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Oliver brought the car to a sudden halt and rushed out of the car towards Eve who was lying motionless on the side of the road. Cursing, he lifted her up gently. Amelie was beside him in seconds, inspecting the incident. "She's still alive, but barely. She'll be dead within a few minutes if we don't act quickly."

Amelie knelt down and surveyed Eve carefully and spoke in a quiet voice. "She has lost far too much blood, there's little that can be done for her now. We can't save her, Oliver."

"Turn her" he ordered harshly.

"I…I'm not sure that I can. You know very well that it doesn't always work out"

"Try it anyway, please. Between the two of us you are more capable, but I fear the more time we spend discussing the matter the less time she has. Please, just do it and I will be in your debt".

A glimmer of surprise passed across Amelie's face as she went closer to Eve. "Very well, I didn't know you cared that much" she added, looking up at him for an instant before focusing all of her attention on Eve.

Once she had done all she could, they brought Eve back to the Glass House and Oliver lay her down onto the couch. "I hope it works" Amelie said with a frown. Eve was in bad condition, and there was a large possibility that she would reject the change completely.

"As do I" Oliver stated and went to get blood from the fridge. As he returned to the sitting room he knew that had he been a human, he would have dropped everything in shock at the sight before him. There, standing in the centre of the room, was Myrnin looking less insane but a great deal more menacing with blood red eyes, a dark expression that became all the more unsettling when he smiled slowly. He had witnessed Myrnin on one of his worse days but there was something about this Myrnin that wasn't right and he knew it. While keeping eye contact, Oliver attempted to circle around the room to position himself closer to Amelie, who was tending to Eve and had not yet gotten a proper glimpse of Myrnin. This was the wrong thing to do however because as soon as he made one step, Myrnin moved to block him in a flash, making it so he was closest to Amelie.

At this point Amelie looked up in irritation. "Oliver, I thought that you wanted me to save Eve. This is important, can the two of you not just behave for once" she said, practically growling. Before Oliver could move towards her or even warn her, Myrnin turned away from him and moved towards Amelie, who immediately backed away from him once she saw his face. However, Myrnin was too fast and within seconds he had grabbed her, turned her around with her hair and was now pressing a long silver blade to her throat. "One move, and I will cut off her head, Bishop instructed me to bring her alive but I won't hesitate to kill her. I'm sure he'll get over it, in fact, I have no doubt that it could be considered a kindness in relation to what your father is planning for you" he warned, whispering the last part to Amelie who could only attempt to move her head away from him.

Oliver thought for a moment and glanced at the stake on the shelf nearest to him, but before he could consider doing something, a cry from Amelie made him stop. He winced as he saw the blood flow from her throat and he couldn't bear to think about the pain of the silver against the open wound. "If you even think about fighting me, you might as well pick up the stake and kill her yourself, understood? Good. Now, all I want is a brief conver…" He stopped suddenly, let go of Amelie and fell to the ground to reveal a red eyed Eve standing behind him and a wooden stake in his back. As soon as he hit the ground, he just changed, into a completely different person. Amelie looked over him in confusion, holding a hand to her bloody throat that was quickly healing and then moved over to stand by Oliver. "Witchcraft or Shape-shifter?" she asked, as if she was asking someone's opinion on which outfit to wear and had not just almost been beheaded.

"I don't honestly know, I would be more inclined to say shape-shifter, if it was witchcraft it would have to be very dark witchcraft and its unlikely that the house would allow it entry" Oliver answered, handing her a white handkerchief as he spoke.

Amelie nodded, taking in the information when Eve spoke.

"There are more than just him, I ran into another one earlier, he pretended to be Michael and then.." At this point she stopped and looked down at herself. "I'm a vampire, aren't I?"

"Yes" Amelie and O liver both answered, bracing themselves for having to listen to a classic Eve meltdown, but it didn't come.

"Okay..right…okay. This is weird and different…but on the bright side I'm not dead I suppose" she said calmly. "Oh god, Shane was taken by the one that attacked us, we have to help him!"

"We'll come to that, I promise, but first we need to find out more about these people, why they are connected to my father and where in the seven hells are the real Myrin and Michael." Amelie announced.

"But before that, and I know you don't like the idea, you must drink" Oliver instructed Eve, handing her some of Michaels emergency supply in a sports bottle.

"Yippy" Eve muttered, with a voice of distaste but took it anyway and then went to change out of her bloodied clothes.

"In fact, you should drink too" Oliver murmured, retrieving a wine glass and handing it to Amelie.

"As should you, we all need our strength" she pointed out.

"Not quite enough there, I'll be alright"

"Nonsense, we can share" she said with a smile as she found a second wine glass and poured exactly half of her drink into his glass. As they drank, a comfortable silence developed between them and Amelie reached her hand across the table to capture Oliver's softly, managing to keep the worries and horrors of reality at bay for just a short while.

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