you to practice finger-fucking yourself. Put your fingers in your pussy just like I did and move them in and out until you orgasm. I want you to do that in the hallways before you arrive here."

She nodded eagerly and left.