Chapter 39: Empty Emotions

Electra Lucina Ivie (D3): Panem Stage (Interview)

"Hello Panem! As you all well know, tonight we welcome the 104th Hunger Games Victor: Electra!" Lilac announces to the crowd.

The crowd goes crazy at the sound of my name, its sickening.

"So, Electra! Don't you look – well – Electric!" Everybody laughs and applauds.

I feel sick to my stomach, but work to hide it. Despite the millions of people, I easily find the presidents eyes staring right at me. One wrong move and my whole life goes up in flames.

"Oh thank you Lilac, but I'm only half as gorgeous as you." I compliment her, the fakest smile possible plastered on my face.

"Oh well I've had almost 40 years practice!"

"Really, I wouldn't have guessed anything north of 30!"

The crowd goes crazy for our compliment banter, cheering and screaming.

"So Electra, lets have a look at a reflection of your games!" We all turn to face the screen as a memoir of everything I have done begins.

I look straight past it and focus on the wall behind. I know if I watch a single second it will be etched in my brain forever.

After what feels like forever, it finally ends and I can relax again. My insides feel empty and I answer the rest of the questions robotically, with as much fake gratitude as I can muster. Until, a question makes me refocus.

"Now we have a special question specifically from the president tonight; 'of the many delights the Capitol holds, what would you take home with you if you could take one thing?'"

I rack my brain, confused about what the president wants. I know what I would take: my mum. I could tell the Capitol my story, tell them how much I want my mum back, tell them about my family, gain their empathy. Together they would fight for me and make the president give me my mum back. The president wouldn't want that though, so why would he ask that?

It must be a test, it must be some kind of challenge to see how smart I truly am. He needs to be sure that I will do exactly what he wants to get what I want. I know its bad, I know its selfish, I could use my brain to create a revolution, but all I want right now is my mum.

"I wouldn't take a single thing. My time here has been amazing and everything the Capitol has given me is enough. They have awarded my efforts with honour, respect, dignity, and of course my prize money." Apparently it was believable because the audience starts to laugh, "However, thanks for the offer Mr. President!" I nod in his direction and get a devilish smile in return.

"You are very welcome Miss Ivie," The fake sound chills through my body, "And may I say you look stunning in your outfit!" Sucking up to me to seem nice, everything about him disgusts me.

Well, two can play at that, "Thank you, good to make you happy! But I think you need a better view." I say with a wink before standing up and spinning around in a circle.

The audience applauds loudly, showing they believe that the fake masquerade I am putting on is real. Little do they know of the emptiness consuming my insides.

"Well it looks like times up folks! Don't worry though folks, we will be seeing replays of this games for a while, and then, before you know it, Electra will be back for the Victory Tour!" Empty applause fills the room. "Goodnight Panem!" The lights go down and I am left darkness sitting while my senses go into overdrive.

That's when the screams begin. My screams.

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