Adam's choice

Adam didn't know what to do. He hadn't meant to kill the child. After stabbing "Mother" he had brought her back, albeit in a catatonic state. Adam assumed he could do that for the child. He felt this strange emotion. Was this what the humans called "guilt?" He had professor Walsh's discs. They could provide him with answers about who he was, his destiny. Adam accessed them, suddenly it all became clear. Demons cling to old ways and ancient feuds, and were hopeless with technology. Humans were smart and adaptable, but emotional and weak. Machines were free of emotions, but almost incapable of independant thought. Maggie Walsh had created Adam to be the perfect hybrid of these things. And he was but the first. This was the beginning of the new perfect race. That boys death was regrettable, but neccessary. Soon many would have to die, those who couldn't assimilate with the master race would be eliminated. Adam knew that to do this he must eliminate the emotion of guilt. So be it. No matter how many had to die the master race would triumph.