"Thank you for agreeing to meet me" Oliver finally said, breaking the intensely awkward silence that had developed between the two vampires within moments of greeting each other.

They were currently standing to the side of the road, mere metres from the border of Morganville. Amelie could clearly see the 'welcome to Morganville' sign from where she stood. Oliver was leaning against his black sedan in an attempt to look somewhat relaxed but Amelie wasn't fooled. She was well aware that he was unsure of her at the moment and also that he was wary of her, expecting her to exact her revenge, as he no doubt would have done had someone done such a thing to him. But she couldn't bring herself to severely punish him. Yes, she felt betrayed by the man, not to mind that bit devalued, but she did not fully blame him. She knew he was not responsible for his actions. He had acted entirely on the orders of Naomi, who had seemingly conquered his mind soon after the destruction of the draug and used him in her attempt to bring about her own sister's demise for selfish reasons, brought about by both jealousy and desire for power, desire to rule. The only punishment she had put into place was to banish him from Morganville until such a time that she was prepared to permanently let him back into her life and thus, she hadn't properly heard from him for two years. That is, until the day before, when he had contacted her saying that he needed to speak with her and then asked her to come to this location. She didn't have to think too deeply before she agreed. Despite everything that he had put her through she found that she trusted him and knew that for the first time in the centuries they had known each other, he bore no temptation to hurt or over power her.

For this reason, she responded with a soft, small smile. "You're welcome, but may I inquire as to your motives? You sounded rather frantic on the phone"

Oliver nodded before glancing around. "You came here alone" he noted.

Amelie frowned. "I saw no reason to bring entourage. Myrnin had threatened to accompany me, but you know how distracted he can be sometimes."

"Sometimes?" Oliver scoffed. "I don't think 'distracted' is the best way of putting it, but that's neither here nor there. I did not come to speak of that imbecile." Amelie shot him a cool, controlled glare and raised one eyebrow. Oliver met her gaze for a long moment before finally apologizing, something that pleasantly surprised her.

"Well would you mind, awfully, telling me what you need to inform me off? Perhaps you could even do it before sunrise." This time, it was Oliver's turn to glare at her, his steel grey eyes boring in to her lighter ones. Then, remembering that he was the bringer of the worst of news he breathed in and out slowly and looked down. Amelie had the sudden urge to touch her hand to his cheek and bring his gaze back up to meet hers and find out what was troubling him. She refrained, but the temptation was there, and it was strong. She thought that by removing Oliver from the town for a while her feelings towards him might reverse. To her dismay, if anything at all, they had only grown. She had been left with a longing to see him and to demand answers to questions she ached to ask but simply couldn't. She wanted to find out whether he had really loved her at all or if even his feelings were based soley on Naomi's influence. Instead, she touched his arm and asked him once more to tell her what he seemed so desperate to tell her.

He didn't speak for some time, which made Amelie uneasy. "Surely it can't be that bad, Oliver"

"Oh but it is" he said quietly with a deep frown and hen continued. "I have reason to believe that your father is going to return, if he hasn't already."

Upon hearing this Amelie felt as if he had just shoved a stake through her hard as he simultaneously punched her in the stomach. "No" she murmured. "No, that can't be true. The only thing left of Bishop is ashes" she hissed, saying his name with venom, refusing to refer to him as her father. "Please, for the love of God, please tell me it isn't true." She pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Amelie. I'm so sorry" he said in a low voice as he took a step closer to her, put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. It pained him to see her in so much distress and more so to have caused it, once again, but he wasn't going to risk her life by keeping it from her. If Bishop did return, she would be one of his first targets and she had to be prepared.

"Well, how did you come across this information?" she demanded looking up at him.

"It's a long story, one that is best told when we are absolutely certain that nobody can hear us. It is quite possible for someone to be lurking around as we speak. Perhaps we could go for a drive as I fill you in?"

"Nonsense, I formally grant you permission to return and to fill the role as my second once more, assuming you so wish to of course."

Oliver blinked in surprise. "What?"

"I wasn't aware that you have lost the ability to hear properly since I last saw you. I am giving you the opportunity to return to Morganville and resume your position as my second."

"I had to make sure I had heard you correctly, after everything that happened I didn't expect this" he stated, looking down regretfully as he thought of what he had done and what he had almost done to her and then added, "I am undeserving, perhaps you would prefer to think this through.

Amelie glared at him in irritation "Are you suggesting that I haven't thought this through?" she shouted, pointing at him as she spoke. "That I am incapable of making good decisions and illogical? Or are you hinting that I trust too easily to the point of stupidity. I assure you that isn't the case. How dare you make assumptions!" she ranted, her eyes glowing red.

"I wasn't…" Oliver attempted to say, though he simply couldn't get her to listen. "I didn't mea…" he tried again. As he tried a third time to calm her but was over shouted once more, he tried a different course of action. As quick as a flash, he grabbed her elbow and swung her around and pushed her up against his car. He then attempted to keep her in place by holding both of her wrists in one hand and using his other arm to secure her body, but she was too strong. She wrenched her hands free of his grip, turned around so that her back was to him and brought her elbow back into him in one quick, fluid motion. He doubled over in pain and groaned. Within seconds he was back up, only to receive another blow, but this time, to the head. He let out a growl of frustration and went to grab hold of her before her next attack, but failed resulting in him falling to the ground with the force of her blow. Instead of standing up, he grabbed onto her ankle, pulling her down. Once he succeeded in doing that, he through his leg over her to prevent her from getting back up and straddled her. This situation was quickly altered as she turned them around, but she was not quite strong enough to maintain the position and he soon turned her back around, grabbed her wrists, and held them above her head. She continued to struggle against him, shifting her body from side to side, attempting to bring her legs up to kick him off and even tried to bite him but her efforts were fruitless. He finally had the upper hand. "Now" he snarled through his teeth. "Will you just stop fighting?" Amelie's only response was to hiss at him. He then held her in place with more force so that she couldn't move at all and waited until she calmed down.

Eventually, the red in her eyes faded and she relaxed. Once this happened, he had every intention of letting her go, now that he knew she was finished. He looked down at her and loosened his hold of her, but didn't move. Instead, he stared into her eyes, searching for something. Amelie looked back at him, saying nothing. He must have found what he was looking for because in the next moment he leaned down, further and further, until he slowly pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was soft and tender at first, but soon became more desperate and forceful as Amelie responded to him, pushing her mouth against his. They sat up, still kissing, and held each other close until finally, they broke apart.

Amelie then moved so that she sat beside him, on the dried grass next to the road and rested her head against his shoulder as they stared up at the bright, shining stars, both of them deep in thought, worrying about the future and the consequences of Bishops return.

After what seemed like a blissful eternity, she spoke. "We should get back, there is much to be discussed now that there is a strong possibility we will have to stand against my father once again, and you need to explain everything to me in more detail." She said 'my father' with a strong amount of disdain and hatred.

Oliver nodded in agreement and stood up, pulling her up next and bowing his head respectfully. "Thank you" he said whole heatedly taking a strand of hair and tucking it behind her ear. She then brought her hand up to his face and kept it there for a moment, absorbing the memory.

"Right, shall we?" she asked, guiding him in the direction of her own car, which she used very rarely. "We can retrieve yours tomorrow, is that alright?"

"Of course" he responded with a genuine smile, opening her door for her and then getting into the other side before she drove them to her home, the only place where it could be guaranteed that they would be alone.