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Severus Snape was not sure how he was dragged into this. He had been assigned to escort Harry Potter from his adopted family in Karakura Town, Japan to get his supplies. The boy had been abandoned by the Durselys as a toddler in Japan and many thought he was lost forever until his name appeared on the acceptance list for Hogwarts.

As for why Severus had been chosen for the assignment, not many people knew that Severus' apprenticeship had been in Japan, so the man could speak the native tongue quite well making him the obvious choice.

Karakura was a nice town. Small and quiet with a few local delinquents who were apparent whipped by a 'Strawberry' a great deal. Severus was not going to even comment on that remark. He soon came to the Kurosaki residence, it was a nice home with a clinic attached to it.

'Maybe the boy won't be a delinquent after all.' Severus hoped as he rang the doorbell.

Harry had been the one who opened the door and politely bowed to the man. "Hello, are you Professor Snape?"

"Yes young man, you must be Harry."

Harry nodded. "Hai, but that is my old name. The Kurosaki renamed me Haruyuki, but you can call me Haru. Would you like to come in sir?"

"No thank you. We better just get a move on to get your supplies."

"I understand sir." Haru said with a nod then turned to a orange hair teen sitting in the kitchen. "Ichigo, are you ready to go?"

"Coming." the teen replied.

"Aren't you're parents coming?"

Harry smile faded. "Ah, our mother passed away a few years ago and as for dad… he is …busy in the clinic at the moment. My big brother Ichigo is going to come with us."

Ichigo nodded as he stepped out the door. "Trust me, you don't want the billy goat to come with us."


"Trust us, its better this way!" the two said in unison as they followed Severus to the portkey point.


The pales at the bellow.

"Oh no." Haru gasped.

"But he had appointments!"Ichigo gulped.

Isshin ran up and hugged Haru in a death grip while glaring at Ichigo.

"Protect you little brother Ichigo or don't bother coming home tonight!"




"And further more-"

"GET OFF!" Haru yelled using a judo toss to get the man off him. "DON'T YOU HAVE PATIENTS OR SOMETHING?"

Isshin landed and brushed it off like nothing happened.

Isshin nodded. "But they can wait! This is far more important! My more innocent son is going to a strange new world with out his father! You're going to trend into the unknown dangers of a country you don't know about-"


"Just remember to not tarnish our name-"

"You've already done that." Haru muttered. "You've set the standard pretty high."

"Not to mention we dare not act like you." Ichigo snapped.

"Dad! You have patients waiting remember!" Haru scolded.

Isshin pouted. "I wanted to go too…"

"DAD! PATIENTS!" the boys scolded as they both grabbed Isshin's arms and threw him into the door of the clinic.

"Fine! Come back safe or I'll shave my beard!" Isshin hollered. "AND DON'T BE LATE FOR DINNERTIME!"

Through the entire interaction Severus was silently thanking any listening deities that Harry, no Haru, was nothing like his father(s).

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