Chapter 1: Young Naruto.

It was cool day as a young boy goes by the name Naruto Namikaze was playing on the swims as Naruto thought "Why will people not accept me I am only a kid" which a demonic voice said "Those idoits should be ashamed for betraying my greatest rivals dying wish and if wife of my greatest rival saw this she'd destroy the leaf village without even giving guilty people chance to fight back but do not threat kid there are worthy humans in this world".

After demonic voice spoke Naruto went of the swim and started to play on the sand until Kakashi Hatake arrived which Kakashi asked "Are you alright Naruto" then Naruto replied "I am not alright to be honest nobody wanted to play with me I feel like they think of me as tailed beast not hero who saved this village from tailed beast" so Kakashi replied "My sensei would not be pleased with this village heck I am going to report what happend to Lord Hokage" as Kakashi carried Naruto over to hokage office Kakashi used his teleportation skill to teleport into hokage office but as Kakashi arrived Kakashi said "Lord Hokage before you speak the people of this village is betraying my sensei's dying wish and they are even ignoring dying wish of my sensei's wife".

After Kakashi spoke Kakashi lowered Naruto down as Hurizen said "Alright thank you for bringing Naruto to me and I shall file the repoprt you gave me but if anyone harms Naruto I give you full permission to kill the person no matter if it is a shinobi or just a civilian" then Naruto said "Lord Hokage sir while I was playing on the swings something inside me sticking up for me and I have no idea why something would stick up for me a kid who is not even a shinobi yet" so Hurizen said "Sorry Naruto I can't tell you what is sticking up for you because it is something that you must discover when the time is right inspecially that all I can say is that your the survivor of strongest clan in Hidden Leaf Village the Namikaze clan".

After Hurizen spoke Naruto said "Thank you for whatever you was able to tell me I think I finally know what my goal is thanks to little info I got" which Hurizen asked "What is your goal by the way Naruto" then Naruto replied "I goal is that I will be sixth hokage a hokage superior than your successor and a ninja not only stronger than your successors wife but faster than your successor" so Hurizen said "Don't worry Naruto you will surpass them in time because you are hero who saved this village by containing something that is given to you use when the right time comes except it will be challenging to control as my sensei's brother's wife was not able to reach level of control that I believe that you will someday achieve".

After Hurizen spoke Naruto went onto Hurizens sofa which naruto fell asleep then Hurizen placed a pillow under naruto's head plus his own baby blanket without knowing that it is a clue to what happend to his parents then as Naruto fell asleep Naruto had a dream where he was staring right at a giant 9 tail demon fox as 9 tail demon fox looked at Naruto with great shame so Naruto asked "What is the matter" as giant 9 tail demon fox lowered his head down to Naruto the giant 9 tail demon fox cried "Kit I am sorrry for what happend to you Naruto you think that it is my fault for what happend to you I can see that your crying for me 9 tail demon fox".

After giant 9 tail demon spoke Naruto replied "Hey don't be sad you was sticking up for me like your my guardian and look at me I am only a kid I have no idea what really happend you before something that you think is your fault that you feel ashamed heck I think it is not your fault because I can see you as a guardian not some kind of weapon that people think you are" so giant 9 tail fox demon said "Me a guardian but why are you Naruto treating me with kindess I should be hated what what happend to you I am creature sealed within you".

After giant 9 tail fox demon spoke Naruto stopped crying as Naruto said in a cheerful voice "It is not your fault I know you have a good heart and whatever happend to you before all this you are my guardian no matter what you say if you think you are not I dare to prove you wrong since your the first that spoke in me while I was feeling lonely in words your my first friend not a weapon to use whenever I want to use to punish those who are being nice to me" then giant 9 tail demon fox cheered up as giant 9 tail demon fox said "Thank you Naruto I really needed that if I am your first friend I will help to make you better shinobi than 2 that defeated me no matter what those idiotic unworthy humans think I will make them regret it by helping you grow into fine shinobi a shinobi that shall be honored as hero who made friends with me your greatest allie".

After giant 9 tail fox demon spoke 9 tail fox demon said "I fogot to tell you since today is your birthday I am going to challenge myself to design you my own version of sharingan except instead of coma's yours will be that on your shirt back something that I remember as Uzu swirl your dojutsu shall have Uzu swirl instead of coma's while yours will have Uzu swirls in words you will have your own version sharingan except you can't go bling if it gets over used since I will design it to limited like sharingan heck I am even going to name it in your honor Naruto".

After giant 9 tail fox demon spoke Naruto asked "What is the same of this gift that your going to give me" which giant 9 tail fox demon replied "I shall call this dojutsu Uzugun in honor of the legendary hidden village that wife of 1st hokage lived in plus when you reach right age instead the building marked this logo of your clan there is hidden room where I managed to hide everything that belonged to clan from that village as it is rightfully yours" then Naruto said "Thank you my friend I hope I get to know you better when the time comes because whatever you are I am glad that we are friends inspecially that it would be an honor if you have your birthday same day as mine even when that day is not really your birthday seeing you happy is what I dare to challenge".