Adam's POV

"Good game team." Coach Bombay says with loads of enthusiasm. I go to my locker but come to realize that none of my clothes are in there. I look around every team mate is staring with a guilty gleam in there eyes except Charlie whose taking his jersey off and not even glancing around him.

"Try the shower, Preppie." Jesse says with disgust. I breathe in and walk into the shower. There my clothes are soaked. I breathe again to keep my anger down. I pick them up and walk over to Charlie to see if he has any extra clothes.

"Hey Charlie, your teammates soaked my clothes, can I borrow some of your clothes?" I ask looking down slightly at my clothes that were once dry.

" Sure, Banks. Wait, they put your clothes in the shower?" He asks looking at his teammates.

I nod.

" We'll get them back, any way here's some clothes. He flashes me that beautiful smile that makes my heart melt. If I thought that this prank was bad then I had a long way to walk.

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