It was strange, and he hated it, hated it so much that it burned.

Watching the one that had always caused him so much trouble crumble under him was satisfying yes, but only for so long. Seeing him fall into pieces and beg and cry and moan for release made his heart quiver in satisfaction, made him fill with intense joy. He got to see that face twist into pain and regret, watch his body bend and break and whine in greed.

The emotions were so human.

And Heiwajima Shizuo loved it.

He caused the annoying flea so much pain at first. He always made it hurt, to show him what it felt like to be betrayed and hurt, to make him understand what people felt when Izaya fucked with their lives. The blond wanted the raven to go through the same suffering that so many others had. At least, that had been what he wanted at first. The first few times made him feel great, and eventually, he became addicted to causing Izaya pain, the only one that he had ever truly wanted to hurt.

But soon, those feelings shifted, and Heiwajima Shizuo, strongest man in Ikebukuro, became afraid.

Shizuo began to hate that look, seeing pain scribbled along perfect features, seeing the sheets become as red as those crimson eyes. It made his body hurt, and everything about it set his heart on fire. And yet he couldn't stop abusing the informant; his body had become addicted to it. Each bruise and line of red represented another person that Izaya had ruined, and somehow that was alright. Because causing him pain made up for the sins that he had commited.

Surely that was alright?

No, it wasn't. And eventually, his feelings shifted.

Everytime he caused Izaya pain, Shizuo couldn't find it in him to feeling happy about it. The pain made his heart clench, and slowly, the blond began to realize that he was also hurting himself. Izaya no longer wanted this, and neither did he. So he decided to change it.

As the raven lay upon the bed, he gathered Izaya in his arms. He wasn't quite sure what he was about to do or what was about to happen, but he figured it was time. Whether this ended their messed up little relationship or changed it, it needed to be done. He ran his fingers through Izaya's hair and took a shaky breath.

This is it.

"No more, Izaya. No more."

And then he was gone, leaving the raven to think about his words.

I thought Broken Touches deserved an add on, so I wrote a small bit in Shizuo's point of view. Not much, but hopefully enough to leave to speculation. Maybe, along with Survivour and Obession, I might revive this story and a few others. I have a big urge to write lately so we'll see. ;3 Maybe even White Raven will get an update yes yes. Or maybe a new one shot. I'm not sure yet. Although people have asked for Seven Days in Shizuo's point of view as well ... Hmm ...