Title: Pink clouds and Purple skies, part 5.
Author: DBZVelena
Pairing: 2+R (in the end)
Rating: Nope not a clue, you rate it!
Warning: Bad grammar ahead.
Disclaimer: Have a break, have a Duo? Nope don't own any of it.

Note: Found some time to write, be grateful!

The Night sky was pitch black, wile the rain streamed down Heero's window.
The light of the laptop reflected off the glass windows. Giving the room an eerie atmosphere, since it was the only sours of light in the apartment.
Heero was typing away at his laptop. He had several search programs running. Heero had kept close tabs on his best friend. Even do Duo would probably never find out. But Heero had been following Duo since the day he had left. Mostly to make sure his friend didn't do anything stupid.
That was why Heero knew Duo was on his way to Las Vegas. But what he didn't know was if Duo had arrived there yet.

//That idiot, if he had opened his eyes, he had known that there was nothing more than brother - sister love between Him self and Relena.//

Heero snorted at him self. He knew perfectly well, why Duo had thought Heero and Relena where together. It had all come from Duo's low self-esteem. During the war Heero had seen it. Ow sure Duo would hide his insecurity behind a big grin and long monologs, filled with chatter. But Heero was no fool, and had seen right through it.
Just like how Heero could pinpoint the exact moment Duo realized that he was in love with Relena.
Sure, most people thought that just because he didn't show emotions, he didn't feel them. And that he was clueless to other people emotions. Nothing was further from the truth. During his training J had made him study psychology , "So you understand your opponent, and can act on it."
If there was anything from his training Heero was glad for, it was for his psychology study's. Thanks to that, he had been able to survive the war.
It had helped develop his cold exterior. As well as understand why his fellow pilots did what they did.

//Ok so Duo had puzzled him on more than one occasion. So had Relena.//

Duo and Relena, probably the two most stubborn people Heero knew. He couldn't count the times he had tried to keep them at a distance. But neither had stopped. They would just come back and try again. Eventually Heero had given in and Let the two stubborn "pain in the butt's" in to his heart.
They where as important to him, as family would have been, had he had any. Actually, Heero considered them family.
That was why he had been so happy, when he had found out that the two where in love with each other. Until he found out none of them would act on those emotions.

So he had started to let it slip to Relena where he and Duo would be. The result was that Relena would pop up "most unexpected" where ever they went.
Heero had hoped the two would eventually confess their feelings toward each other.
But no such luck.

//Of course not, Duo won't act till he feels worthy, and Relena holds on to her romantic idea, that the guy should ask the girl, with abandon. They are as stubborn in love as they where to become his friends.//

A sound interrupts Heero's thoughts. It was the vidphone.

//Now who would call me this late?//

Heero answered the phone. Quatre's face appeared on the screen.

"Good evening Quatre."

Quatre looked puzzled.

"Hu? Evening?…..Ohhhhhhhh, of course totally forgot the time difference. So how are ya pall?"

Heero sighed, he was tired and not in the mood for chitchat.

"Cut to the chase Winner!"

Quatre frowned.

"Don't be such a grouch. I'm just trying to get that scowl off your face. Its been there for weeks.
Anyway, heard anything from Duo yet?"

Heero sighed again, a small smile tugging at his lips.

//Leave it to Quatre to call just at the right time. Or the wrong time for that matter.//

Remembering when Quatre had called, just when Heero had finally gotten his date, a nice guy with green eyes and black hair in bed. Unfortunaly his date decided to scramble after seeing Quatre's face. Probably thought it was his ex or something.

"No I haven't heard anything yet. I have nothing more than two day's ago. Duo is on his way to Las Vegas."

Quatre had given Heero all his connections so he could keep tabs on the Braided fool.

"So…..Heero how's Relena?"

Heero frowned.

//Probably wondering when there will be a wedding between them. As if! There was a bigger chance of him marrying Relena's brother Milardo, than her.
Sure Quatre was a good friend, but a bit selective to what he believed. But then again, he had never actually told any of them his preference to men. During the war he hadn't told them, afraid they would treat him differently. After the war they had all gone their own way.
Only Relena knew, and only cause she had confronted him about it. So he had been forced to confess.//

She had been surprisingly calm and nice about it. That had given him a lot of respect for Relena.

That was why he worked as her bodyguard. To keep her safe till Duo finally would wise up and take the job from him.

He already had plans, he would go traveling. Like Duo did. Some of those places sounded interesting…

"Quatre if you want to know how Relena is doing, you'll have to ask her your self. You have her number! I'm tired Quatre, so I bid you goodnight. And I'll talk some other time."

With that Heero closed the connection, and turned back to his laptop. Hoping he'd find a clue to if Duo had made it there yet.

The sound of keyboard clicking mixed with the sound from the rain outside was all the sound in the room for the next few hours. Occasionally mixed with a sigh or a yawn.