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Chapter 529 of Bleach was WAS AMAZING! Rangiku, Toshiro, and Isshin! Whoa!

A loud crash was heard from what sounded like the kitchen. My eyes snapped open and I jerked back just as Ichigo was lurching to his feet. In my haste, I awkwardly scrambled up from the bed and landed on my feet as Ichigo was already racing out the door. I started forward but a wave of black erupted in my vision and I brought my hands out to steady my dizziness. That was weird…I shook my head, trying to clear my vision and I took off after him.

Feels like déjà vu, I thought, remembering when I first came to the World of the Living on a mission and coming into Ichigo's room and saving his family from a Hollow. Great, there had better not be a Hollow here! My Soul Phone didn't even go off. If that was becoming faulty, I would have to have a little talk with Urahara.

"What the hell?" I heard Ichigo growl and a second later, I skidded to a halt next to him and saw what he was seeing.

There seemed to be two people, a male and a female, in some kind of tussle on the floor.

"You big idiot!" the girl shrieked. "Look what you did! You didn't have to break the window!"

The man shouted back, "Well if you weren't so annoying I wouldn't of had to!" He avoided another blow to his face.

"You're so dumb! That doesn't even make sense!" she replied and efficiently landed a blow in his side.

"Hey!" Ichigo yelled at the two battling it out on the kitchen floor, knocking over a few chairs and getting dangerously close to a vase sitting on a coffee table. They froze and the girl sprang to her feet, her face flushed either from anger or exhaustion.

I started at them, confusion etching itself on my face. "Kiyone. Sentaro. What is the meaning of this?" I demanded.

Kiyone stood a little taller and cleared her throat. "Rukia, on behalf of our captain, he ordered me—"

"Me as well," Sentaro coughed and stood up.

Kiyone balled her hand in a fist and flashed it in front of his face. "Hey! I was TALKING!"

"But with your annoying voice, Rukia won't be able to understand!" he asserted.

"Don't even START with annoying voices!"

I was growing frustrated each passing second. These two really needed to calm down. How could anyone concentrate around these two? Ichigo and I weren't this bad…were we? I shuddered at the thought. From the corner of my eye, I could see Ichigo with clenched fists and his signature scowl plastered on his face. "Rukia, do something!" he pleaded.

I decided to intervene for the sake of Ichigo's sanity. "Hey! Settle down, you two! What about Captain Ukitake?"

The two of them finally fell quiet at the mention of the captain. Though, before one of them could answer, the sound of feet running into the room and a horrified Yuzu cut them off.

"Ichi-nii, what was that? Did you break the window?" she asked, looking slightly frightened as she looked from the glass littering the floor, to the wide open window, and then finally to Ichigo and the toppled over chairs.

Ichigo looked confused for a second until he must have realized that Yuzu couldn't see the chaos in front of her. I wasn't in my Gigai and Kiyone and Sentaro didn't have one. As far as Yuzu could tell, it was Ichigo alone, standing in the kitchen with clenched fists and glaring at the broken window.

"Umm," Ichigo rubbed the back of his neck. "It just shattered."

"Really?" she squinted her eyes. "You sure it has nothing to do with Rukia-san?"

Ichigo's movements froze and I stared at Yuzu in shock. "What?" Ichigo asked her.

Yuzu placed her hands on her small waist. "I'm not deaf, Ichigo. I heard you shout her name out."

"Ichigo!" I hissed. "She thinks I did this! Tell her I didn't!" The last thing I needed was for the Kurosaki family to hate me for destruction of property!

Ichigo seemed to debate for a second, probably trying to come up with a logical explanation. When a smirk spread across his lips, I realized I wouldn't like what he came up with. "Yup, the midget did this," he affirmed.

"You asshole!" I screamed and tackled him to the ground. This took him by surprise and he fell on his back with me on top.

Yuzu backed up slowly. "Uh, I'll leave you two be. Karin!"

"Now she thinks we're doing something!" I yelled, watching her retreating form running up the stairs.

"Well you're the one that tackled me!" Ichigo defended.

"Heh," Sentaro laughed. "And I thought we were annoying, Kiyone."

"You still are," I heard her mumble and I blinked. Crap. We were just as bad. With the little dignity I had, I clambered to my feet up off his chest, cautiously not to…touch anything, and dusted myself off.

"Right…well." I started down at Ichigo who smirked suddenly as he sat up. I raised an eyebrow at him as he leaned forward and crouched before then lunging. He grabbed me around the waist and knocked me down on my back. "Hey!" I shouted before his lips came crashing down on mine, silencing me. His lips were hungry and eager. My eyes widened before I found myself giving a small moan and throwing myself into the kiss. His cool tongue touched mine and that's when my mind shut down. My brain couldn't seem to process this. I was being kissed. I was being kissed by Ichigo. I was being kissed by Ichigo in front of Kiyone and Sentaro! I tensed at realizing I was performing in public affection. Only a few seconds had to of passed before Ichigo pulled back and braced himself on his hands that were splayed on either side on my head. He stared down at me with a sort of devious admiration.

"I was suppose to do that a long time ago," he whispered.

"Nii-sama is going to kill you for that," I threatened. THIS wiped that stupid smirk off his face and he blinked, pulling himself off me to his knees. I sat up and stared at him. "What made you do that so suddenly? Don't get me wrong, I've been waiting for that for ever, but it didn't seem like you."

"Rukia…" he looked at me with sadness swimming in his eyes before looking down at his hands and he just seemed to slump as if he was exhausted. "I'm so sorry."

"Whoa, hold on," I took his hand and forced him to look into my eyes. "Why the sudden mood change? Why are you apologizing?"

He frowned. "Because that wasn't me."

I sighed. "I'll admit that didn't seem like you, but maybe your testosterone got the best of you," I joked.

He didn't find this funny. "No, Rukia. I mean that literally wasn't me. That was…my Hollow."

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