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So I finally got to see Avengers a couple of weeks ago and this idea has been burning at the back of my mind. What if Tony was a girl who thanks to circumstances out of her control had to pretend to be a guy?

Toni's Point of View

Toni had to admit that she got a bit of a thrill from the underwater thing. Of course to be able to do so had required tinkering around with the suit a little, adjusting the thrusters and playing around with the oxygen supply.

She was living every pre-teens (and maybe some teens) dream. She was breathing underwater – like a mermaid without a tail – and flying around the city like Peter Pan. Yip, living the dream – shame that all of it came from the sphere keeping the shrapnel from her heart.

She pushed the thought of that to the back of her mind and continued to laser the capsule, slotting the shiny new arc-reactor into the empty space and watching it click itself into place – expanding to fit. She watched the reactor light up and nearly allowed an extremely girly squeal to escape her.

She powered the thrusters and shot from the water, shutting them off for a split second to clear the water and allowing herself a heart stopping second of having nothing holding her up. She flew black towards the tower, weaving between the buildings with a practised ease.

"We're all set at this end, Pip," she told her nanny who was no doubt hovering over the screens like a mother-hen over her chicks back at the tower.

"Have you disconnected us from the main grid?" came the rough voice in reply, filling the helmet.

Toni rolled her eyes but couldn't stop the smile.

"Yes. For the 8th time, yes," she relied with fake irritation. "Stark Tower is about to become 'a beacon of self-sustaining, clean energy'," she tried to keep the mocking note from her voice but failed as she regurgitated the lines that Pip had been feeding the press over the past couple of months.

"Hah, funny. And that is assuming the arc reactor actually works and does what it is meant to do," Pip grouched back.

"Ouch, Pip, that one really hurt. Of course it will do what it is supposed to do," Ok so maybe the first try hadn't been so successful, the arc reactor burning out within a fraction of a section and sending everything into darkness within a 5 block radius of Stark Tower – maybe she had made a bit of a boob up with disconnecting the Tower from the city's main power line (even Geniuses with a capital 'G' have their off days) and the reactor hadn't been designed to power all of the other buildings – ergo, burned out arc-reactor and a lot of really irate people.

She shot towards the tower, slowing down when she turned around a building and it came into view.

"Make it so, number 1,"

A heavy, long suffering sigh met her words and she snickered to herself, some people just don't appreciate fine television. In all honesty she didn't really either but it was great fun to watch and mock after a bad day.

She watched feeling a glow of pride as all the floors lit up from the bottom to the top, ding, ding, ding. And last but not least 'Stark Tower' flickered to life along the base of the balcony to the living quarters.

Yes! She allowed herself a summersault and giggled.

"How does it look," Pip's, deep laugh rumbled through the helmet.

"Like Christmas," she told him, "but with more…me,"

He laughed again and she giggled back. She hadn't been totally on board with the project – she found the building to be a bit too…loud. But seeing it all lit up and knowing that none of it was contributing to an O-zone hole was making her giddy.

"We're going to have to get bigger with the awareness campaign," and bang went the moment.

Well it was nice while it lasted.

"And you need to do more press work,"

Ugh, when Pip ruined a moment he did it properly.

"I am heading to DC in the morning to get some zoning done for the next few buildings,"

Right, she was stopping this now.

"Dude, you're killing me here. There was a warm fuzzy moment happening. Remember the moment?" she asked him, knowing that he couldn't really help it. The whole idea had been Pip's brain child after all.

"And why do I have to do the press thing? Why can't you do it?" she complained.

What was the point of having a hologram being the 'him' version of her if she couldn't skip out occasionally? Ok, fine, all the time. What? She didn't do people.

"There's hot chocolate in here - that should keep the warm fuzzy feeling going a little bit longer. And as for the press thing – YOU need to get out more, that's why,"

Toni shivered nothing good ever happened when people made her do things because she 'needed to get out more'. Things like being nearly blown to bits and being tortured in the middle of the desert for a couple of weeks.

She straightened and landed with a think on the balcony. She was so glad that she had finally perfected the impact absorbers, she felt like she was landing on a cloud.

She began to walk at the pre-measured and times pace as various mechanical arms and screwdrivers came from their slots and began to free her from the suit.

"Miss, Agent Coulson of SHIELD is on the line," JARVIS announced.


She smiled. It had been almost a fortnight since she had spoken to the agent and she had to admit that she missed him.

"Patch him through JARVIS,"

She skipped from the 'runway' toward Pip when the final pieces of her suit was removed and stored away.

"Don't JARVIS,"

Pip's slightly louder than usual voice made her jump and freeze halfway across the room.

"Pip…what the…?" this wasn't like Pip at all.

"JARVIS, connect him," she said again, waiting for the soft beep to tell her that the line was open.

"Do as I said JARVIS," Pip snapped again, pulling away from the screens and turning to look at her, his arms folded over his chest.

"What the hell Pip! We can't just ignore the guy!"

How long has Phil been trying to get through only to have Pip block him?

"Yes we can, and we will. That guy is bad news! He is only going to get you into trouble,"

She stood open mouthed. Pip was really agitated over this. The unflappable nanny of her life who would put Mary Poppins to shame was nearly frothing at the mouth over this.

"Miss – Sir – Miss," Gee he had even got JARVIS in a tizzy. "He is insisting,"

Yip, that was Phil all over. A pusher if ever there was one.

"Grow a spine JARVIS and do as I say," Pip snapped and turned back to the flashing screen. "Now…all the levels are holding steady and-"he reached over to a table next to the board "here is your hot chocolate,"

The tantalising smell of chocolate and cinnamon drifted to her sending her mouth watering and she reached for the cup still frowning over his actions. Just what did he have against Phil? Maybe it was a good idea that she had never mentioned the phone calls she had been exchanging with the SHIELD agent.

"Miss, the telephone. I am afraid that my protocols are being overridden,"

Good old JARVIS. He knew when to let someone through and when not to.

She patted down her trouser pockets trying to find the one with her phone and switched the steaming cup to her other hand when she found it. Pip quickly snatched it out of her hand as soon as she got it out.

"Hey! Give me that!"

"Mr Stark, we need to talk," Ok, so he wasn't alone., where ever he was.

"Pip! Give me the phone,"

"You have reached the secretary of Toni Stark, please leave a message and I will be sure to pass it on," Pip's voice was tight but professional as he spoke into the phone.

"Pip, what has gotten into you?"

Toni was dumb struck. He was taking this to a whole new level of dislike and weirdness.

"This is urgent," Phil replied, obviously not being put off by the other man's hostility.

Ooo business phone call. Interesting.

"Then leave it urgently," he snarled.

Then the elevator dinged and she turned to see it open, Phil standing inside, still holding his phone to his ear. She wanted to cheer for him.

"Phil," she took a quick sip of her hot chocolate and headed to the elevator. "Long time no see, come in,"

He stepped out of the elevator, smiling at her.

"I can't stay long,"

She nodded, noticing the PAD in his hand. She wouldn't be nosey and bring it up if he didn't – all though she was itching too.

"Cool. Is this flying visit going to be too speedy for a cup of coffee?"

"Afraid so,"

"His first name is 'Agent'," Pip informed her, coming to stand by her side.

She chose to ignore him.

"Are you sure? Not even enough time for a hot chocolate," she waved the cup in front of his face, trying to tempt him. "We're celebrating," she beamed, looking up and Pip and trying to lighten the mood a little.

"Which is why he can't stay,"

Crash and burn Toni.

"Sorry Miss Stark, not even enough time for a hot chocolate. We need you to have a look at these,"

Toni nearly rubbed her hands together in glee. Something told her she was going to get to see something that was usually stamped with big red letters that read 'TOP SECRET'. Of course not having to hack anything for them did take away some of the satisfaction but she couldn't have everything.

"She doesn't like being handed things," Pip snapped.

Unfortunately he was right about this one. A left over from the whole torture thing. She winced and shot Phil and apologetic look.

"Then it is a good thing you don't have the same problem then isn't it," she gave him a cool look and he sighed heavily, taking the PAD from Phile and them the cup from her in exchange for the PAD.

"Thank you, jeez," she rolled her eyes before an impish smile flitted across her face.

"Consulting days are every other Thursday-"

"Goodbye Agent,"

She dug an elbow into Pip's side making him hiss and sending some of the hot chocolate sloshing over the side of the mug.

"But for you I'll make an exception," she smiled, heading to the board to give herself a bigger screen to work with - a bigger screen being the whole room.

Now to find out what this was all about.

Wow, so it has been a while *cough* months, since I have posted ANYTHING fanfic-y and to be honest I am really nervous about this. I feel like it is my first story all over again...but worse.

What do you think?