Bo and Kenzi finally gave up on meeting the man who had promised to provide them with information about their case and made their way back through the tunnel. They pushed the exit doors open and stepped out of the dark fae club, only to be greeted with an icy wind that cut right through their coats and made them shiver.

"Back to the club house, then? I think we deserve some serious wine-ing and really really bad but amazing but bad reality tv" Kenzi said, her eyes already sparkling with anticipation.

"Sounds good, Kenz!" Bo said smiling. Not having slept at all the night before, she was already exhausted and looked forward to just kicking back at home.

Since it was a fucking cold night and freezing to death wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility, both women quickly dismissed the idea of walking home and headed for the nearest taxi stand that was about 3 streets away. They didn't get far though because as soon as they had walked 10 feet away from the club doors, they heard someone whispering. "Bo. Bo, I'm here." Someone was standing in a dark alleyway right next to the club. Kenzi immediately freaked and tightened her grip on her purse, ready to hit whoever was hiding there with the collective power of its contents.

A man stepped out of the darkness and Bo immediately recognized him. It was their contact they were supposed to meet tonight. "There you are. Why weren't you in the club?" Bo asked. "We waited for like 2 hours."

"I'm sorry, Bo. Someone followed me and this club has only one exit. It was just too risky. I can't be seen with you. Everyone would instantly know that it was me who told you."

"Told me what exactly?" Bo inquired.

He motioned to them to join him in the alleyway. Bo and Kenzi did as he wanted and stepped closer to him. The man started talking "I know who did it" he eagerly looked at Bo. "The guy who killed that little girl in the woods, he's dark fae. I heard him talking about it in a small bar that is only popular with the worst of the worst" he told them.

"Why were you there, then?" Kenzi asked.

"Oh that doesn't matter, does it? The only thing that matters is that Tr-" he stopped talking as all three of them could hear the rustling of metal on the ground. They turned their heads to look in the direction of the sound.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" Bo yelled.

Seconds later something hit her hard on the side of the head which made her fall down to the ground. Kenzi got incredibly scared and gasped "Bo...?". And then she could see them. Three tall men, only-muscle-no-brain she'd call them later on, standing mere inches away from them. How could they not have seen them?

One of them leaned over Bo and Kenzi could see the shining metal of a switchblade knife. The second man grabbed their informant while the third started punching him repeatedly in the face. Kenzi stood right next to them and tried to step in and stop them but was immediately pushed to the wall violently. It took only one strike from the third man to leave her lying on the floor, whimpering. When one of them yelled "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!", the other two started dragging away their informant. It took some time before Kenzi didn't feel the pain as strongly anymore and was able to move again without cursing like a drunk sailor. "Bo, are you alright?" She asked while crawling slowly in the direction where Bo was lying.

As soon as she saw the state Bo was in, tears started rolling down her ice cold cheeks. Her best friend was seriously injured. She could see deep red marks on Bo's temple. From the looks of it, it must have hit her with the speed of light to leave marks like that. Kenzi could also see 4 deep cuts on Bo's throat, parallel to each other. The switchblade knife had apparently cut deep into Bo's artery and she had already lost unhealthy amounts of blood. Kenzi scooted closer and held Bo's head in her hands, hundreds of her tears dropping down on Bo's face.


Meanwhile in the club Tamsin had enough of dancing and talking to random strangers who were nowhere near as hot as her. Plus, more often than she'd like to admit she found herself rethinking the banter with a certain succubus a couple of hours ago. Unsatisfied, she decided to call it a night and made her way out of the club.

Annoyed with the temperatures outside, all she wanted to do was to rush home as quickly as possible. She lost her train of thought though as soon as she heard someone crying and whimpering "Wake up! Please wake up" in a dark alleyway.

"Police! What are you doing there?" Oh why did she even bother, she immediately thought to herself. Probably some dispensable human who is drunk as hell and isn't worth her attention anyway.

"Help please! Help!" Kenzi cried.

"Well, that starts off great" Tamsin thought to herself as she walked further into the alleyway and saw a body lying on the ground and another person huddling up to it. Her speed increased as soon as she realized that the body looked alarmingly similar to Bo. She knew the other person as well... Bo's human toy, wasn't it?

"What the hell happened? Is that your idea of a fun night out?" Tamsin asked Kenzi, shocked by the huge puddle of blood around them.

"Some" was all Kenzi could manage to stutter while sobbing heavily.

Finally fully realizing the severity of the situation, Tamsin kneeled down next to Bo, checked her eyes, her breathing and the distressing slashes on her neck. Bo was barely conscious.

"She just needs to heal. She'll be fine afterwards. Just healing" Kenzi whispered "What you need to do is..." "Look, I don't need a human to tell me how succubi work" Tamsin interrupted "Now help me get her to my car, I'll take care of her."

Kenzi looked at her suspiciously.

"Like it or not, she needs help. Fast. I'm in a position to help her, you're not. So, get up and carry her with me to my car."

Kenzi reluctantly agreed and helped carry Bo to Tamsin's black Porsche coupe. They put her on the passenger seat, Tamsin slightly frowning as she saw blood stains forming on the fabric of the seat. She ran around the car and got in the driver's seat while Kenzi slammed the door on Bo's side shut. Suddenly, she realized that Tamsin didn't intend to take her along. She tried to open the door again but it was already locked. Kenzi banged on the window but Tamsin just shrugged, smiled and let the engine roar. She drove off into the night while Kenzi fell to her knees again and cried out for someone to help her.


Tamsin dragged the groaning Bo slowly into her flat and kicked the door shut with the heel of one of her high boots. They made their way through Tamsin's spacious living room. Tamsin lowered Bo onto the couch and kneeled down to take off both of their shoes. When she looked up, she found Bo biting her lip and staring at her hungrily. Tamsin smiled and straddled Bo. She pushed a strand of hair out of Bo's face, took off her own blouse that was clinging to her and whispered seductively in Bo's left ear "Dinner's ready!". That's all it took - Bo used all of her remaining strength to crash their lips together. Tamsin pinned Bo's hands down behind her and started kissing down her bruised body while taking the rest of their clothes off. Bo shuddered whenever Tamsin's lips touched her skin. Something about her made Bo go crazy and she wanted Tamsin to make her feel like this forever. Tamsin made her way painfully slowly down Bo's marvellous body, kissing and licking every inch she could get to. She kissed Bo's hot center and instantly heard her moan loudly. Tamsin was quite surprised to feel Bo pulling her back up mere minutes later. Bo felt the urge to have her close and kiss her as hard as possible while all the time feeling the weight of Tamsin's entire body on top of hers. She pushed one of her thighs between Tamsin's legs and was turned on by how wet Tamsin already was. Tamsin moaned in Bo's open mouth and let her fingers trail over Bo's body only to let them linger on the hottest spot she could find. Tamsin rubbed and squeezed which made Bo scream out loud in pleasure. Tamsin increased speed and pressure and looked deeply into Bo's lustfilled eyes. Bo responded by rubbing her thigh harder against Tamsin's clit while playing with her firm breasts, almost sending her over the edge.

Just when they climaxed, Bo fed off of Tamsin. Tamsin looked straight into her blue eyes just to see them change colour for a few seconds. A burning red had replaced the soothing blue. Tamsin's interest in Bo increased manifold.

"What the hell?" was all her post-coital mind could muster up. Intrigued, she pushed Bo down on the couch, rolled on top of her and started kissing her again. While Bo wondered why Tamsin hadn't stopped her when she was feeding off her. She let her take as much as she wanted without even flinching. The equivalent of a big Thanksgiving-Dinner... Why hadn't she stopped her?