Title: All the Wrong Reasons
Morgan/Reid is the main pairing, there's is one scene of Hotch/Reid.
Omegaverse, Mpreg, OOC (I'm new to working with these characters so everyone will be a little OOC, but Hotch more than the others because I need him to behave a certain way)
Spencer is an Omega. Derek is an Alpha. Between solving cases and watching each other's back, they just might fall in love. If Spencer can get over this desire not to bond, that is. And one mistake can change the course of their relationship forever.

UchiSays: Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever Criminal Minds story. I feel like I'm cheating writing Omegaverse as my first fic in this category, but it's what my muse wanted and the plot bunnies were plentiful. I really love Criminal Minds, and I really, really of Morgan/Reid, so I really hope I can do this some justice. Please review and let me know how I'm doing. Also, with victims and UNSUBS and LEOs there's going to be a lot of OC's in this story, but there are a couple of OC's that make reappearances. They play very minor roles, but I thought I should point that out. One of these repeat-OC's you're going to meet at the beginning of this chapter.

All the Wrong Reasons

Chapter One: Roasted Coffee and Case Files

Spencer opened the door to the coffee shop and was greeted by a burst of warm air and the smell of roasting coffee beans. He took a moment to breath in that tantalizing scent, before quickly getting in line behind the only other customer in the shop. The shop, simply named 'Roasted,' was just a small family run shop that had only opened a few months previously around the corner from Spencer's apartment. He'd stopped in once on a whim and had loved both the atmosphere and the coffee. He was a bit of a regular now.

He glanced up at the menu with tired eyes while he waited for the other customer to finish up. He'd already decided what he wanted before he'd arrived, but it didn't hurt to see if something else would catch his fancy. Nothing did, though, and he went with what he'd already decided.

"What can I get for you, Spencer?" The barista asked. Spencer came in enough to be recognized by name and develop something of a friendship with the employees.

"Hi, Aimee," he greeted sleepily. Aimee was small girl with mousy brown hair and a quick smile. She was very friendly and very talkative. During one of his previous visits, she'd told him all about how she'd gone away to college, met a boy, fell in love, fell pregnant, gotten heartbroken, dropped out of school, came home to Quantico, and opened the shop with her mother. She'd said that she'd been very upset about having to leave school, but she loved this little shop and she loved her daughter more. "How's Jillian?"

"She as well as can be expected. She's starting to cut teeth and she's making sure the whole house knows how much it hurts."

The door to the shop opened and closed behind Spencer and he assumed that the lady who had been in line before him had left. "Sounds like you're all getting about as much sleep as me."

Aimee laughed. "I think we may be getting a bit more sleep than you, dearie. You look like hell."

Spencer smiled sheepishly. He's just completely his bimonthly hell week—also known as his Omega Heat—so it went without saying that he would look like hell. "I feel like hell, too."

"Have you found yourself a lover yet? Spend the night practicing making babies? Jilly-Bean could use some kids her age around here."

Spencer coughed embarrassed by her straightforwardness. No one had ever called Aimee shy or subtle. He ignored the question. "May I have a large caramel mocha with three shots of..." he broke off in a yawn, "Three shots of espresso?" He finished, a light blush coloring his cheeks. He yawned again. "Actually, make that two... two coffees, not two espresso shots," he added quickly in clarification. For some reason, it seemed more OK to ask for two coffees instead of six shots of espresso, but he really needed it.

For some reason this Heat had tired him out more than usual, probably because his body was tired of him being in the near constant company of two Alphas—one of which he was extremely attracted to and compatible with—and not bonding with one of them. Spencer mentally rolled his eyes. He would bond when he was good and ready and right now he was definitely not ready. To bond now would be just like what Aimee had done, put her life completely on hold for the sake of raising a baby.

Still, after another Heat spent alone—behind no less than four locked doors, an alarm system, and a security detail outside just to keep wandering alphas at bay—his body was extremely exhausted. He'd slept like a log the previous night but had woken more tired than before he'd slept. So, six shots of espresso was more than justified, especially considering it took two shots to get him normal functioning levels on a good day.

He had known ignoring his biological urge to mate for so long would begin to wear on him, but he'd been sure he could handle it. He wasn't exactly a normal omega, after all. Actually, Spencer Reid could not be called normal by any standards.

"Two large caramel mochas with half a pot of espresso," Aimee teased, "would that be all?"

Spencer was about to nod, when a voice from behind him said, "Add a raspberry scone."

Spencer didn't need to turn around to know who had spoken, though he must have been more tired than he'd thought for not noticing his presence before. "I assume you're paying then," he asked Derek while giving Aimee a nod letting her know it was OK to add his request to the order.

"Of course, Pretty Boy," Derek said, pulling out his wallet and handing a bill to the barista.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" Spencer asked as Aimee rang out their purchases and counted Derek out his change. Aimee was the only one working, so she turned her attention to making Spencer's coffee once she was done handling the money.

"Well, I was hoping to surprise you with coffee, so you wouldn't have to suffer that tar at the office, but you beat me here, so I'm buying myself a scone and paying for your coffee."

"You came all the way here to get me coffee?" Spencer asked, mildly surprised. He'd mentioned to Derek only once over two months ago that he liked the coffee at this shop and that the caramel mochas were his favorite, but he'd just been making small talk. He hadn't expected Derek to even remember, let alone come here, especially since Derek had to go in the opposite direction of the office to get here. He'd have to deliberately go out of his way to get here.

"Of course, Pretty Boy," Derek grinned. "I know how you are after your week. It takes six shots of espresso just to get that super brain of your powered up."

"Thank you," Spencer said with a blush. Out of the two alphas Spencer spent his time with (Hotch and Derek), Derek was the one that called to his inner omega the most. Spencer was extremely attracted to him and the two of them were very compatible. He knew, if he ever wanted to, bonding would Derek would make his extremely happy; they could live a great life together.

But Spencer didn't want to bond with anyone. He wasn't ready to settle into the role of the domesticated omega, caring for the home and children while his alpha took care of everything else. That wasn't the life Spencer wanted to lead. Of course, there was nothing that said Spencer had to play that role, but it was engrained into his genetics to want children with all his being and to be a homemaker. Spencer just had too much strength of will to give in to biology.

"No problem, Baby Boy." Derek leered at him teasingly. "But you know, I could make your hell week a little less hellish."

Spencer's entire face turned as red as a cherry. No matter how many times Derek teased him like this, it still made him blush. And it still made his inner omega roar with want and hope. To be completely honest, Spencer had been in love with Derek for quite some time. He wasn't exactly sure when it had happened, but he'd quite literally woken up in the middle of the night some months ago with that knowledge engraved on his heart and mind. At first he'd thought it was just his omega side trying to bond with an alpha, but as more time passed the more he grew sure that he loved Derek. He, Spencer Reid, loved Derek Morgan. And it had nothing to do with their alpha-omega instincts. He well and truly loved him.

It had to be real love, because being an omega did not explain why he spent so much time just thinking about Derek. Or why Derek's smile made his heart flutter and his laugh sounded better than Mozart or Beethoven. Or why he craved his company. How he genuinely enjoyed spending time with Derek with no inclination of the sexual nature. Or why old conversations they'd had would randomly drift through his head and even after the passing of time they still had the power to make Spencer laugh or smile. Or why he'd see or hear something and immediately think of how much Derek would enjoy it.

Being an omega only explained his base instinct to mate with Derek and bear his children. The thrill he got from simply being able to surprise Derek or make him laugh or smile was completely Spencer alone. He loved Derek, and sometimes Derek's teasing was a bit too much for him because he couldn't be sure if it was just teasing or if the voice in the back of his mind whispering of love requited was speaking the truth.

There was also the small little, nearly unimportant fact, that Derek had already claimed him.

"What would you do if I decided to take you up on that offer one day?" Spencer asked.

The teasing smile left Derek's face as he set Spencer with a hard, yet gentle look and said seriously, "First, I would take you to bed and rock your world. Then I'd bind you so tightly to me you'd never second guess the decision. I would love and protect you and fill your belly with both food and babies."

Spencer licked his suddenly dry lips and cast his eyes down, unable to meet Derek's heated gaze. "And what if I didn't want babies? What if I want to continue working at the BAU?"

"We'll worry about that when the time comes."

"Your order, sirs," Aimee said before Spencer could think up a reply.

"Thank you, Aimee," Spencer said quickly, ignoring the raised eyebrow and questioning look she gave him.

Derek chuckled. "Thank you," he repeated, grabbing the bag with his scone in one hand and one of Spencer's coffees in the other.

"Please come again," Aimee grinned. "Both of you."

Spencer was a little scared of the mischief he saw shining in her eyes.

Derek smiled at her as he headed towards the door. "Did you walk here, Baby Boy?" He asked Spencer.

Spencer nodded. The shop was in between his apartment and the station where he caught the subway to work.

"Good, I'll give you a ride to the office then."

Spencer, though still a bit embarrassed from the earlier conversation, saw no reason to decline and just got into the car without complaint.

Spencer had already finished one of his coffees by the time the two of them arrived at the office and was half way through his second one as he followed Derek into the bullpen.

"Good morning," Derek said as he made his way over to his desk.

Penelope and Emily were standing at Em's desk chatting. They looked up at Derek's greeting and Emily smiled. "Good morning, you two," she said.

"Did you two just arrive together?" Penelope asked, a scandalized look on her face. "After this week? Should we be expecting a happy announcement soon?" Penelope was one of the few people who knew that Spencer was an omega and Derek was an alpha. She also knew exactly why Spencer took entire weeks off every two months. Spencer hadn't even thought of how it would look to others if he and Derek arrived at work together the first day after Spencer's Heat. He blushed and tried to hide his embarrassment by taking another mouthful of his coffee.

Derek chuckled. "Don't worry, baby girl, you're still my one and only."

Penelope opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by JJ's sudden arrival. "Good, you're all here," the small blonde woman said moving quickly across the bullpen. "We have a case. Meeting room, now."

The team rushed into motion. "Don't think you're off the hook yet, Derek Morgan," Garcia said as they entered the meeting room. JJ handed them all case files as they walked through the door.

"What did he do this time?" Rossi asked. He and Hotch were already seated at the meeting table.

"He and Reid arrived together," Penelope explained.

Hotch looked at them curiously, a bit of surprise showing on his face. He, of course, knew that Spencer was an omega, if not because he himself was an alpha then because he was team leader and needed to know that kind of information about the team members. "After this week?"

"Should we be expecting a happy announcement soon?" JJ also knew that Spencer was an omega, and of his attraction to Derek, but that was because Spencer had confided in her. Prentiss and Rossi had no idea what was going on.

"The three of you should mind your own business," Derek said, "but if you must know, we bumped into each at a coffee shop and I gave him a ride."

"Likely story," Penelope said.

"Weren't we here to talk about a case?" Spencer spoke up before his private life could be discussed any further.

"We do," JJ said, pulling everyone's attention to her, "and it's a bad one." She picked up a remote off the table and pointed at the screen behind her. Two pictures appeared on the screen, one a cap and gown photo of a teenage girl with blond her and brown eyes. The other picture was a crime scene photo of her body. The teasing air in the room evaporated as everyone looked at the two pictures.

"This is eighteen year old Megan Sparx," JJ explained. "She left work one day and never made it home. Two days later, her body was found in a lightly wooded area by a group of boy scouts. She'd been gutted, her breast cut off, and her vagina sealed with melted wax."

JJ pressed a button on the remote and the screen and two different pictures showed up. This time it was a black man. "This is twenty-two year old Nathan Miles. He left home to go to the store, only for his body to turn up the next night gutted, his penis removed, and his anus sealed with wax."

JJ hesitated for a second, before pressing the remote button again. Garcia let out a surprised squeak at the pictures that appeared on the screen. "This is ten year old Jordan Rodriguez," JJ said. "He was last seen playing at the playground with a group of friends. He'd split from the group to head home. His body was found that same night in the same condition as victim two."

There was a brief moment of silence in the room, before Hotch closed the file folder in front of him and got to his feet.

"Wheels up in twenty," he stated as he stalked out of the room.