Chapter 1: Meet Malice

Head Gamemaker Malice Cherry paced up and down her office, trying to find at least one good idea for the 104th games. Four was Malice's favorite number so she wanted this year to be special somehow. She looked around the room hoping that the sight of something would bring on a brain wave. She had a meeting with President Chacen and the other Gamemakers organised in the afternoon to throw some ideas around. She needed to have something by then. She went back to her desk and looked over previous Games blueprints. She looked up to see her 5 year old son Ronan looking up at her. She hadn't even noticed the door opening. "Mummy look at my new action figure!" He squealed while flying a tiny toy man around the room. Her husband came in soon after with their one year old daughter who was holding a cute rag doll. Suddenly an idea came into Malice's head. She sat down and started writing and drawing. She drew up basic plans and ideas. She knew how she was going to make this games memorable; Superpowers!

At the meeting:

Malice walked down the long, white hallway; excitement running through her. She opened white double doors and entered the large white room with a long, rectangular table in the middle. She took her seat at one end of the table so she could look down at all the other gamemakers and across from her at the head of the table sat President Chacen; his usual frown still plastered on his face as he looks over everyone's suggestions. "Ahhh Malice, what do you have planes this year?" Even when Chacen asked a question, it sounded like torment with his hoarse, icy voice. Malice hands all of her plans down to the end of the table and presents her idea. As Malice speaks a bloodthirsty smirk appears across the Presidents face. Everyone in the room immediately knew that this will be a year to watch.

Authors Note

Basically in this is how I run things: if you want to submit a tribute please PM me with the following information about your tribute:






Hair Color:

Hair Length:

Hair Texture: (Is it straight, wavy, or curly?)

Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Body Type:

Other: (any scars or tattoos?)


History: (any bad memories?)


Family: (please write about their family and whether the relationships are easy or strained)


Pets: (if they have any)

Status in District: (rich/poor, popular/hated)

Career/Normal/Bloodbath tribute:

What S/He Thinks About The Capitol & The Hunger Games:

Open For Alliance and/or Romance:

Reaction For Being Reaped: (please include family and friends reaction)

Strengths: (max 4)

Weaknesses: (at least 3)

Best Weapon:

Worst Weapon:

Interview Angle:

Chariot outfit:

Interview outfit:

Arena Strategy:


Goodbyes: (who comes)


Stylist & Prep Team:



Anything Else I Missed:

Everybody who submits a tribute gets 15 points. Everybody who's tribute gets into the games gets 30 points, but the bloodbath tributes that get in get 40 points. Everyone who gives me a review gets 20 points and everyone who PM's me ideas for the arena gets 10 points.

When the reaping start you can start PM-ing me which tribute you want me to give the points you have to. The more points a tribute gets the longer they live and the more food and weapons (and super powers) they get. The tributes with the least amount of points gets killed in the Bloodbath.

Hope you enjoy!

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