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This particular chapter is based on my own experience the July before second grade. I went to a family reunion at a farm some distant relative had. I spent most of my time playing with the kitten but they had an unfinished tree house nearby that I somehow ended up in. There was a spider in the tree with me that one of the older kids told me was highly poisonous and would kill me. I jumped out of the tree and landed on my left arm. When I stood up my arm was bent in the wrong direction and I freaked. I was rushed to the hospital where, when I found out I had to get a shot, I declared we could leave my arm that way and tried to leave. Turns out I had dislocated the larger bone which is extremely rare. They tried to pop it back in place for a goo hour and were prepping me for surgery when the doctor decided to try one more time. It worked, I spent 7 weeks with my entire arm in a cast and went to physical therapy once a week for six months. I still can't straighten or bend my arm all the way and my elbow does hurt when the weather changes dramatically or it rains a lot.

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"Come on, Kee!" Fili crowed from his place high in the tree's branches.

Kili, with a look of determination on his face, climbed higher, tiny limbs struggling to keep up with his elder brother, "I'm coming!"

Finally reaching the branch his brother sat on, Kili swung himself up and settled down next to his brother with a grin, "I did it!"

"Sure did!" Fili swung an arm around his brother's shoulders, "Told you that you could!"

They lapsed into silence, tiny legs kicking as they surveyed the world around them. Fili began humming happily before movement in the corner of his eye caused him to quiet. Crawling along the tree trunk was a spider. A large spider, nearly the size of his palm, "Kee...Kee, don't move."

His little brother froze instantly, "What?"

Fili looked from the spider to the ground, "There's a spider in the tree. A big one. I'm going to jump down first. Then you, alright?"

Kili nodded, eyes wide. Fili inched to the edge of the branch they were sitting on before dropping down and landing in a crouch, "Your turn Kili."

Kili looked down at where his brother was and swallowed. Suddenly he seemed much farther up then he did at first, "I can't."

Fili looked at the spider. It hadn't moved but he wasn't wiling to risk leaving Kili up there, "Come on Kili. I've seen you jump down much farther."

Kili took a deep breath before shutting his eyes and dropping down, landing hard on his front, left arm under him. Fili was instantly at his brother's side, eyes concerned, "Kili!"

Kili got to his knees slowly and took a deep breath, "Ow."

He tried to check himself over before he realized with panic, that he couldn't move his left arm. Slowly he looked down and screamed at what he saw.

Bofur, son of Kolir settle back into his chair with a smile. It was a gorgeous day. The weather was warm, bordering on hot but a slight breeze went by every few minutes to keep the air from becoming stifling. Bofur looked at his brother and cousin, both of whom were lazily going about their work, clearly enjoying the weather. He opened his mouth to say something before a loud child's scream was heard. Instantly all three toy makers were on their feet and out of the shop. A few yards away, standing at the base of the small tree children were often seen climbing on, were two small Dwarflings. Bofur hurried over, his cousin close behind with Bombur attempting to keep up. He instantly recognized the two children as Thorin Oakenshield's nephews, Fili and Kili. Both boys were crying and it was very apparent why.

Young Kili's left arm was bent slightly at the the wrong direction. Bofur dropped to one knee beside them, "What happened?"

Fili looked at him with massive eyes, "There was a spider in the tree so I jumped down and told Kili to jump! He's jumped from higher places before but he fell and his arm is backwards!"

Bofur looked Kili over before making a decision and scooping Kili up into his arms, "Is your uncle in the forge?"

Fili nodded, "I'm sorry!"

Bofur smiled down at, "It's not your fault, Fili. Your brother will be just fine. We just need to get him to a healer."

Fili nodded slowly and wiped away a few tears. Bofur stood, wincing in sympathy as Kili gave a whimper of pain. By this time his brother had reached them and Bofur turned to him, "Stay with Fili. We'll go take Kili to his uncle."

Bombur looked at the small, blonde Dwarfling with a smile, "Come with me. I think we can find a toy or two for you and your brother."

Fili brightened slightly at that and slowly began to follow him before glancing back at his brother. Bofur gave him a reassuring look, "He'll be just fine. Go ahead."

After making sure Fili was indeed going with Bombur, Bofur and Bifur took off in a quick walk in the direction of the forge with a crying Kili.

Thorin Oakenshield was hard at work in the forge. It was slowly heading into summer and the weather was beautiful. Thorin had sent the boys off to play in the market in the hopes they'd burn off some energy. He had just plunged the blade he was working on into a barrel of water when he heard his name called in a panic. Thorin darted out of the forge and saw Bofur hurrying toward him, a sobbing Kili in his arms, "What happened?"

Bofur turned Kili slightly and Thorin stomach twisted at the sight of his nephew's arm, "Apparently he fell out of tree and landed wrong."

Thorin took Kili from him and winced as Kili cried out in pain when his arm was jostled, "It's all right Kili."

Kili just cried harder and buried his head in his uncle's shoulder, "It hurts!"

"I sent Bifur ahead to Oin's and Bombur has Fili in the shop," Bofur told Thorin, "I think he dislocated his elbow. I did that once when I was a bit older than Kili and fell off my pony."

Thorin began walking, keeping his strides even to prevent Kili from being jostled. Kili's cries had increased and he was bordering on hyperventilating. Thorin ran a soothing hand over his nephew's back in an attempt to sooth him, "It'll be alright Kili. You're going to be fine."

Kili just whimpered, "I want Mama!"

"Do you want me to go get Lady Dis for you?" Bofur asked with a glance at the pair.

Thorin gave him a mildly grateful look, "Thank you."

With a sympathetic look at Kili, Bofur darted off as quickly as he could, back in the direction of the mountain. Thorin kept his pace brisk, eager to get Kili to the healers. His nephew continued to sob and Thorin kept up a continuation of soothing words, hoping to keep him calm.

As Oin's home came into view, Thorin could see Bifur waiting outside the door with Gloin as well. He quickened his pace and reached the door in a matter of moments. Gloin held opened the door for him and Thorin ducked inside with a nod of greeting at his cousin and Bifur. Oin already had the table set up and Thorin deposited Kili on it gently, "He fell out of a tree."

Oin nodded, "I know. Bifur told me what happened when he arrived."

Gloin appeared next to his brother's shoulder, concern written all over his face, "Is the Laddie all right?"

"He will be," Oin crouched as best he could so he could look Kili in the eye, "Let's take a look at your arm, hm?"

Kili nodded, still crying. Oin gently checked over his arm without moving it, clucking his tongue here and there before standing fully, "It's dislocated. I can't tell which bone moved until I examine it more but I want to get some pain medicine in young Kili before I do that."

Thorin nodded and sat down on the table, pulling Kili onto his lap, "You're being very brave Kili."

Oin bustled about his herbs and medicines, effectively making a concoction to create a tea for Kili to drink. Kili, on his part, buried himself into his uncle's arms and tried to stifle his cries as best he could. Thorin had one hand resting on the back of his nephew's head in an attempt to soothe. Gloin and Bifur lingered near the doorway, unsure of what to do.

Kili's cries had settled somewhat just as Oin finished making the tea. He spooned a healthy amount of honey into the cup before bending slightly in front of the young dwarf, "I need you to drink all of this Little One."

Thorin took the cup from Oin and held it to Kili's lips, allowing him to take a large mouthful. Kili swallowed and gagged, tears once again growing, "It tastes yucky!"

Thorin sympathized, "I know. It'll make your arm hurt less though. You have to finish it."

Kili took another drink and gagged again, "I want Mama!"

Thorin ushered Kili to take another drink, "She'll be here soon. Hopefully."

All the adults had their eyes trained on the door, in the hopes that Bofur and Dis would come through it. Thorin had gotten Kili to finished nearly all of the tea when that happened. Lady Dis came strolling through the door, calm and focused. She knelt down in front of her son with a soft smile, "I heard we had a little fall."

Kili nodded and held his good arm out to his mother, "My arm hurts."

Thorin handed Kili over to his mother who took him with a practiced ease, "I know it does. We're going to get that fixed. I need you to finish your last sip of tea though."

Kili did as he was told and gagged again, "I don't like it."

Dis ran a soothing hand over his head and turned to Oin, "How long before the tea dulls the pain?"

Oin walked over and shooed Thorin out of the way, "Soon. It's fairly quick acting. It has something for the pain and a sedative. He should be getting drowsy."

Kili rested his head back on his mother's shoulder with a small sob, "Mama...I just want to go home."

Dis stroked his hair and clucked her tongue in sympathy, "I know you do Baby Boy but we have to get your arm fixed first. It can't stay like this forever."

Kili looked up with huge, tearful eyes, "Why not?"

Dis made a small noise of amusement, "Because it would hurt, Darling. And I don't want you to hurt. So we're going to let Oin fix you up and get that arm the way it should be. And then we can go home."

Kili just sniffed miserably and cuddled back into his mother's arms. Dis calmly stroked a hand over his head, and swept a glance around the room. Her brother stood, hovering near them, Bofur, Bifur, and Gloin lingered near the doorway, eyes all focused on the small Dwarfling. Dis noticed with a combination of amusement and exasperation that all but herself, Oin, and a steadily growing drowsy Kili, looked ready to vomit from tension. Dis began to finger comb her son's hair as she looked at her brother, "He's going to be fine, Thorin. Children climb, children fall, accidents happen. He'll be fine. Won't you, Baby Boy?"

Kili took a dry, shaky breath, "My arm hurts. And I'm sleepy."

Oin walked over and looked into Kili's eyes, "The tea I made him seems to be working now. We're going to need to lay him down on the table."

Dis laid Kili down, allowing him to keep a firm grasp on her hand with his good arm as she sat down on the table at his side.

Oin ran a cautionary hand over Kili's bent arm, making clicking noises and noises of discovery as he felt along. Kili's breathing began to pick up as he watched and Dis did her best to distract him, "When we get home you can have whatever you want for dinner. Even if its cookies. You're being such a brave boy. I'm so proud of you."

Oin gently grasped Kili's elbow and pressed ever so slightly causing Kili to cry out in pain, "It hurts Mama!"

Dis swallowed hard but kept her calm, "I know Baby. It'll be over soon. You're doing so well."

Oin straightened and nodded in confirmation to himself, "Just as I thought. Dis, Gloin, Thorin, you're going to need to hold him down."

Dis moved down slightly and placed her free arm over Kili's waist, while still allowing him to grasp her hand, "Thorin..."

Thorin went by Kili's head and held down his shoulders and chest and did his best not to vomit. Gloin went to Oin's side of the table and held down Kili's legs with a grimace, not looking forward to what he knew was coming.

Bofur and Bifur watched in a mild amount of horror as Kili began to feed off the tension in the room and get more and more distressed. Bofur swallowed hard as Oin felt along Kili's arm one more time, "What are you going to do?"

Oin didn't even bother looking up, "We have to pop the bone back in place. Alright...on three. One...two...three!"

Oin leaned all his weight onto Kili's elbow and the child screamed in pain, his thrashing stopped by the three adult Dwarves pinning him. Dis kept up a litany of soothing words and Kili sobbed and begged them to stop. Oin let up on the pressure for a moment and allowed the child to catch his breath before once again laying his weight down on the dislocated bone. Kili's arm stayed stubbornly deformed as Oin let up once again, "It's not working. We may have to put him under and do surgery to manually moved it back in place."

Dis went white, "Can we try one more time? Please?"

Oin nodded, "On three. One...two...three!"

He laid down his weight and the bone snapped back into place with a satisfying 'pop!'.

Kili screamed as his vision went white before the pain back to quickly fade away. Tears immediately started flowing as the Dwarves let up on holding him down. Thorin lifted him into a sitting position and Dis gathered him up in her arms, "Good boy Kili! Your were so brave! My little warrior!"

Oin walked away from the table and returned with bandages and some sanded wood for a splint, "He needs to keep his arm bent like this for at least seven weeks or the bone could pop out again. Then we'll unbandage it and start with some basic movements to make sure it's working properly."

Dis turned Kili on her lap and he scrambled the best he could to stay in her arms, "No! Mama!"

Dis shushed him quietly, "This part won't hurt Darling. Promise."

Thorin and Gloin watched, pale and shaken, as Oin splinted the arm before wrapping it and effectively pinning it to Kili's chest.

Dis listened to the instructions on how to change the bandages to give his chest some breathers and create a sling instead as Thorin and Gloin looked on. Gloin turned to their esteemed leader with a sigh, "I dread the day Gimli does something like this."

Thorin nodded, mildly exhausted from the ordeal, "Hopefully he won't. Between the two of them and their antics, Dis and I are headed for an early grave from stress alone."

Dis made note of the herbs and plants she could use to dull the pain should it be needed as Kili continued to whimper softly every few, shaky breaths. Oin looked him over fondly, "You did very well Lad. We're all very proud of how brave you were. I'll see you back here in seven weeks."

Dis pressed a kiss to her son's head and stood, "Thank you Oin. Truly."

Oin brushed her off with a smile, "It's my job. Go get your other little one and get some rest tonight. I remember hearing talk of cookies for dinner if I heard correctly."

Kili brightened slightly at that, "I like cookies."

Dis kissed the side of her son's forehead and headed for the door, "Say thank you to Mister Oin and Mister Bofur and Mister Bifur."

Kili mumbled out a thanks before dropping his head onto his mother's shoulder, exhausted. Bofur and Bifur followed Dis out the door while Thorin lingered behind for a moment to speak with Oin, "There won't be any...lasting damaged, will there?"

Oin looked out the doorway where Dis and Kili had just left, "I don't believe so. He may sore if he uses that arm a lot. I understand you got him a bow recently."

Thorin nodded, "A small practice one. He's got incredible aim and I figured we should harness it."

Oin looked thoughtful, "His arm MAY...only MAY, mind you...bother him a bit if he shoots too often with one arm," He paused again, "And it probably will bother him a bit in damp weather like some old injuries do."

Thorin nodded, "Thank you. Really. I don't know what we would have done with him."

Oin went back to his counter and began cleaning up, "Think nothing of it. I'm fond of the boys."

Thorin smiled ever so slightly before bidding the two brothers farewell.

Upon reaching the toy shop Thorin found Kili, head resting on his mother's shoulder still, barely awake but with a wooden shield that bore the words; 'Warrior Kili, the Brave' on it in Dwarvish. Fili for his part looked like he had calmed down, though his eyes and cheeks were still flushed, not doubt from crying. The blonde had possibly the largest box of toys Thorin had seen in some time in his arms and was telling Kili all about what they would have to play with that night. Thorin couldn't help but smile at Fili enthusiasm, "I think Kili might just go to bed tonight, Little Prince. Maybe tomorrow."

Thorin relieved Fili of his burden and marveled at how the tiny Dwarfling was even able to lift it, "Are you sure they can have all these? It looks like they now have every toy in the shop."

Bombur nodded, "The toys are theirs. They had a rough day."

"I already asked the same thing," Dis informed Thorin before Kili interrupted.

"Can we go home, Mama?"

Dis nodded and held out her free hand for Fili to take, "Let's get you home and in bed. What do you say?"

Both boys echoed a thank you which Bombur smiled it, "You're perfectly welcome. I'm just glad Kili is alright."

Dis turned to her brother and he hoisted the new toy box onto his shoulder, "Don't you need to go back to the forge?"

Thorin shook his head and looked over at Kili, half asleep on his mother's shoulder, "Its fine. I don't want to miss out on cookies for dinner."

Fili perked up at that and spun around to face his uncle, breaking his mother grasp, "Cookies? For dinner? Really?"

Dis shrugged the shoulder not supporting Kili, "I did promise that. Sweets for dinner it is!"

Once inside their home in the mountain Kili was placed on the couch where Fili immediately joined him, wrapping one arm protectively around his shoulders, "Are you sure you're okay, Kee?"

Kili nodded sleepily, "It doesn't hurt anymore. It hurt a lot when they put it back the way it was 'possed to look. And the tea was yucky. Now I'm just really tired."

Dis looked over from her place at the stove where she was putting on a kettle to boil, "You uncle went to go get food from the pantry. He'll be back soon, we'll eat and then you can go to sleep. I think it would be best if Kili slept alone tonight. Fili, you can sleep in my room with me or on the couch out here."

Both boys looked at their mother in horror before Kili started protesting, "No Mama!"

Fili shook his head hurriedly, "I won't hurt him at night! Promise!"

"He won't hurt me! Promise!" Kili echoed.

Dis sighed, "Boys-"

Kili looked at her, eyes wide and pleading, "Please Mama?"

"...fine," Dis relented, "You both need to be very careful though."

Fili nodded enthusiastically, "I will. Promise!"

At that moment the stone door slid opened, revealing Thorin, arms ladened with cookies, pastries, and rock candy, "What are we promising?"

Dis sighed, "I wanted Kili to sleep alone in their bed tonight. The boys disagreed."

Thorin looked at the boys as he set down 'dinner' on the table, "They can sleep in my bed. I'll sleep in theirs tonight. Mine is twice the size of theirs and it'll give them that little extra room."

Dis looked ready to protest for a moment before relenting, having seen the wisdom of his idea, "If you're sure."

"I am. Now...I think Kili should get first pick because of how brave he was today."

Kili beamed and slid off the couch the best he could with Fili's assistance. Thorin lifted him onto his chair by the waist and the child immediately grabbed a cookie and munched away. Fili was in his seat next, mouth soon full of whatever he could get his hands on.

About two cookies in Kili fought a yawn and lost, "I'm sleepy."

"Let's get you to bed then, Sweetie," Dis persuaded gently, "You had a long day."

Kili frowned, "But we're having dessert for dinner! I don't want to go to sleep during dessert for dinner!"

"We can do dessert for breakfast tomorrow," Thorin compromised, "You can barely keep your eyes opened."

Kili yawned again and held the arm not pinned to his chest out. Dis obliged and soon he was tucked into Thorin's bed. A few minutes later he was joined by Fili, now in his night clothes and clutching Bear. The elder brother scrambled up on the bed and burrowed himself in the blankets, tucking himself around his brother, "Night Mama. Tell Uncle Thorin night too."

Dis kissed them both on top of their heads once more, "I will boys. Get some sleep."

Once outside Dis collapsed in her rocking chair and shut her eyes with a loud sigh. Her eyes popped open with a sweet smelling, hot cup of tea was waved under her nose. Thorin stood in front of her, two mugs of tea in his hands, "The tea was due to start whistling and I figured you could use some."

Dis took it gratefully, "Thank you..."

Thorin settled himself on the couch and sighed himself, "Well that was an adventure."

Dis rolled her eyes, "I'm done with adventure. I've had enough adventure in my lifetime. I don't need anymore," She took a sip of her tea before frowning ever so slightly, "Did you put rum in this?"

Thorin nodded, "I figure you we deserved it after today. You more than me...I have no idea how you stayed so calm."

Dis took a larger sip of tea before sighing again, "Neither do I. That was horrific. Why is it always Kili? He's too reckless for his own good."

Thorin snorted, "Trouble does seem to follow the boy...he reminds me so much of Frerin its almost painful."

Dis's gaze grew distant, "I just hope Kili's life isn't cut short as well."

Thorin took a sip of his own tea-though his contained far more rum than tea-and looked at his sister, "He has Fili with him. They're joined at the hip, those two."

Dis glanced at he door to Thorin's bedroom where her sons currently slept, "I just hope he doesn't have any lasting damage to his arm."

"Oin said that there shouldn't be. Just some soreness in damp weather. He's right handed so hopefully his bow training won't cause any problems."

Dis smiled slightly, "I don't envy you."

Thorin looked at his sister, trying to hide his look of puzzlement, "Why?"

Dis grinned at him impishly, "You're going to have to be the one to tell Kili he can't do training with his new bow for at least two months."


Bilbo Baggins, Hobbit of the Shire sat back against the large oak tree he was attempting to use to keep dry. He was incredibly sick of rain. For days now all it had done was rain. The Hobbit Burglar was rather cranky and eager to be left alone to wallow in his misery.

The company's only Hobbit watched as the Dwarves settled down for the night, putting up tarps and blankets or settling under trees in a vain attempt to keep dry. The Dwarves seemed to break into family groups at night; Balin and Dwalin, Bifur, Bofur and Bombur, Oin and Gloin, Ori and Dori with a reluctant Nori staying nearby but far enough to seem distant, and lastly the Durin family.

Currently Dori was hovering over Ori while Nori called for him to leave the youngest brother alone. Bombur was already sound asleep with his brother and cousin still setting up a lackluster lean-to. Lastly Fili, Thorin, and Kili were setting up their own bedrolls at the base of a nearby tree with the youngest stopping every few minutes to stretch and bend his left arm.

The burglar, always eager to observe how the Dwarves interacted with each other, watched as Thorin kept a close eye on his nephew until his caught him rubbing at his elbow and upper arm with a frown, "'s your arm?"

Kili frowned as his hair fell in his face and brushed it aside, annoyed, "I'm fine."

Thorin gave him a look, "Oh really?"

Kili remained resolute, "Yes."

Fili gave his uncle a look, "You said you wouldn't hover."

Thorin rolled his eyes and replied sarcastically, "I'm not hovering. I'm checking on the health of my two favorite nephews."

Fili rolled his eyes right back, "We're your only nephews."

Thorin ignored that last comment and went about setting up a few of the leather tarps in a makeshift tent of sorts.

Bilbo lost sight of them as he began a conversation with Gandalf, sympathizing on his inability to light his pipe in the rain.

As the sky grew darker and Bilbo settled down to sleep the best he could in the wet he caught sight of their seemly always grim leader sleeping just outside the tent, his two nephews having been put under that cover. Bilbo smiled to himself and rolled over. Not hovering indeed.