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A forest. That was the first thing Jack saw when he woke up. It was broad daylight and the fresh snow was glistening off of the edges of the tree branches. Jack looked around to see if he could recognize where he was, but no matter how far he walked, all that was around him were trees.

This dream was a lot different from the others he had recently. Instead of being Jack Frost, he was his normal Jackson Overland self. He was able to feel the cool snow against his feet and the wind breathe against his neck. Strange how this dream felt a lot more realistic than others before.

Suddenly a young girl running behind the trees in front of Jack appeared. She appeared to be about 10 or so years old. Something was off about her though. She looked as if she more of a shadow of a girl rather than an actual one. The only thing that made her different from a shadow though were that her wide, innocent eyes were a bright yellow. Soon she saw Jack and smiled running up to him and grabbing his hand.

"Jack. Jack. Jack!" She called out to him, "Jack, let's go play!"

"What? What are we going to play?"

"I wanna go ice skating!" She cheered.

"Ice skating? Yeah, sure why not. Let's go."

They began to walk their way in attempt to find a frozen lake. The little girl hummed a tune and walked with a skip in her step. Jack smiled down at her.

Wow, she's a lot like Em- Wait

Jack stopped in his tracks. No. Wait. This doesn't feel right, thought Jack. He knew that something was off about this whole dream. A deep twisted feeling down in his stomach was telling him not to go. In fact, the whole dream was beginning to feel like deja vu.

"Come on Jack let's go!" The young girl insisted.

"No, no, no. I don't think we should go. Something doesn't seem right about all of this."

"But you said we could go!"

"I was wrong, let's head back home."

"Jack." She grasped Jack's hand even tighter.


"You're no fun."

Out of nowhere, a lake appeared under Jack's feet and he fell straight through when the girl let go of his hand. She floated at the top and glared down at him. Jack tried to swim up to safety but the surface froze over and Jack was left to drown underneath the sheet of ice. He tried to break his way through, but the ice kept getting thicker and thicker. Eventually he ran out of breath and started to sink down to the bottom of the lake.

The girl smiled mischievously at him. "I told you I wanted to go ice skating."

Jack woke up with a sudden jolt and began heavily breathing. His whole body was soaked with sweat and when he ran his hand through his head, it was covered sweat. He tried to calm himself down by telling himself it was a dream over and over and soon he was finally able to relax himself but his heartbeat was still beating at about 100 beats per minute. All of his dogs were leaning their heads over the edges of Jack's bed worrying over him.

"Aw man I'm sorry you guys," said Jack scratching the back of his head. "I must've been yelling in my sleep or something." Why did it feel so real though? He wondered. No matter though. It can't be as strange as the dream before that.

Jack remembered all of the previous events that had happened before his second dream. All of the events with Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Sandman Jack had just written off as a dream no matter how weirdly realistic it was.

Stretching his back, Jack finally decided to go downstairs and got up out of bed. He checked the time and noticed that it was almost noon. Have I really been asleep for over 14 hours? No wonder I feel awful. When he got downstairs he noticed a note on the kitchen counter and picked it up.

Good morning sleepyhead! I hope you had a good nights rest because this afternoon I need you to come down to the vet and clean out all of the dirty cages! Love, Mom and she even signed it when a cheesy happy face at the end. She was just passive aggressive as always.

He knew that his mom would be expecting him to be down there any minute now, but he decided to take his time and lazily made breakfast for himself, brushed his teeth, and put on the same clothes that he had on a day before.

Making his way out the door and on his way down to his mom's office, Jack decided that it would be nice to make a pit stop at Kaitlyn's house to let her know that he was alive and to tell her about the freaky dreams that he had last night. Her house was only a couple blocks down from where he lived and Jack jogged his way down the sidewalk and came up to where Kaitlyn's house was.

Except there was a problem. There was no house.

Jack was completely confused. What should've been where a house was, was instead an empty lot that led straight to the nearby forest. Where was Kaitlyn? Where was her family? So many questions went through his head and he didn't know what to do. Could he call the police? Should he ask the neighbors what happened? Jack decided to go with the safer option and went to the nearest house and knocked on the door. An elderly old woman holding an equally old white cat opened the door. "Can I help you dear?" she asked in a sweet tone.

"Mam, I need to ask you an important question." Jack was frantic at the moment and was stuttering a bit from shock. "Do you happen to know what happened to the Evans family? They lived right where that empty lot is and now it's gone!"

The woman stared at Jack. "Is this a prank young man? No one has ever lived there."

What? T-That can't be! Jack thought. Kaitlyn had been his childhood friend and they've both gone to each others houses more times than Jack could even count and now he finds out that its not there anymore and that it never existed? Jack couldn't believe, it was impossible to believe.

You don't really exist. A voiced appeared in his head. It sounded like his own and it kept talking to him repeating the same things over and over.

"That can't be true! I've been to that house many times before and its been in that same spot, you can't just tell me it disappeared over night!"

Everything you know is fake.

"Young man, I don't appreciate your attitude and neither does my cat. If you would be so kind, I would like you to leave my property at once." She immediately slammed the door shut on Jack's face to leave dumbstruck on what just happened. Jack turned around and began slowly walking towards the vet. He didn't want to look back and see the empty lot. Thinking that Kaitlyn was never there only made him shiver and brought a sick feeling.

She was never here.

When he made it up to his mom's vet a little bell rang to tell that he was there and the secretary popped up to greet him. "Hello! Can I help you?"

"It's me Cindy, you know Sera's son? I'm here to help out for the day."

Cindy looked at Jack with the same look the old woman gave him earlier. "I'm sorry, who? There's no one here named Sera that works here."

Oh no. This can't be happening. Jack thought.

"No, no, you can't be serious. My mom has worked in this place for most of this life, heck she even made it! You can't tell me that she doesn't work here!"

"I'm sorry sir, but she really doesn't. Maybe, you're thinking of a different vet clinic?"

Jack almost collapsed to the ground. He went over to lean on Cindy's desk to keep himself up. First Kaitlyn, and now his mom? How many more people will have to be written out of Jack's life?

Cindy looked concerned for Jack and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Sir, you don't look okay, maybe I should take you down to the hospital or-" Jack cut her off. "No, I-I'll just go home, thank you."

You're invisible.

He dragged himself outside and began to head home. Now he felt worse than he did in the morning. He was sweating even more and his head felt dizzy. So much was happening at once that it was too much for Jack to handle. He had to stop a few times along the way just to get a hold of himself and reassure that they all were still out there and that he wasn't going to disappear as well.

Jack finally made it home and made his way through the house. Somehow it felt more different and eerie before. The dogs were nowhere to be found. Jack tried calling out to them but there was no reply, so he tried to search around. Nope, they were gone. Not only that, but any pictures that contained photos of Jack and his family were gone as well. It was almost as if they never really existed.

You never really did exist.

"I'm here, I'm here, I'm here." Jack kept telling himself over and over. A shadow flew over him and blanketed itself over Jack. "Of course you are my boy." It said. Jack jumped up and moved away from the shadow. It almost appeared to be a man, sort of, there was something non-human about it and he gave Jack a smile that gave him chills.

"Who the hell are you?" Jack asked shaking.

"Oh what wonderful fear you have! I forgot how good your tastes and I never thought I would have the chance to have it again. Except sadly, it's not me you're afraid of is it? Wouldn't that be so lovely, Jackson?"

Jack didn't answer, instead he just gave him a blank look. What is he talking about?

"Oh, excuse my manners. I forgot you don't remember a single thing. I am the King of the Fearlings, the infamous Boogeyman, but I would much prefer Pitch Black if you please."

"You're fucking with me, aren't you?" First Santa Claus and now the Boogeyman was giving him a visit as well. "I'm sorry, but I really don't have time for this at all." Jack tried to push his way through Pitch, but he only stopped him.

"Oh now what's the rush?" Pitch placed his arm around Jack. "I've been looking so forward to seeing you again. Why we have so much to catch up on! Such as this-" Pitch sent out black sand towards Jack that wrapped around his wrists and lifted him into the air. Jack winced at the pain as they tighten and he struggled trying to free himself. However, the harder he tried, the more the pain increased. Pitch grinned as he saw Jack's pain. "Now what to do with you..."

Still struggling Jack tried to ask, "What the hell did I ever do to you? I've never even met you before!"

"Ohoho, you're asking me what you did to me? Perhaps I should remind you of your life as Jack Frost and how your previous meddlesome self ruined all of my plans!" Now black sand was wrapping around Jack's ankles and Jack gave a groan from the increased pain. It felt as if Pitch was trying to rip off his hands and feet.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not even Jack Frost!" Jack exclaimed.

"Yes that's right, you're not anymore." Pitched smirked. "That will make this a lot easier." Pitch sent out one last strand of black sand that tied itself around Jack's causing him to suffocate. Once his face was turning blue Pitch asked him one final question, "Any last words, Frost?"

Jack wasn't able to say anything, so instead he spit in Pitch's face and he angrily wiped off the saliva. "I thought so."

Just when Jack thought that he was going to die, a sudden wind broke through the windows causing glass to fly everywhere and one tiny shard just glazed right past Jack's cheek. A light appeared flying in the room and blinded Pitch who released Jack. Jack fell to the ground with swollen, bloody wrists and ankles. The light picked him up and flew out quickly while Pitch was left dazed from the light.

Warm, soft hands were holding Jack up as the light was carrying him throughout the forest. He was unable to walk because of his swollen feet. When he tried to look up to see who his rescuer was, all he saw was a bright light glaring over their face. Jack only assumed that the figure was female due to her long, perfect nails, smooth skin, and lean figure.

Soon, they came to a stop and she sat him down against a log to rest. They had been flying for a while and now the sun was beginning to set over the horizon. The snow that covered the ground felt cool and soothed the pain on Jack's neck, wrist, and ankles and he relaxed as soon as he placed it over his wounds.

"Hey thanks for back there," Jack said, "You literally saved my neck back there." He rubbed it and felt the crease where the sand had once tighten itself.

The figure didn't reply, instead she nodded her head and turned around to start walking.

"W-wait! You're not just going to leave me out here are you?"

She pointed towards the direction she was walking and gave a signal as if she wanted Jack to follow her. Being unable to walk, Jack started to stumble along the way and fell down many times. The figure went over and helped support Jack by letting him lean on her shoulder. He felt so pathetic about how useless he was and the events that happened today were starting to take a toll on him as his daily energy was beginning to run out.

Suddenly the figure stopped at a frozen lake and Jack backed off remembering his dream from before. She shook her head reassuring him that everything was alright.

"You're safe for now." She spoke. "He won't be here for another few hours or so and we're expecting company." Her words sounded so stoic and lifeless.

"Who exactly?" Jack asked.

"Some old friends. You will know them when you see them."

"I'm not even sure if I have friends at this point." Jack said solemnly.

"What do you mean by that?" She asked Jack with actual concern.

"This morning I found out that the only two important people in my life don't even exist. I'm not even sure if I exist at this point either."

She stood there silently. "Are you speaking of the girl and your mother?"

Jack perked up a bit. "Yes! Do you know where they are? Are they alright?"

The woman didn't know how to reply back and hesitated on whether or not to tell Jack the truth. "The girl is..."

Jack didn't have to hear the rest of what she was going to say, he already knew the answer. "She's not here anymore is she?"

"I'm sorry."

Jack slumped back down against the tree and in disbelief. "However, your mother is alive and well."

Once again Jack got back and went ran over to the woman. "Really?" He said happily. "Where is she? Can I see her?"

"It won't be necessary to go see her now."

"What do you mean?"

"Because..." The light that shielded her face slowly disappeared to realize a young woman who appeared to be in her mid-20s. She had long, wavy black hair that crowned her graceful face with bright greenish-yellow eyes with skin as pale as the snow below them. "I am her. I am Seraphina Pitchiner, daughter of Pitch Black and also known as Mother Nature."

whoa, wasn't expecting that.