~Chapter One~

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I groaned and shivered before forcing my eyes open. "Ugh..." I felt like someone had punched me in the head or something and I felt sore in my lower area. I forced myself up and looked around the room. "Naruto?" I asked with a groggy voice. I felt something shift under the covers and groan. I smirked and lifted the covers to see my sleepy brother. I poked him in the nose lightly and he just moaned in a sleepy tone. I sighed and looked at him fully, he was still naked from last night. I smirked when I remembered last night when naruto came home hard. Yes me and naruto do it all the time whenever we want. It's not like we are blood related or anything so I guess its fine right? I think so, so nothing stops us from having fun. I went down to naruto's penis to see it already erect. "Naruto..." I whispered to him in a hushed tone. I planted a kiss on the head and it twitched. I heard a soft grunt coming from naruto and I took his full shaft in my mouth. I could feel naruto shudder as I sucked on his cock "Silver..." I smiled and saw the familiar blue eyes looking at me lustfully and the goofy lopsided grin. He sent me a smirk and placed his hand on my head, moving me back and forth on his cock. "Ugh Silver..." I could feel naruto's cock grow in my mouth and I began to hum "God im...cumming!" he shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed greedily. Once I finished drinking his cum I got up and wipped away the cum that fell out of my mouth. "Mmm naruto...your as nasty as always" I said and licked my lips as he leaned in and gave me a sloppy wet kiss. "You do know that we are late now right?" My eyes went wide and I jumped out of bed, quickly getting dressed for the academy. "Naruto come on!" I yelled at naruto while tieing my ribbon in my hair before running out of our little apartment. I raced to the academy with naruto following behind me.

"Your late!" I flinched when iruka sensei yelled at us in front of the whole class. I looked away from him as he blabbed on about nonsence and spotted sasuke smirking at me. I smirked back at him and went to my seat after iruka let us go. I sat down next to sasuke and naruto besides me. "Hello Sasuke" I smiled at him "Hello Silver, how was you last night ride?" I turned red when he said that and punched him lightly in the arm. "It was fun" I sent a smirk to sasuke and he chuckled before leaning to my ear "Why dont you come to my place after we're done with class?" I smirked and nodded to sasuke and he sent me a wink. I looked back to iruka and suddenly felt a arm on my leg. I glanced down and saw sasuke's hand getting near my pussy. I looked up at sasuke to see him looking out the window with a smirk on his face. I spread my legs and bit my lip to surpress my moan as he rubbed me through my now wet panty. "Sasuke..." I whispered silently "Shh..." I smiled and placed my head on my hands and I looked to the front of the class with a dazed expression. Sasuke's fingers rubbed me roughly and I could feel myself getting wet quickly. He moved my panty to the side and stuck one of his fingers in my pussy before thrusting in and out quickly while massaging my button hard. I lay my head down so nobody could see my face as sasuke inserted three fingers in me. He began to thrust them in and out faster and I began to pant hard. I could feel my climax coming fast and I squeezed my legs together on sasuke's fingers indicating that I was near. My insides tightened on his fingers andI came hard. My juices covered his fingers and the seat. "Nnggh" I bit my lip and glanced at sasuke. Sasuke lifted his fingers to his lips and licked my juices "Mmm" I felt my face turn red and I looked down at my mess. I frowned and saw sasuke hand me a tissue. I grabbed it and cleaned up the mess secretly "You had this planned didnt you...?" He simply smirked before looking away. I rolled my eyes and stuffed the tissue in his pants "There you go" Naruto was asleep, like most of the class. "Heh Sasuke you dirty boy" I whispered in Sasuke's ear and looked back iruka. "You'll see how dirty I am today when we get to my place" I smirked at that and glanced at sasuke to see him looking back outside.

I clutched onto sasuke's neck as he opened the door to his house and walked in. He threw me onto the couch and I laughed as he lay on me and began to kiss me. "Sasuke" he didnt say anything only begin to leave sloopy kisses down my neck and begin to undress me. "Mmm Silver sexy as always" I smiled as he begant to fondle my breasts. He sucked on the left one while fondling with my right one. I moaned and tugged at sasuke's hair. "Ah Sasuke!" I could feel him smirk on my skin and he sucked harder.

.::Third POV::.

Sasuke sucked Silvers breast roughly while he fondled the other. He pincher nipple which caused the silver haired genin to moan out loud. "Sasuke!" He went up to her and kissed her lustily and began to slip her shorts down along with her panties. "Ah ah sasuke" she quickly flipped him over and held him down. "My turn, you've had enough fun with me already" He smirked and put his hands behind his head as he watched her go down on him. She began to remove his shorts and boxers, leaving his big erect penis unraveled. She looked at him and grabbed his shaft causing him to groan. "Silver just suck baby..." He caressed her face and lowered her down to his penis. She smiled and kissed his head and took him into her mouth. Sasuke sighed in pleasure and began to guide her head up and down on his penis. "Thats it...just like that..." Sasuke put his head down and closed his eyes as Silver began to hum and suck harder. She went faster while massaging his balls with her left hand. Sasuke opened his eyes and smirked. He pushed her head down on his penis causing her to chock out of surprise but caught on quickly. Sasuke began to thrust into her mouth roughly, getting near his release. He grunted as he moved his hips in and out of her mouth fast and hard. His penis began to expand in silvers mouth and she prepared herself to swallow his cum. As if on que he shot his load into her mouth. Sasuke moaned as he slowled his thrusting and pumped his thick cum into her mouth as silver swallowed hungrily. Some of his cum escaped her mouth and leaked down her lips and out of her mouth. She pulled back when done and looked at sasuke. "Mmm so good..." He smirked and kissed her "Im not done yet" He growled and her eyes went wide but then she smirked. "Mmm we do have all day" He nodded and picked her up. Going to his bedroom he threw her on the bed rougly and removed the rest of her clothing.

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