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He had always been a quiet person.

Ever since the first moment he saw her on that screen, he felt something churning inside of him. In a way, it felt like something he had experienced a million times before: hunger. Except, unlike how it normally felt, it was much stronger; much more powerful. It confused him, to say the least. It felt like his insides were churning; like his chest was going to explode; like there were a million moths—or were they butterflies?—flying around in his stomach; like… like someone had just slapped him straight across the face. But he liked it.

He hit the replay button once again, staring into her eyes. They were a dark, sage green; a color he had seen several times before in the trees in District 11. But, unlike the trees, the emotion being expressed wasn't freedom; it was pain; fear; imprisonment. She felt like she was stuck in a prison; stuck in a place where she would never be able to escape. He frowned, clenching his fists tightly by his side. He knew exactly how she felt.

It felt like he was going to die. And he probably was.

Slowly, he reached out to touch the screen, brushing his fingers over her forehead. There was a scar there, though it was barely noticeable from the camera angle they had on her. He couldn't help but wonder how she had gotten it. He had over a hundred scars, and he could barely even remember how he got half of them. Working in District 11, with axes, hammers, saws, and rough tree branches, was a little dangerous. Well, no, not just a little. Many people had died in District 11 from doing just their job. Thankfully, he wasn't one of them. But his father was. He shook his head, scattering the thoughts of that man from his mind. He was a terrible father, anyways.

When he died, Thresh laughed. He laughed and laughed, until he saw his little sister; until he saw the pain and fear in her eyes; the worry. She thought that they were going to die; she thought that her brother had gone crazy, and that he wouldn't be able to take care of his family. She cried in his arms, and that made him stop his chortling. He held her tightly; he comforted her in the best way he could, which wasn't too well. He told her that it would all be okay. And it was, until he got reaped for the 74th Hunger Games.

Their parade outfits were just like how they had been for every other District 11 tribute the years before. They were stupid, stereotypical clothing that made him slightly mad. Were all Capitol people so ignorant, to dress them in overalls and a plaid shirts? He stared down at the outfit in disdain. While he may have looked like a giant scarecrow, at least the little girl, Rue, looked slightly cute. She'd hopefully get a few sponsors.

He sighed, stepping on to the chariot. It shook when he moved, which seemed to scare Rue. He offered a tight smile at the girl, before reaching out a hand to help her up. She smiled innocently up at him. "T-thank you, Thresh," He simply nodded, his arms now tense by his sides. As much as he wanted to talk to her; help her, he knew that he couldn't. If he did, then he would most certainly develop a bond with the tiny girl. If he actually ended up winning, he didn't want to have her death on his conscious.

Just as their chariot lurched forward, he caught sight of her. She was dressed in a silver, sequin dress, with a metal headdress surrounding her head. Her neck looked so stiff, he couldn't stop the wince of pity that took over his face. She was staring directly in front of her; not waving, not gripping the handles of the chariot. She seemed so… fearless. Suddenly, she turned around and stared directly into his eyes.

Just like the days before, he was filled with something akin to hunger when he saw her. She looked so innocent, yet so deadly. She didn't flinch when she saw him, like most others did. She simply stared into his eyes impassively. For some reason, that bothered him. He shuffled from foot to foot, not even noticing the crowd cheering his name. He didn't even notice the flames behind him, of the District 12 tributes; he was too busy looking at her, the little District 5 girl.

Though her outfit was one of the most disgustingly ugly things he had ever seen, he still couldn't help but find her attractive. Her hair—a brilliant, bright red color—was something he only saw in one place: the sky during sunset. No matter how tired he was at the end of the day, he always watched it. He felt closer to Heaven when he did; closer to a place where he might be able to experience true happiness.

She was unlike any other girl had had seen before. Unlike most other girls in his District, her skin was that of a porcelain doll; beautifully pale. Her eyes were like looking into a mirror for him. Everything he saw in her orbs, were things he was also feeling: worry, panic, fear, imprisonment, but also acceptance. They both knew that they were going to die, and they didn't try to fight it.

Training was relatively uneventful. The Careers stayed mainly in the weapon section, just like he did. He didn't look at them, though. He wouldn't let them intimidate him. He was strong, unlike that stupid little blonde boy; unlike his tiny partner; unlike the two idiots from One. He was strong, both physically and mentally, unlike them. Truthfully, however, he knew that when it came down to it, he wouldn't stand much of a chance against all of them.

When lunch time rolled around, he noticed her sitting all by herself. She only had an apple and a bottle of water in front of her. She was so tiny; she probably didn't need much more than that to fill her up. He only hesitated a moment before walking over to her and sitting down. She stared at him, startled. They didn't say anything to one another, but the silence between them wasn't awkward at all.

It was probably the most comfortable he had been since arriving in the Capitol.

On day two of training, the blonde boy asked him if he wanted to be allies; if he wanted to be a Career. Thresh almost laughed. Almost, but not quite. He narrowed his eyes at the boy, glaring at him with all of his heart. His answer was immediate; his hatred for them was obvious.

"No." He stated simply, turning back to the weapons in front of him. But the blonde didn't leave. He stood there, staring at Thresh with scorn burning in his brilliant, blue eyes. "You'll regret that, 11." And then he was gone, leaving the giant alone once again. He couldn't contain the mental sigh of relief he let out. He wasn't scared of the boy; of course he wasn't! But the Careers were still the worst group of people to be on the wrong side of, especially if they had sponsors.

And they would definitely have sponsors. They always did.

Later that day, he found himself walking over to her. She was still at the plant identification area, where she had been the day before. He stood there, waiting her to finish. Her fingers flew across the screen with deadly precision; with deadly accuracy. All of them were right. Even as the 74 out of 74 Correct flashed on the screen, she didn't seem at all proud of herself; if anything, her frown deepened.

When she turned in his direction, she sucked in a breath. They stared at each other for several moments, searching for something in each other's eyes. He wasn't breathing. He was afraid that if he did, she would disappear and it would all just end up being a dream. After a few seconds, she bit her bottom lip and looked away. He let out a breath and turned to the other screen. He wasn't nearly as good as she was.

"That's Nightlock," She muttered. "It's poisonous." He turned to her, slightly surprised. She stared at his screen for a few seconds, before her eyes fluttered over to him. "They look like blueberries, but they could kill you with just a single drop of their juice." He furrowed his brows, instantly changing his answer from 'non-poisonous' to 'poisonous'. "Thank you," He muttered, and she smiled. "No problem. It would be a little embarrassing to die by eating poisonous berries, after all." He returned her grin, though he was almost certain his was a little larger.

The next day, it was his turn to help her. He showed her basic knife moves; how to throw it, how to hold it properly, and how to use it without chopping off one of her fingers. At first, she was hesitant. She didn't want to learn how to use a weapon; she didn't want to kill. When he told her that she could use it for other reasons too, however—like killing animals for food—she nodded her head.

She gripped the handle of the blade, bending her wrist slightly. She let the knife go, smiling when it hit the leg of the dummy. While it may not have been a perfect throw, it definitely was a lot better than completely missing the mark. The Careers weren't paying attention to her, and for that, she was more than grateful. The last thing she needed was to be on their hit list.

"Good job," Thresh praised, grinning at the girl in front of him. "Thanks," She whispered, smiling. Her voice was as low as it always was. They never talked much when they were around each other, but neither of them minded. Neither of them had ever been very loud; very talkative, and it was a bit of a relief to find someone else like that.

Unlike most others, the giant and the fox-like girl didn't need to speak to understand one another.

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