"And so then I was like, that's not apple juice Cupcake!"

The two boys laughed their hearts until one of them fell off of the bed from laugh much too hard. After a few good minutes or so, they both finally calmed down and rested on the bed.

They both looked very distinct from one another, one of the boys was a young child with short brown hair and big brown eyes while the other was older, and had hair as white as freshly fallen snow and deep blue eyes. Of course, he wasn't just an ordinary boy, oh no, he was in fact the legendary guardians Jack Frost himself! He came to visit Jamie's and wanted to see what's up. Apparently Jamie had one of good of a story to tell Jack what happened in middle school with Jamie and his friends and boy was it a good one.

They've both been friends for quite some time now, and it was only a few years ago when they met. When they both met it was during the great battle between the Guardians and Pitch Black, Jack needed Jamie's help to defeat Pitch and Jamie gladly offered it. Together, and with Jamie's friends, they all successfully beat Pitch and saved the children of the world! Of course now when they saw each other it wasn't under such chaotic circumstances. Now Jamie and Jack just hang out with each other and tell stories of what was going on in their lives, usually Jack had the most interesting stories, mostly about the foreign and exotic places he's been to and what prank he pulled recently in Paris. It was all so fascinating to listen to! However, there was a much more important reason to why Jack came to visit, there was something he had to find out.

"So, Jamie, does the whole gang you know? Still...believe in me?" asked Jack.

Jamie blinked confusingly at Jack's question, "Well yeah! Of course they do Jack, I mean who could forget that night when we all fought Pitch? That pretty much got us believing in you for life! But what's with the sudden question."

Jack stood up and grabbed onto his staff tightly, "It seems like you guys are my only believers, the only reason I'm able to make it snow and bring the Winter season is because you guys are the only ones who even believe in me. I've had no luck in getting anyone to believe in me for the past 3 years."

"What?! that's crazy!" How could anyone not believe in you? Have you had Sandy make kids dream about you lately? Why don't we go ask him to do that right now!" Jamie ran over to put on his coat and boots to go out and tell his friends what was going on and they would all go out to find Sandy, but Jack grabbed his arm and stopped him.

"I-I've done that, Sandy has offered his help to me many times and I've accepted but it just seems like every kid just passes me off like a dream. I'm just not that believable I guess."

Jamie's enthusiasm dropped when he heard those words come out of Jack's mouth. He just couldn't understand why no one was willingly to believe in Jack. Jack was one of the best friends Jamie could ask for and there was no way he was letting this happen. He pulled his arm away from Jack and started heading for the doorway.

"Jack, if you're not going to do something then I will. I'll get everyone in the middle and elementary school to believe in you! But right now we're going straight to Sandy and-" Just then Jack slammed the door shut with a huge gust of wind.

"No, Jamie don't. I'm tired and frustrated of all of this. To be honest, I just wanted to tell you that I'm done with it all. Maybe, I'm not cut out to be a Guardian after all. No one really needs me that much after all." mumbled Jack.

Jamie was not getting angry and impatient with Jack. How could he even be saying this? "No! Jack that's not it at all! We all need you! Without you, who would bring all the snow days? What would a snowfight be without the amazing Jack Frost there to help you make all the ammo? You see Jack we need you! The children of the world need you! Even if they don't believe-"

Jack cut Jame right before he was able to finish the sentence. "But who was the one who got you hit by the couch? Who was the one that messed up Easter for everyone for years? Who was the one that easily fell into Pitch's trap? Jamie, I screw things up and now I'm realizing that maybe it's the best that no one believes in me. Maybe that's a good thing as well. I'm done Jamie. I'm done." And with that Jack took off from the window and flew away into the forest. Jamie was yelling something at Jack but he couldn't hear him and he didn't try to.

Jack stopped flying until he came to the edge of the forest where there was a small cliff standing tall in front of the town of Burgess. He sat down at the edge and watched the golden sand of Sandy's fly into the houses. God, was so jealous of Sandy as well as the other Guardians, making kids believe in them was like second nature to them, something they were good at, but not for Jack. Most kids did appreciate his work, but they only thought his snow days were just a natural part of the weather rather than something magical.

Jack looked up and saw the bright full Moon glowing right down him as if trying to say something to him, but Jack knew that he never would. The Moon always ignored Jack, he did it for over 300 years and he wasn't going to pay attention to him now. Was he not as special as the other Guardians? Could the Moon not take him seriously? Was he really not worth the bother? These questions flew through Jack's mind as he stared up at the Moon imagining as if it was mocking his torment.

"You did this to me. You thought that me becoming a Guardian would help me didn't you? You just know everything, don't you? You assume you know everything, but no this time you're wrong. It was a mistake to make me a guardian and you know it. Why couldn't have just left me in the pond? Why couldn't you...just let me stay human? Why didn't you let me die?" Jack was beginning to sob now and he was angry at himself for doing so. It was completely pathetic of him to cry over something like this. But the more Jack got angry at himself, the more the tears came out. He looked up at the moon for a response, hoping for once he would get a reply.

Nothing. Just like always.

Jack rubbed the tears off of his eyes and screamed at the Moon, "Fine then! Ignore me! Shrug me off like you always do! I bet you don't believe in me either just like the rest of the world! Well guess what? You don't even have to bother with me anymore!"

And just like that Jack grabbed his staff and broke it into two pieces by slamming it down on his knee. He threw it down to ground and stormed off towards the forest. After taking a few steps he realized what he had done and started walking back. Jack never meant to do something like that, his anger and frustration must have clouded his mind and he wasn't able to think clearly. His heart was starting pound quickly and the adrenaline was rushing through his body. Jack picked up the broken and pieces and tried to put them back together like before when Pitch had forcefully broken his staff.

No luck.

Jack moaned and fell down onto his back. "Well Jack, looks like you messed up big time like always." The Moon was looking down at him in disappoint and shined a light at Jack's broken staff as if signalling him to go over to it. Jack scoffed at the Moon. "Now you're paying attention to me finally."

Just then, a bright light started appearing out of the broken pieces of the staff. Jack immediately thought that the staff was repairing itself like before and felt relieved, but this light was different. In fact the staff wasn't repairing itself at all, the light that was coming out of it kept glowing brighter and brighter and Jack didn't know what to do, so he got up to grab the staff and vanished in thin air.

He was gone.

ah first chapter! i hope this story sounds interesting and i hope you all will like it!