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She really didn't want to be here right now." She grabbed her luggage and looked around wondering who was given the task to pick her up. That's when She saw him, big and burly and looking no different than he had when she saw him three years before. She chuckled when she saw the sign he was holding.

Bootylicious Bella Swan was written across an old pizza Box. Bella couldn't help but chuckle. She walked towards Emmett as soon as he saw her he swooped down an hugged her tightly.

"Why Bells you haven't aged a bit."

"Stop trying to flatter me Emmett Cullen." She playfully swatted his arm. "I'm 29 and I've gained 20 pounds since you saw me last."

"Ah but that just makes you more Bootylicious" He winked.

"Same old Emmett Cullen," She smirked.

"Always baby always," He took the luggage from her as they walked out of the airport.

"You still have this thing?" Bella chuckled as they stopped in front of a large jeep.

"Of course I do, this thing is amazing I wouldn't give her up for the world." He threw the luggage into the back as she slid into the passage side.

"So how in the world did you get stuck with picking me up?" Bella asked turning to him as soon as they were out of the parking lot.

He shrugged "My mom said Hey Emmett Bella's coming in today so she'll be here for the wedding so you're going to pick her up, and as you well know you do not say no to Esme Cullen."

"Well that's true." Bella smirked. "Remember that time you told her you weren't going to go to church anymore so she said fine but every Sunday before she left she'd dump cold water on you. How long did it take to get you back to church?"

"Two weeks and thank god she doesn't do that anymore." Emmett shivered at the memory. "So how are you holding up?" Emmett's question turned the atmosphere in the jeep from fun loving to stifling.

"Well I guess I'm doing as well as could be expected in the circumstances."

"I still think its utter crap." Emmett smacked the steering wheel.

"Yes well Rosalie or Edward for that matter never really cared about what was proper or not, but I'm sure Holiday's will be interesting now."

"Did you even know they were dating before they announced their engagement?"

"No," Bella thought back to that call from her sister. "But let me tell you it was a shock. I guess I can't really be mad right we broke up three years ago, but I mean come on we dated from the age of 15 to the age of 26 and not one word of marriage was ever breathed. He hooks up with Rosalie and three months later they are engaged." Bella's head dropped. She'd always felt inferior next to her blond and leggy twin sister but this one just hit her harder than anything else had. Her ex boyfriend a man she'd thought had loved her, a man she was with for eleven years and who she'd thought she would marry one day was marrying her sister. Her teenage nightmare was coming true.

"If it's any conciliation I think they really love each other." She felt Emmett's hand on hers and she felt tears prickle her eyes.

"I truly hope they do and I want them to be happy both of them but I can't help but wonder if he loved her this whole time. If I was just a second place prize because he couldn't have her, I can't help but wonder would have the thrown me over if we'd still been together when as Rose says she came to her sense and realized Edward was and had always been the one for her. And the fact that they didn't even have the courteousy to tell me they were dating no all I got was a phone call saying "Hey me and Edward are getting married you have to be my maid of honor."

"I agree they handled it all wrong, are you going to make it through the wedding?"

"I really have no choice, and of course my mother is elated to be marrying off a daughter. And she never passes up a chance to remind me that I'm in fact almost 30 and not getting any younger."

Emmett watched her as she nibbled on her lip, her face pale and her eyes insecure, he remember hearing about the engagement. He himself hadn't known about the relationship until that moment either. He almost decked Edward at that moment. That smug look on his face as he said he was marrying Rosalie Swan. Even though Emmett was sure Edward and Rose loved each other he still thought there was more behind it then that. He had the same questions as Bella. Had she just been a placeholder and had Rose let her sister be a place holder. If so that was one messed up web.

"Well thanks for picking me up? I really don't think I could have handled seeing anyone else at the moment I guess it will just take a lot of getting used to?" She thought about Edward Cullen once again and she thought about the reason they split up she could only hope for her sisters sake that he'd changed his cheating way's, Of course Rose knew the truth she'd been the shoulder Bella cried on after the breakup but she guessed Rose was willing to put up with that where she just wasn't.

"It was no problem. It got me out of the house and away from wedding talk. Alice has went wedding crazy, Rose is More Icy then usual and my mother is just going along with the flow she never really liked Rose you know."

Bella smirked. "Well Rose is in for a treat then you don't want to get on Esme Cullen's bad side as we've already discussed, but I also thought Esme liked Rose."

"I think she more tolerated her for your sake but then she got with Edward and well let's just say Esme may see Rosalie as an Icy gold digger"

"Why would she see her like that?"

"Well Rose may have tried to come on to me when we where teens."

"Does Edward know?"


"Well then I guess they are the perfect couple."

"Maybe," Emmett agreed seeing the disgust flash in Bella's baby blue eyes.

He pulled into the Swan's driveway, "Well looks like we're here."

"Yes thank you Em," She leaned over and hugged him.

"Anytime Bells." He got out and unloaded her luggage. She watched him drive away and then turned back to the home of her childhood. "Well here goes nothing," She sighed. These next two weeks would be hell.

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