Colin's thoughts

Colin put the pebbles in the water, playing his little game. This thing had been difficult for him. Colin knew he was a vampire, destined to be the annointed one. He still didn't understand everything. But he was suppossed to help this "Master" defeat the slayer. This new life, losing his mother, but he had a new family now. The Master was Cilin's new father. And Darla, seemed strangely maternal, at least for a vampire. The Master was talking about the slayer killing Zachary, a young and careful vampire. He asked Colin what should be done. He responded "I'd annihilate her." He'd meant it as a half-joke, but he was completely serious. Colin knew he had to learn quickly.

The Three had failed to kill the slayer. The Master was deciding what to do. They were offering their lives as penance. Would he kill them? He had talked about his family, these warriors were suppossed to put a stop to that. The Master favored Colin, Darla, the Three. He seemed to hesitate to kill them. Colin asked if he would spare them. The Master said their deaths would bring him little joy. Colin was silently relieved. For if the Master were to kill them, how long before he turned on Colin? But Darla snuck up behind the three and killed them. It was soon clear that the Master was allowing this.

The Master grieved for Darla. Colin grieved her too. Darla was family, and now she was gone. Colin had learned much from this man, he wanted to comfort his father figure. But he had learned to be hard. The only way to survive this world was to be completly heartless. Colin told the Master to forget her, she was weak. The Master seemed to recognize the advice. Colin held out his hand and they walked off together. This was as much comfort as either was capable of showing. They weren't allowed to b kind, but they at least had each other.