Title: Pinks Clouds and Purple skies
Author: DBZVelena
Pairing: R+2
Rating: Pov, Sap, angst?
Disclaimer: If you have read 1 Disclaimer saying that the chars aren't mine,
Then ya saw em all!

Notes: Inspired by my pink sunglasses,
That creates actual pink Clouds and Purple skies.
And it just made me think of Relena and Duo, so that's why I wrote this torture.

Clouds drift by slowly, it was an typical summers afternoon. Some were in what was once known as
One set of Purple eyes stare up at the clouds, as they drift off to unknown destinations.

"I wonder what she's doing now. Probably trying to get Heero to do sum thing for her."

A sigh is heard, as Duo stares up at the Clouds.

"I wish it was me with her now, instead of Heero...."

"Snap out of it Maxwell, you know perfectly well that you don't even deserve to be in her presence.
So stop with the dreamy stuff, and get moving!"

He had started doing that, talking to him self ever since the war had ended.
He had left Heero to take care of Relena, and had said his goodbyes. "I'm gonna travel the world a bit."
He had said to his friends. "To discover what I wanna do with the rest of my life."
None had known of his secret passion, that love he had kept hidden from all of them.
All of them, including Relena.

God he missed her, he had always loved teasing her. Even if it was just his way of showing affection.
God had he teased her, when ever he had gotten a chance. Just to see her Eyes light up with fire.
He loved that sight, that glance of her passion. But he had always known that she was out of his league.
Beyond his reach, never meant for him in the first place. The "Perfect" Princes and the "Perfect" Warrior.
Even if Duo knew damn well that neither were that Perfect. Nobody is.

Time to get moving again, next stop some place called Las Vegas. He had heard that there were
always jobs there, if you were willing to do what it took that is...
Duo didn't care, surviving another day was just a game now. Lets see if I can get through another day,
without killing my self. Or going cookoo because of the pain...

Cause it hurt, it hurt to know you can never be with the one you love. To know your not even worthy of being in her presence.
To want something so badly, and know at the same time that you'll never get it....ever.
He had thought that by going away the pain would become less, it had when he had gone to Hilde.
But Hilde was no Relena, and he knew that. And Hilde did too. She had tried to make him love her instead of Relena.
Boy had she tried, and he had tried too. But it hadn't worked, the moment he had heard about the abduction, he had been packing.
Running to go save her, even if he knew it would eventually be Heero that would save the day.
But that didn't matter, as long as she was safe, and happy. Then Duo would be happy too, or so he had told himself over and over again.
But that wasn't true. And then there was his curse.

Everybody I ever loved died.

All of them accept Relena.

She had survived his curse, but only cause he had stayed way.

God he missed her.

"I wonder what she's doing now."

Duo got up, and walked back to the road. Hoping he would get a ride to that Las Vegas place.
Sticking up his thumb, and putting on his sexiest grin. Thinking to him self, this will surely get somebody to stop soon...


Ok, please don't shoot me ok? Blame the glasses.