Adam's POV

As I head to the ducks locker room I think everything through. What I did to them, it was horrible. They will never forgive me. My thoughts are interrupted when I find the door to the locker room. Here goes nothing. When I walk in everyone goes silent, and then someone speaks up.

"On behalf of the ducks I'd like to say we-" a small kid interrupts him. He sounds nice; he looks like the only nice one here.

"You may dress like a duck, you may play on the ducks with us, but you will never be a duck not after what you did to us." He nudges past me and glares at me. All the other teammates do the same thing except for the nice one.

"Charlie Conway, Captain of the ducks." He says while putting out his hand.

"Adam Banks, hated by the ducks." He laughs lightly

" Don't worry they'll warm up to you, but for now I'll be your friend." He says with a smile.

"I don't get it." I say while I throw on my hockey gear and lace up my skates." I was so mean to you, why are you being so nice to me?" I ask leaning in slightly to him. Now, that I look at him from here He is seriously cute. Oh I forgot to tell you. I'm gay.

"Well, that was then and this is now. I'm gonna go and talk to them while you put this on and get your but out there." He says with a smile, then grabs his stick and walks out. Soon enough I'm ready to go, as I head out to the ice I can practically feel their glares from where they are sitting except Charlie, he's smiling at me.

I skate up to Coach Bombay and ask him what line I'm in.

"You'll play center with Charlie, Guy, Connie, and Jesse." He says to me pointing to each of them. I take a seat next to Charlie and give him a smile; we are up against the Falcons. They are a really good team, but we easily beat them 12-3.

" Great game." Charlie says as we walk back to the locker room. I smile slightly this might just be a good team.